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*Pai, Kenneth (a.k.a. Pai Hsien-yung, 1937- ). UCSB Professor Emeritus of Chinese, East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies. Author of internationally acclaimed works such as Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream: Tales of Taipei Characters (1982) [Spec PL2892.A345 A24 1982] and Crystal Boys (1990) [Spec PL2892.A345 N513 1990]. His works have been translated into many languages and some have been adapted for the stage and screen. UCSB University Archives has his papers (UArch FacP 29).

Palance, Holly (1950- ). Editor-in-Chief of Santa Barbara Magazine (2000- ).

Palladino, D.J. Santa Barbara resident, freelance writer and journalist. Frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine and the Santa Barbara Independent.

Palmer, Christine. See Savage, Christine E.

Parfit, Michael (1947- ). Santa Barbara resident and author of non-fiction works, including: Last Stand at Rosebud Creek: Coal, Power, and People (1980) [Spec HD9685.U6 M96], The Boys Behind the Bombs (1983) [SEL UA23.P277 1983], South Light: A Journey to the Last Continent (1985) [SEL G850 1983.P36 A36 1985], and Chasing the Glory: Trails Across America (1988) [Main E169.04.P35 1988]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 158-159.

Parker, Robert B. (1932- ). Author of mystery novels including the many Spenser stories, lived in Santa Barbara for a few months in the 1990s. The area serves as the setting for much of the novel Small Vices (1997) [Spec PS3566.A686 S58 1997]. Other works include: The Godwulf Manuscript (1974) [Spec PS3566.A686 G63 1974] and God Save the Child (1974) [Spec PS3566.A686 G55 1974].

Parks, Lisa. UCSB associate professor of Film Studies, whose works include Planet TV: A Global Television Reader (2003) with Shanti Kumar [Main PN1992.6.P57 2003].

Pasternack, Carol Braun (1950- ). UCSB associate professor of English, whose works include The Textuality of Old English Poetry (1995) [Main PR203.P37 1995] and Gender and Difference in the Middle Ages (2003) with Sharon Farmer [Main HQ1143.G44 2003].

Pauling, Linus (1901-1994). Nobel prize winning chemist, outspoken pacifist, and champion of Vitamin C. Associated with CSDI. There is material relating to him in the CSDI Collection (Mss 18). See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Paulsen, Norman (1929- ). One time Santa Barbara resident and author of Sunburst: Return of the Ancients (1980) [Spec, ARC BP605.S74 P38], republished in 1984 as Christ Consciousness.

Peake, Katy (1919-1995). Santa Barbara resident, poet, and author whose works include: The Indian Heart of Carrie Hodges (1972) [Spec PS3566.E1584 I53 1972], A Four Gathering (SB: Capra, 1981) [Main and Spec PS572.S35 F6], and Dancing Among Foxes (1993). See also: SB News-Press, July 5, 1991.

*Peattie, Donald Culross (1898-1964). Montecito resident and naturalist writer, best known for his An Almanac for Moderns (1935) [Spec QH81.P4], and works such as Natural History of Western Trees (1953) [SEL QK481.P4 and Spec QK481.P42 1953]. Other works include: Blown Leaves (1916) [Spec PS3531.E36 B55], Cargoes and Harvests (1926), Bounty of Earth (1926) with Louise Redfield Peattie [Spec S521.P35], Up Country: A Story of the Vanguard (1928) with Louise Redfield Peattie [Spec PS3531.E36 U6], Down Wind: Secrets of the Underwoods (1929) with Louise Redfield Peattie [SEL QL791.P37], Vence: The Story of a Provencal Town Through Two Thousand Years (1930) [Main and Spec DC801.V385 P4 1930], Sons of the Martian (1932) [Spec PS3531.E36 S6], Port of Call (1932) [Spec PS3531.E36 P6], The Bright Lexicon (1934) [Main PS3531.E36 B7], The Happy Kingdom: A Riviera Memoir (1935) with Louise Redfield Peattie [Spec DC608.8.P4], Singing in the Wilderness (1935) [SEL QL31.A9 P4 and Spec QL31.A9 P38], Green Laurels: The Lives and Achievements of the Great Naturalists (1936) [Main and Spec QH26.P4], A Book of Hours (1937) [Main PS3531.E36 B6], A Prairie Grove (1937) [Main F541.P43 and Spec F541.P373], Flowering Earth (1939) [SEL and Spec QK50.P4], The Road of a Naturalist (1941) [SEL and Spec QH31.P17 A3], Forward the Nation (1942) [Main PS3531.E36 F6], Journey Into America (1943) [Main and Spec E178.P37], Immortal Village (1945) [Spec DC801.V385 P4 1945], American Heartwood (1949) [Spec PS3531.E36 A5 1949], A Cup of Sky (1950) with Noel Peattie [SEL and Spec QH81.P42], A Natural History of Trees of Eastern and Central North America (1950) [Spec QK115.P35 1950], Sportsman’s Country (1952) [Spec SK33.P23], Lives of Destiny (1954) [Spec CT106.P4], Parade With Banners (1957) [Main E178.6.P4], and The Rainbow Book of Nature (1957) [Spec QH48.P45 1957]. Special has a large manuscript collection (Mss 94; with Louise Redfield Peattie). Husband of Louise Redfield Peattie. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 71.

*Peattie, Louise Redfield (1900-1965). Montecito resident and author of several novels and shorter works, including Fancies in Verse (1913) [Spec PS3531.E364 F3], Bounty of Earth (1926) with Donald Culross Peattie [Spec S521.P35], Dagny (1928) [Spec PS3531.E364 D3], Up Country: A Story of the Vanguard (1928) with Donald Culross Peattie [Spec PS3531.E36 U6], Down Wind: Secrets of the Underwoods (1929) with Donald Culross Peattie [SEL QL791.P37], Pan’s Parish (1931) [Spec PS3531.E364 P3], Wine With a Stranger (1932) [Spec PS3531.E364 W53], Wife to Caliban (1934) [Spec PS3531.E364 W5], The Happy Kingdom: A Riviera Memoir (1935) with Donald Culross Peattie [Spec DC608.8.P4], Fugitive (1935) [Spec PS3531.E364 F8], American Acres (1936) [Spec PS3531.E364 A7], Tomorrow is Ours (1937) [Spec PS3531.E364 T6], A Child in Her Arms (1938) [Spec PS3531.E364 C48], Star at Noon (1940) [Spec PS3531.E364 S77 1940], The Californians (1940) [Spec PS3531.E364 C34 1940], and Ring Finger (1943) [Spec PS3531.E364 R5]. Special also has a large manuscript collection (Mss 94; with Donald Culross Peattie). Sister of the anthropologist Robert Redfield, wife of Donald Culross Peattie. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 71.

Pedersen, Patricia. Illustrator of Ghosts of the Haunted Coast (Ventura: Pathfinder Publishing, 1986), with Richard L. Senate and Eugene D. Wheeler [Spec BF1472.U6 S46 1986], Historical Map of Santa Barbara County (Pathfinder, 1986), with Richard L. Senate and Eugene D. Wheeler [MIL 3853.S3 1952 .S3], and Historical Map of Ventura County (Pathfinder, 1986), with Richard L. Senate and Eugene D. Wheeler [MIL 3853.V4 S1 1986 .S4].

Penley, Constance (1948- ). UCSB Professor of Film Studies and author of numerous works on film and gender, such as Feminism and Film Theory (1988) [Main PN1995.9.W6 F45 1988], The Future of an Illusion: Film, Feminism, and Psychoanalysis (1989) [Main PN1995.9.W6 P46 1989], Technoculture (1991) [Main T14.5.T438 1991], Close Encounters: Film, Feminism, and Science Fiction (1991) [Main PN1995.9.S26 C57 1991], NASA/Trek: Popular Science and Sex in America (1997) [Main E169.04.P45 1997], and The Analysis of Film (2000), with Raymond Bellour [Main PN1998.3.H58 B4513 2000].

Perceval, Don Louis (1908-1979). Artist, book illustrator, and western historian who spent his last years in Santa Barbara. Works include: Horses (1930), Los Pastores (c.1950) [Spec, Printers Z239.B52 P37 1950z], A Navajo Sketch Book (1962) [Spec, Printers Z239.N6 P47 1962], and From Ice Mountain: Indian Settlement of the Americas (1979) [Spec E78.S7 P45]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Perelman, S. J. (1904-1978). Author and humorist, lived in Santa Barbara in the 1970s. Works from that period include: Baby, It’s Cold Inside (1970) [Main PS3531.E41 B3], and Eastward Ha! (1977) [Main PS3531.E6544 E3]. See: Gilbar, Literary, 151-152.

Perkins, Charles Elliott (1840-1907). President of the Burlington Railroad. Works include: Family Letters, 1861-1869: Charles Elliott Perkins and Edith Forbes Perkins (1949) [SRLF CT275.P5713 A4], and Family Letters & Reminiscences 1865-1907: Charles Elliott Perkins and Edith Forbes Perkins (1949) [SRLF CT275.P5713 A4 1949]. Husband of Edith Forbes Perkins and father of Charles Elliott Perkins, Jr.

Perkins, Charles Elliott (1881-1943). Like his father, Charles Elliott Perkins, Sr., served as president of the Burlington Railroad, then retired to a ranch in Solvang. Wrote The Pinto Horse (1927) [Spec QL795.H7 P4 1927, Spec, Wyles QL795.H7 P4 1937, and Spec, Printers Z478.86.F577 P47 1937] and The Phantom Bull (1932) [Spec QL795.C3 P4], both illustrated by Edward Borein. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 63.

Perkins, Edith Forbes (1843-1925). Santa Barbara resident, died in the Arlington during the 1925 earthquake. Works include: Family Letters, 1861-1869: Charles Elliott Perkins and Edith Forbes Perkins (1949) [SRLF CT275.P5713 A4], Family Letters & Reminiscences 1865-1907: Charles Elliott Perkins and Edith Forbes Perkins (1949) [SRLF CT275.P5713 A4 1949], and Letters and Journals, 1908-1925, 4 vols. (Privately printed, 1931) [Main E664.P44 A4 and SRLF CT275.P5715 A4]. Wife of Charles Elliott Perkins, Sr.

Perlman, Martin (1950- ). Santa Barbara-based freelance writer and journalist, frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine.

Perry, Richard D. (1942- ). Santa Barbara resident, author, and co-founder of Espadaña Press. Works include Maya Missions: Exploring the Spanish Colonial Churches of Yucatan (SB: Espadaña Press, 1988) with Rosalind Perry [Spec NA5256.Y8 P4 1988 and Coleccion F1376.P4711 1988], Mexico’s Fortress Monasteries (SB: Espadaña Press, 1992) [Arts NA5253.P47 1992], More Maya Missions: Exploring Colonial Chiapas (SB: Espadaña Press, 1994) [Arts NA5256.C5 P37 1994], Blue Lakes and Silver Cities (SB: Espadana Press, 1997), and Exploring Yucatan: A Traveler’s Anthology (SB: Espadaña Press, 2001).

Perry, Rosalind Webster (1939- ). Santa Barbara resident, author, and co-founder of Espadaña Press. Works include The Chumash People (SB: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1982) with Lynne McCall [Spec E99.C815 C486 1985], California’s Chumash Indians (SB: John Daniel, 1986) with Lynne McCall [Native American Studies, Spec, and Spec, ARC E99.C815 C34 1986], Maya Missions: Exploring the Spanish Colonial Churches of Yucatan (SB: Espadana Press, 1988) with Richard D. Perry [Spec NA5256.Y8 P4 1988 and Coleccion F1376.P4711 1988], A Joy Forever: Marie Webster’s Quilt Patterns (1992), and Marie Webster’s Garden of Quilts (2001) with Marty Frolli.

Petersen, Michel (1956- ). Author of Once Upon an Island (Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 1998) [Main F868.S23 P43 1998].

Peterson, Linda Seigel. Santa Barbara resident and author of “A Squeeze of Lime” (SB: Fithian Press, 2000) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.F583 P48 2000].

Petracca, Michael (1947- ). Author of short stories, literary criticism, and popular culture studies; teaches writing at UCSB. Works include: Doctor Syntax (J. Odell Editions, Capra Press, 1991) [Spec PS3566.E779 D63 1991], Captain Zzyzx (J. Odell Editions, Capra Press, 1992) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 P487 1992], Common Culture: Reading and Writing About American Popular Culture (1995) with Madeleine Sorapure [Main E169.04.C65 1995], The Graceful Lie: A Method for Making Fiction (1999) [Main PE1417.P47 1999], and Academic Communities/Disciplinary Conventions (2001) with Bonnie Beedles [Main PE1417.B3945 2001].

Philbrick, Ralph N. (1934- ). Santa Barbara resident and author of The Plants of Santa Barbara Island, California (1972) and A Revised Flora of Santa Barbara Island: An Annotated Catalog (SB: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, 1993), with Steve Junak and Charles Drost [SEL QK149.J86 1993].

Phillips, Joseph. Short story writer; also taught writing classes. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Phillips, Michael James (1876- ). Author of History of Santa Barbara, California, From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time (1927) [Main and Spec F868.S23 P4 1927].

Pidgeon, Larry (1914-1986). Santa Barbara resident and writer and editor for the Santa Barbara News-Press, member of the SB Writers Lunch. See also: SB News-Press, Dec. 25, 1987, 21.

Pinkerton, Roy D. (1885-1974). Ojai resident and journalist, author of The County Star: My Buena Ventura (1962) [Spec, Printers Z479.P5].

Pinney, Thomas. Author of The Wine of Santa Cruz Island (Zamorano Club, Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 1994) [SEL TP557.P562 1994].

Pizzirani, Jolinda. Summerland resident, co-founder of Journey Publications, and author of What’s a Mother to Do: The ABC’s of Raising a Child (2000) with Jeanice Lugo, Soul Survivor (2003), and Inspirations (2003).

Plane, Anne Marie (1964- ). UCSB professor of History and author of Colonial Intimacies: Indian Marriage in Early New England (2000) [Main E78.N5 P53 2000].

Pomeroy, Graham. Montecito resident and author, with Brian Fagan, of Cruising Guide to the Channel Islands (Capra, 1979) [Spec GV776.C22 C424].

Pompey, Tim. Ventura resident and poet, author of Getting Through the Fog (2001). Poems such as “Ojai Schoolhouse, 1905” published in the Santa Barbara Review.

Poot-Herrera, Sara. UCSB Professor of Spanish, awarded the Antonio Meiz Bolio Literary Medal for work in Mexican literature. Works include: Un Giro en Espiral: El Proyecto Literario de Juan José Arreola (1992) [Main PQ7297.A853 Z89 1992], Y Diversa de Mí Misma Entre Vuestras Plumas Ando: Homenaje Internacional a Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1993) with Elena Urrutia [Main PQ7296.J6 Z972 1993], El Cuento Mexicano: Homenaje a Luis Leal (1996) [Coleccion PQ7204.C845 1996], and Los Guardaditos de Sor Juana (1999) [Main PQ7296.J6 Z7585 1999]. See also: SB News-Press, Oct. 28, 2000, D1.

Pope, Nancy. Writer of Saturday Evening Post stories. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Porter, Rebecca N. (1883- ). Long-time resident of Santa Barbara and reporter for the News-Press. Author of numerous articles, reviews, short stories, essays, and fiction. Works include: The Girl From Four Corners (1920) [Spec PS3531.O75664 G57 1920], The Rest Hollow Mystery (1922) [Spec PS3531.O75664 R48 1922], Raisin Valley (1953) [Spec PS3531.O75664 R33 1953], Open House (1955) [Main PS3531.O7566 O64], Afterglow (1963) [Main PS3531.O85 A4]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 62.

Portugés, Paul (1945- ). Santa Barbara resident, poet, and screenwriter. Works include: Saving Grace (1973) [Spec PS3566.O666 S28 1973], Hands Across the Earth (1975) [Spec PS3566.O666 H36 1975], The Visionary Poetics of Allen Ginsberg (SB: Ross-Erikson, 1978) [Main and Spec PS3513.I74 Z84], Aztec Birth: The Turquoise Mockingbird of Light (SB: Mudborn Press, 1979) [Spec PS3566.O666 A97 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.M83 P67 1979], and Paper Song (SB: Ross-Erikson, 1984) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.R677 P67b 1984]. See also: SB News-Press, Feb. 14, 1987, D3.

Potter, Robert A. (1934- ). UCSB Professor of Dramatic Art. Works include: The Campus By the Sea Where the Bank Burned Down: A Report on the Disturbances at UCSB and Isla Vista, 1968-70 (1970) [Main and Spec LD781.S32 P6] and The English Morality Play: Origins, History, and Influence of a Dramatic Tradition (1975) [Main PR643.M7 P68].

Powell, E. Alexander (1879- ). Popular travel writer and former war correspondent who wrote The End of the Trail (1914) while staying at the Arlington Hotel in Santa Barbara [Main and Spec, Wyles F851.P6], and then settled permanently here in the late 1930s. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 72.

Power, Dennis M. Santa Barbara resident and editor of The California Islands: Proceedings of a Multidisciplinary Symposium (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1980) [SEL QH105.C2 C35].

Preece, Warren (1921- ). Santa Barbara resident associated with CSDI. Wrote sections of The Technological Order and was author of the higher education section of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17.

Prelutsky, Burt (1940- ). Screenwriter, newspaper columnist, and author who lived in Santa Barbara in the early 1980s. Regular contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine. Works include: Civilization, and Welcome to It (Capra Press, 1987) [Spec PN6162.P65 1987].


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