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VanderMey, Randall. Poet and author, teaches at Westmont College. Works include: Genes and the Mind: Inheritance of Mental Illness (1980) with Ming T. Tsuang [SEL RC455.4.G4 T75], and God Talk: The Triteness and Truth in Christian Clichés (1993).

Van Every, Dale (1896-1976). Montecito resident, newspaperman, motion picture producer and screenwriter, author of novels and western history. Works include: Charles Lindbergh: His Life (1927), The A.E.F. in Battle (1928) [Main D570.V3], Westward the River (1945), The Shining Mountains (1948), Bridal Journey (1950), The Captive Witch (1951), The Trembling Earth (1953) [Main PS3543.A5658 T74], Men of the Western Waters: A Second Look at the First Americans (1956) [Main F517.V3], The Voyagers (1957), Our Country Then: Tales of the First Frontier (1958), The Scarlet Feather (1959), Forth to the Wilderness: The First American Frontier, 1754-1774 (1961) [Main and Spec E195.V3], A Company of Heroes: The American Frontier 1775-1783 (1962) [Main E263.N84 V3], Ark of Empire: The American Frontier 1784-1803 (1963) [Main and Spec, Wyles E310.V3], The Final Challenge: The American Frontier, 1804-1845 (1964) [Spec, Wyles F592.V3], Disinherited: The Lost Birthright of the American Indian (1966) [Native Am. Studies and Spec, Wyles E99.C3 V3], and The Day the Sun Died (1971) [Main PS3543.A5658 D3 and Spec, Wyles PZ3.V297 D3]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Van Rensselaer, Maunsell (1897-1972). Santa Barbara resident and author whose works include: Trees of Santa Barbara (Schauer, 1940) [Spec QK484.C2 V3].

Veigele, William J. Santa Barbara resident, author, and owner of Astral Publishing. Works include: Sea Bag of Memories [Spec D811.A2 V43 2003], Golf is Like Love (1996), and PC Patrol Craft of World War II (1998). Also Best Time of Year (2000) as Brad Forge, and Chelydra Serpentina (2000) as Dan Sanders.

Ventura County Cultural Heritage Board. Titles include: County Historical Landmarks (1989) [Arts / Arts Ref Room NA730.C22 V46 1989].

Vernon, Edward W. Santa Barbara resident and author of Las Misiones Antiguas: The Spanish Missions of Baja California (2003) [Main F1246 .V47].

Villanueva, Carrol (1968- ). Author of A History of the Santa Barbara City Council (1990) [Spec F869.S45 V54 1990].

Vogt, Elizabeth E. Santa Barbara resident and attorney. Author of Montecito: California’s Garden Paradise (1993) [Spec SB466.U65 C26 1993].

Von Arnim, Elizabeth (1866-1941). English novelist who spent the fall and winter 1916-1917 in Montecito. Works include: Elizabeth and Her German Garden (1900) [Main PR6035.U98 E4], The Caravaners (1909) [Main PR6035.U8 C37 1989], The Enchanted April (1922), which was made into a 1992 movie by Mike Newell [Main PR6035.U98 E5], and the autobiographical All the Dogs of My Life (1936) [Spec SF426.2.E55 1936]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 51.

Von Breton, Harriette (1910-1998). Hope Ranch resident whose works include a number of exhibition catalogs relating to architecture, such as Architecture in California, 1868-1968 (1968), with David Gebhard [Spec NA730.C2 G38]. Frequent contributor to early issues of Santa Barbara Magazine. Special also has a small manuscript collection of hers, mainly dealing with the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill [SBHC Mss 8].


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