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Wade, Elisabeth Ehrens (1914- ). Santa Barbara resident for several years, author of Samuel Hill from Samuel Hill: Seven Letters – Seven Decades, a Hidden Love Story (1986) [Spec CT275.W1685 S24 1986].

Walsh, Jane MacLaren. Author of John Peabody Harrington: The Man and His California Indian Fieldnotes (1976) [Main and Spec GN21.H27 W34 1976].

Walska, Ganna (1887-1984). Montecito resident, perhaps best known for her estate, Lotusland. Author of the autobiographical Always Room at the Top (1943) [Spec ML420.W175 A3 1943].

Ward, Elizabeth Antoinette. Author of La Carpinteria (Carpinteria: Carpinteria Woman’s Club, c1910) [Spec F869.C3 W2].

Wardlaw, Lee (1955- ). Santa Barbara resident and author. Works include: The Eye and I (SB: Red Hen Press, 1988) [Curric. Lab PZ7.W2174 Ey 1988], Me + Math = Headache (Summerland: Red Hen Press, 1989) [Curric. Lab PZ7.W2174 Me 1989], Corey’s Fire (1990) [Curric. Lab PZ7.W2174 Co 1990], Cowabunga!: The Complete Book of Surfing (1991), Operation Rhinoceros (1992), The Seventh-Grade Weirdo (1992), Tales of Grandpa Cat (1994), 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents (1996), The Ghoul Brothers (1996), Bubblemania (1997), Punia and the King of Sharks: A Hawaiian Folk Tale (1997), Bow-Wow Birthday (1998), Hector’s Hiccups (1999), First Steps (1999), Saturday Night Jamboree (2000), We All Scream for Ice Cream!: The Scoop on America’s Favorite Dessert (2000), The Chair Where Bear Sits (2001).

Ware, Ciji (1942- ). One-time Santa Barbara resident whose works include: Sharing Parenthood After Divorce (1982), Wicked Company (1992), A Cottage by the Sea (1997), Islands of the Swans (1998), Midnight on Julia Street (1999), and A Light on the Veranda (2001). See also: Gulbransen, SBNP, 8/6/00, D7.

Wartenweiler, Elvina McNary (1904-1980). Santa Barbara resident and poet, author of Shining Hours (SB: Schauer, 1971) [Spec PS3545.A75325 S53 1971]. She was married several times, and a lumber town in Arizona is named for one of her husbands, J. G. McNary.

*Watkins, Richard Howells (1895-1980). Writer of boys’ books and short stories for magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post, retired to Santa Barbara. Works include: Half a Clew (1927) [Spec PS3545.A82836 H34], The Master of Revels (1928) [Spec PS3545.A82836 M38], The Air Murders (1929) [Spec PS3545.A82836 A68], Partners of the Air (1930) [Spec PS3545.A82836 P37], Crocodile Crew (1949) [Spec PS3545.A82835 C76], Hurricane’s Secret (1950) [Spec PS3545.A82835 H87], Venture West (1951) [Spec PS3545.A82835 V45], Thunder Beach (1954) [Spec PS3545.A82835 T48], Sailor Rudd (1955) [Spec PS3545.A82835 S23], Millikin’s Ark (1956) [Spec PS3545.A792 M5], and The Mystery of Willet (1959) [Spec PS3545.A82835 M97]. Special has his papers (Mss 130). See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16-17.

Watson, Jane Werner (1915- ). Santa Barbara resident and prolific author of more than 200 children’s books, including The Golden Book of Poetry (1949) [Curric. Lab PZ8.W3337 Go], The Golden Geography (1952), Walt Disney’s Living Desert (1954), Walt Disney’s Vanishing Prairie (1955), The World We Live In (1957) [Spec, Darwin QH45.L693 1957], The Seaver Story (1960) [Main LD4571.P313 S42], Japan: Islands of the Rising Sun (1968) [Curric. Lab DS811.W38], Whales: Friendly Dolphins and Mighty Giants of the Sea (1975) [Curric. Lab QL737.C4 W34 1975], The People’s Republic of China: Red Star of the East (1976) [Curric. Lab DS706.W335], and This Year at Christmas: A World of Christmases (SB: W.K. Jasner Enterprises, 1980) with Earnest C. Watson [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S332 W38 1980]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964; May 7, 1979, B-6; A17; Gilbar, Literary, 132.

Weber, Francis J. (1933- ). Monsignor and archivist for the archdiocese of Los Angeles. Author of numerous and works on California history, Catholicism, and missions, including Maynard J. Geiger, O.F.M., Franciscan and Historian: A 70th Birthday Tribute (1971) [Spec, Printers Z239.W35 W42 1971], Mission of the Passes: A Documentary History of Santa Ines (1975) [Spec F869.S68 M57 1975], A History of San Buenaventura Mission (1977) [Spec F864.W424], Queen of the Missions: A Documentary History of Santa Barbara (1979) [Spec F869.S45 Q43], The Missions of California (1981) [Spec Z1261.A47 1981], Maynard Geiger: Archivist-Historian (1982) [Spec, Printers Z239.H479 W424 1982], Los regalitos de Fray Junípero, miniature (SB: Archival Center/Junipero Serra Press, 1987), editor [Spec, Printers Z239.J845 C87 1987].

Wenner, Adrian M. (1928- ). Professor of Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology at UCSB. Works include: The Bee Language Controversy: An Experience in Science (1971) [SEL and Spec QL568.A6 W45 1971], Anatomy of a Controversy: The Question of a “Language” Among Bees (1990) with Patrick Wells [SEL QL568.A6 W46 1990], Tiny Game Hunting: Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Kill the Pests in Your House and Garden (2001) with Hilary Dole Klein [Spec TX325.K58 2001].

Wesolowski, Dan (1952- ). Goleta resident and author of the mystery novels High School Pictures (2000) [Main PS3573.E81484 H54 2000], Distant Vision (2001), and Friction Shifting (2003).

Westbrook, Leslie A. (1953- ). Santa Barbara resident and freelance writer. Frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine.

Wheatwind, Marie-Elise (1950- ). One-time Santa Barbara resident and poet, whose works include: Poems: By Hand and Heart (1977) [Spec, Printers Z239.M515 W44 1977], Margaux (1980) [Spec PS3573.H413 M37 1980z], Last Visit (1982) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.M83 W435 1982], and Personne (1983) [Spec PS3573.H413 P47 1983 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.M83 W44 1983]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 146.

Wheeler, Eugene D. Ventura resident whose works include: Coastal Crude in a Sea of Conflict (San Luis Obispo, 1984), with Robert E. Kallman [SEL and Spec TN872.C2 K25 1984], Shipwrecks, Smugglers & Maritime Mysteries of the San Barbara Channel (SB: McNally & Loftin, 1984), with Robert E. Kallman [SEL G525.W43 1984 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.M353 W43 1984], Ghosts of the Haunted Coast (Ventura: Pathfinder Publishing, 1986), with Richard L. Senate [Spec BF1472.U6 S46 1986], Historical Map of Santa Barbara County (Pathfinder, 1986), with Richard L. Senate and Patricia Pedersen [MIL 3853.S3 1952 .S3], Historical Map of Ventura County (Pathfinder, 1986), with Richard L. Senate and Patricia Pedersen [MIL 3853.V4 S1 1986 .S4], Shipwrecks, Smugglers & Maritime Mysteries of the San Barbara Channel, 2d ed., completely revised (1986) [Spec, Printers Z239.P3383 W43 1986], Stop Justice Abuse: Exposes the Unfair System and Proposes Action You Can Take (1986) with Robert E. Kallman, Marlin Justice (Pathfinder, 1990), Agony and Death On a Gold Rush Steamer: The Disastrous Sinking of the Side-Wheeler Yankee Blade (Pathfinder, 1990) with Donald G. Knight [Spec, Wyles G530.Y34 K55 1990], and Violence in Our Schools, Hospitals, and Public Places: A Prevention and Management Guide (Pathfinder, 1994) with S. Anthony Baron.

*Wheeler, Harvey (1918- ). Author of numerous works, many of them in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, such as Democracy in a Revolutionary Era (1968) [Main and Spec JC423.W44], but perhaps best known for the thriller Fail-Safe (1962), which he co-authored with Eugene Burdick and which was made into a 1964 movie by Sidney Lumet and also a 2000 television movie by Stephen Frears [Main PS3503.U95 F3 Spec PS3503.U5972 F3]. The UCSB Oral History Program is conducting interviews with Wheeler and there is extensive Wheeler material in the CSDI Collection (Mss 18). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 125.

Wheeler, Sessions S. [Buck] (1911-1998). Author of Gentleman in the Outdoors: A Portrait of Max C. Fleischmann (1985) [SEL QH31.F59 W47 1985].

Whelan, Nicholas. Author of Anacapa, an Island, a State of Mind: A Self-Guiding Nature Trail Booklet (c.1980) [Spec F868.V5 W44 1980z].

*Whigham, Peter (1925-1987). Poet, translator, literary scholar, and occasional Santa Barbara resident. Special has a small collection of his papers (SC 754) and many of his printed works, including The Blue Winged Bee (1969) [Spec PR6073.H46 B5], Astapovo, or What Are We to Do (1970) [Spec PR6073.H46 A9], The Crystal Mountain (1970) [Spec PR6073.H46 C7 1970b], Return to Santa Barbara: For Hana (1972) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.W38 W45 1972], Do’s and Don’ts of Translation (Turkey Press, 1982) [Main PN241.W45 1982 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.T87 W45 1982], Things Common, Properly: Selected Poems 1942-1982 (1984) [Main PR6073.H46 A6 1984], and A Dante Portfolio: A Translation in Progress (1985) [Spec PQ4315.21 W45 1985]. Also, a contributor to Spectrum, the UCSB student literary magazine, in the 1960s. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 136-137.

White, Steward Edward (1873-1946). Santa Barbara resident for a number of years and well-known author of travel, adventure, westerns, and non-fiction works. Wrote about Santa Barbara in Dog Days, Other Times, Other Dogs (1930) [Spec PS3545.H6 D63] and Speaking for Myself (1943) [Main and Spec PS3545.H6 Z5]. Works from the time he lived here include: The Conjuror’s House (1903) [Spec PS3545.H6 C65], The Mountains (1904) [Main PS3545.H6 M6 1904], The Blazed Trail (1904) [Main PS3545.H6 B54], The Forest (1904) [Main and Spec PS3545.H6 F67], The Silent Places (1904) [Main PS3545.H6 S55], The Pass (1906) [Spec SK601.W65], The Mystery (1907) [Main PS3545.H6 M9 1907], Camp and Trail (1907) [Spec SK601.W45], Arizona Nights (1907) [Main PS3545.H6 A7], The Riverman (1908) [Main PS3545.H6 R5 and Spec PS3545.H6 R58], The Rules of the Game (1910) [Main and Spec PS3545.H6 R84 1910], The Cabin (1911) [Main and Spec PS3545.H6 C3], The Sign at Six (1912) [Main PS3545.H6 S54], The Land of Footprints (1913) [Spec PS3545.H6 L35], Gold (1913) [Main and Spec PS3545.H6 G64], African Camp Fires (1913) [SRLF DT425.W6], The Gray Dawn (1915) [Main and Spec PS3545.H6 G73], The Rediscovered Country (1915) [Main DT439.W5], The Leopard Woman (1916) [Main PS3545.H6 L4], and The Forty-Niners: A Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado (1918) [Spec, Wyles E173.C5 v.25]. Sources: Gilbar, Tales, 73; Gilbar, Literary, 259-261.

Whitman, Vic (1901-1981). Santa Barbara resident and author of magazine articles, plays, and short stories, as well as scripts for radio series such as The Cisco Kid, Mary Foster the Editor’s Daughter, and Mr. District Attorney. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Wholden, Rosalind G. UCSB CCS lecturer in art history and criticism.

Wieneke, Bryant (1951- ). UCSB administrator and author of Winning Without the Spin: A True Hero in American Politics (2000) [Main and Spec E840.8.C37 W54 2000], about the election of UCSB professor Walter Capps to Congress.

Wiggin, Kate Douglas (1856-1923). Santa Barbara resident during her youth, when she established one of the first kindergartens in Santa Barbara. Went on to become the author of well-known works such as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1903) [Main PS3302.R43]. She describes her life here in her autobiography My Garden of Memory (1923) [Main and Spec PS3303.A4 1923]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 262-265; Stella Haverland Rouse, SB News-Press, Aug. 2, 1970.

Wilcox, John. Author of The Chumash: Through a Child’s Eyes (SB: Shoreline Press, 1997) [Curric. Lab and Native American Studies E99.C815 W553 1997].

Willis, Paul (1955- ). Carpinteria resident, poet, and author who teaches at Westmont College. Works include: Frog at Midnight (SB: Pretty Good Press, 1992) [Spec PS3573.I456555 F76 1992], The Stolen River (1992), No Clock in the Forest: An Alpine Tale (1993), Genesis Poems (SB: Pretty Good Press, 1994), and Poison Oak (SB: Mille Grazie Press, 1999).

*Willson, Lawrence (1911-1996). UCSB Professor of English and Thoreau scholar. UCSB Oral History Program did an oral history with him, entitled Down Country (1994) [Spec CT275.W5785 A3 1994]. UCSB University Archives also has his papers.

Wilson, Edmund (1895-1972). Frequent visitor to Santa Barbara in the 1920s, married local resident Margaret Canby, who died in an accident here in 1932. Wilson never returned to Santa Barbara after the funeral. Special has numerous first editions, including: Note-Books of Night (Colt Press, 1942) [Main PS3545.I748 N6], The Shores of Light: A Literary Chronicle of the Twenties and Thirties (1952) [Main PS221.W52 and Spec PS3545.I6245 S56]. See also: The Twenties: From Notebooks and Diaries of the Period (1975) [Main PS3545.I6245 Z536 1975], Gilbar, Literary, 266-270.

Wilson, Leila Weekes. Author whose works include: Romantic Santa Barbara: Hand Colored (Osborne’s Book Store, c.1910) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.O83 R64 1910z], Monograph on the Old Franciscan Mission, Santa Barbara, California (Pacific Coast Publishing Co., 1913) [Spec F869.S45 W39], and Santa Barbara, California (Pacific Coast Publishing Co., 1913) [Spec F869.S23 W55].

Wimberly, Ed. Carpenteria resident and author of A Parent’s Guide to Raising Great Kids (2003) [Spec HQ769 .W7873 2003].

Winters, Jonathan (1925- ). Montecito resident, comedian, performer, artist, and author of works such as Winters’ Tales: Stories and Observations for the Unusual (1987) [Main PS3573.I545 W56 1987] and Hang-Ups (1988) [Spec ND237.W774 A4 1988].

Witham, Ernie (1950- ). Santa Barbara resident, newspaper columnist, and humorist. Works include Ernie’s World: The Book (SB: Fithian, 2002) [Spec PN4874.W683 A25 2002].

Wood, Audrey. Santa Barbara resident and author and illustrator of several children’s books, most with husband Don Wood. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 147.

Wood, Don (1945- ). Santa Barbara resident and author and illustrator of several children’s books, most with wife Audrey Wood. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 147.

Woodard, Josef (1958- ). Santa Barbara-based writer and musician, frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine.

Woodworth, Stanley D. (1921-1989). Carpenteria resident and author of Glad to Remember: Cate School, 1960-1985 (1985) [Spec LD7501.C237 W66 1985].

Wright, Austin Tappan (1883-1931). Lived in Santa Barbara part of each year while writing Islandia (1942) [Main PS3545.R947 I8 1958]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 61, 271-272.

Writers’ Program (California). Titles include Santa Barbara: A Guide to the Channel City and Its Environs (1941), a WPA project, with chronology and bibliography [Main F869.S23 W7 and Spec F869.S23 W7 1941].


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