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Macdonald, Ross. See Millar, Kenneth.

Mack, Gwynne Dresser (1907-1994). Author and illustrator of children’s books, including The Broolin (SB: Wallace Hebberd, 1943), Swish, the Sorrowful Sea Serpent (SB: Wallace Hebberd, 1945) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.H42 M25 1945] and Judishus (SB: Wallace Hebberd 1945) with Will Gerber [Spec Printers Z478.86.H42 G47 1945]. Also author of Talking With God: The Healing Power of Prayer (1970) [Spec, ARC BT732.5.M33327 1970].

Mackay, Patrick Denton (1970- ). Santa Barbara resident and poet, author of Your Majesties (2000) [Spec PS3563.A313384 Y69 2000], The Crystal Set (2001) [Spec PS3563.A313384 C79 2001], and Perfect Entropy (2003) [Spec PS3563.A313384 P47 2002].

Mackie, Diane M. UCSB professor of Psychology whose works include Affect, Cognition, and Sterotyping: Interactive Processes in Group Perception (1993) with D.L. Hamilton [Main BF311 .A32 1993], Social Psychology (1995) with Eliot R. Smith [Main HM251.S5768 1995 and HM1033.S55 2000], and From Prejudice to Intergroup Emotion: Differential Reactions to Social Groups (2002) with Eliot R. Smith [Main HM716.F76 2002].

MacMillan, Laurie. Santa Barbara resident and author of Santa Barbara Secrets and Side Trips (1991) [Spec F868.S23 M23 1991].

Mahony, Patrick (1911-1979). Author of the semi-autobiographical Breath of Scandal: A Satirical Novel (1957), written about Santa Barbara, but called “San Benito” [SRLF X-01577]. Also wrote books on self-help and supernatural themes; moved to Los Angeles later in life. Works include: Out of the Silence (1948) [SRLF and Spec BF1261.M285], You Can Find a Way: A Book of Factual Optimism (1950) [Main BJ1581.M3], The Magic of Maeterlinck (1951) [Main PQ2625.A6 M3], Barbed Wit & Malicious Humor (1956) [Spec PN6261.M43], It’s Better in America (1964) [Main E169.1.M246 and Spec E169.1.M22], Who’s There? 38 True Spectral Stories (1970) [Main BF1261.2.M343 1970], Tales of Terror and Wonder in Psychic Phenomena (1977) [Spec, ARC BF1031.M344 1977], Maurice Maeterlinck, Mystic and Dramatist: A Reminiscent Biography of the Man and His Ideas (1984) [Main PQ2625.A6 M33 1984], Escape into the Psychic Kingdom (1984) [Spec, ARC BF1031.M343 1984]. Sources: Gilbar, Literary, 111-112; SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964.

Mallan, Chicki (1933- ). Author of Guide to Catalina and California Channel Islands (1984, and several subsequent editions).

Mallory, Lee. One-time Goleta resident and poet, author of Peterbilt (1969) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.M37 M33 1969], The Chastity of Sleep (1969) [Spec PS3563.A43167 C43], Beach House Poems (1969) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.M37 M3 1969], Oatmeal Candy (1970) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.W38 M334 1970], Hurricane Lamps (1970) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.M37 M324 1970], 91739 (1970) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.W38 M33 1970], Farewell (1973) [Spec PS3563.A43167 F37]; editor of 20 Times in the Same Place: An Anthology of Santa Barbara Poetry (Carpinteria: Painted Cave Books, 1973) [Main and Spec PS572.S35 M3 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.W38 M34 1973]. Also was a correspondent with Charles Bukowski (Mss 12).

Marcuse, Katherine. Santa Barbara resident and author of short stories, mainly for Canadian magazines, and television and radio scripts for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Marin, Peter. Santa Barbara resident and author of several works, including the autobiographical In a Man’s Time (1974) [Spec PS3563.A655 I52]. Teacher, poet, and contributor to Harper’s magazine on issues such as Vietnam vets and the homeless, with many of these pieces brought together in Freedom and Its Discontents (1995) [Spec HN59.2 .M36 1995]. Visiting Fellow at CSDI in 1967, with some material in the CSDI Collection (Mss 18). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 149.

Markham, Beryl (1902-1986). Aviatrix and horse trainer, Montecito resident later in life. Her memoir is West With the Night (1942) [Main DT425.M3 1942a]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 219-221.

Martin, Steve (1945- ). Part-time Santa Barbara resident, comedian, actor, director, playwright, frequent contributor to The New Yorker. Also, author of Cruel Shoes (1979) [Main PN6162.M259 1979], Picasso at the Lapin Agile and Other Plays (1996) [Main PS3563.A7293 P53 1996], L.A. Story and Roxanne: Two Screenplays (1997) [Main PN1997.L118 1997], Wasp and Other Plays (1998), Pure Drivel (1998), and Shopgirl (2000) [Main PS3563.A7293 S56 2000].

Mason, Jesse Dimond (1827-1895). Lived in Santa Barbara briefly in the early 1880s while writing History of Santa Barbara County, California, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers (1883) [Spec F868.S23 M3 1883].

Masson, Kathryn (1950- ). Santa Barbara resident and author of The Santa Barbara County Courthouse (2001), with Patricia Gebhard [Arts and Spec NA4473.S25 G43 2001] and Santa Barbara Style (2001) [Spec NA7238.S36 M37 2001].

Maurer, Eric. Montecito resident and editor of the Union Labor News. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 113; SB News-Press, July 5, 1991.

*McAdoo, Eleanor Wilson (1889-1967). Daughter of Woodrow Wilson and author of works such as The Woodrow Wilsons (1937) [Main E767.3.M2 1937 and Spec E767.3.M2]. Special has a collection of Wilson-McAdoo Papers (Bernath Mss 18). See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

McConnell, Frank D. (1942- ). Professor of English at UCSB and author of suspense novels. Works include: The Confessional Imagination: A Reading of Wordsworth’s Prelude (1974) [Main PR5864.M25], The Spoken Seen: Film and the Romantic Imagination (1975) [Main PN1995.M22], Four Postwar American Novelists: Bellow, Mailer, Barth, and Pynchon (1977) [Main PS379.M253], Byron’s Poetry (1978) [Main PR4352.M28 1978], Storytelling and Mythmaking: Images from Film and Literature (1979) [PN1995.3.M26], Murder Among Friends (1983) [Main PS3563.C3437 M8 1983], The Bible and the Narrative Tradition (1986) [Main BS535.B49 1986], Blood Lake (1987), The Frog King (1990) [Main PS3563.C3437 F7 1990], and Liar’s Poker (1993). See also: Gilbar, Stories, 10.

McElrath, Clifford (1891-1977). Author of On Santa Cruz Island: The Ranching Recollections of Clifford McElrath (1967) [Spec F868.S23 M26].

McGee, James Sears (1942- ). UCSB Professor of History and author of several works on European history, including The Godly Man in Stuart England: Anglicans, Puritans, and the Two Tables, 1620-1670 (1976) [Main BX9322.M34]. Husband of Marni McGee.

McGee, Marni. Montecito resident and children’s author whose works include: The Quiet Farmer (1991), Adventures on the High Seas (1992), Diego Columbus (1992) [Curric Lab PZ7.M478463 Di 1992], Forest Child (1994), The Alphabet Between (1997), Jack Takes the Cake (1998), Sleepy Me (2001), The Colt & the King (2002), Wake Up, Me! (2002). Wife of J. Sears McGee. See also: Gulbransen, SBNP, 12/9/01.

*McGuire, Harry (1904-1966). Writer, editor, and publisher of such magazines as Outdoor Life and Ringmaster (which showcased social and political caricatures by various artists), who spent his last years in Santa Barbara. Works include: When the Ship Goes Down: A Drama in One Act (1928) [Spec PS3525.A24346 W5 1928], Tales of the Rod and Gun: A Collection of the Best American Hunting and Fishing Stories (1931) [Spec SK33.M3], and Twelve Tales (1962) [Spec PS3525.A24346 T84 1962]. Special also has the Harry McGuire Collection (SBHC Mss 54).

McIsaac, Colin H. Santa Barbara resident and author of Mission Santa Barbara: Early Days in Alta California (1917) [Spec F869.S45 M29 1917 and Spec F869.S45 M32 1923].

McKinney, John (1952- ). Santa Barbara resident and writer. Works include: California Coastal Trails (1983) [SEL and Spec GV199.42.C2 M35 1983], California State Parks Guide (1986) [Main F859.3.C34 1986], Walk Santa Barbara: City Strolls and Country Rambles (SB: Olympus Press, 1990) with Cheri Rae [Spec GV199.42.C22 S3197 1990], Walking Southern California: A Day Hiker’s Guide (1994) [Main GV199.42.C22 S685 1994], Day Hiker’s Guide to California State Parks (1998) [MIL GV199.42.C22 M35 1998].

McLane, Louis (1819-1905). Author of The Private Journal of Louis McLane, U.S.N., 1844-1848 (Dawson’s, for the Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1971) [SEL, SRLF, and Spec, Wyles V63.M29 A3].

McLaren, Archie (1942- ). Santa Barbara area wine expert and writer on culinary subjects, frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine.

McLendon, Sally. Author of Cultural Affiliation and Lineal Descent of Chumash Peoples in the Channel Islands and the Santa Monica Mountains: Final Report (1999), with John R. Johnson, et al [Spec E99.C815 C84 1999].

Meeker, Arthur, Jr. (1902- ). Lived in Santa Barbara off and on from the 1930s. Works include: American Beauty (1929), Vestal Virgin (1934), Sacrifice to the Graces (1937), The Ivory Mischief (1941) [Main PS3525.E2227 I96], The Far Away Music (1945), Prairie Avenue (1949) [Main PS3525.E4 P7], The Silver Plume (1952) [Main PS3525.E4 S5], and Chicago, With Love (1955) [Main F548.5.M4]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16; Gilbar, Literary, 71-72.

Melcher, Joan (1951- ). Santa Barbara resident, screenwriter, member of SB Writers Lunch. See also: SB News-Press, Dec. 25, 1987, 21.

*Melton, J. Gordon (1942- ). Santa Barbara resident, author and editor of numerous works on non-traditional religious groups, including: The Catholic Pentecostal Movement: A Bibliography (1971) [Spec, ARC BX2350.57.M45 1971], A Reader’s Guide to the Church’s Ministry of Healing (1973) [Spec, ARC BT732.5.M445 1973], Log Cabins to Steeples (1974) [Main and Spec BX8248.I3 M37], A Directory of Religious Bodies in the United States (1977) [Main and Spec, ARC BL2530.U6 M44], The Encyclopedia of American Religions (several editions, 1978-1999) [Spec, ARC BL2525.M449 1999], The Literature of Magick, Witchcraft, and Neo-Paganism (1979) [Spec, ARC Z6876.M45 1979], Magic, Witchcraft, and Paganism in America: A Bibliography (several editions) [Ref and Spec, ARC Z6878.M3 M44], The Cult Experience: Responding to the New Religious Pluralism (1982) [Main and Spec, ARC BL2530.U6 M43 1982], Biographical Dictionary of American Cult and Sect Leaders (1986) [Main and Spec, ARC BL2525.M448 1986], Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America (1986) [Main and Spec, ARC BL2525.M45 1986], The Encyclopedia of American Religions, Religious Creeds (1988) [Main and Spec, ARC BT990.E58 1988], New Thought: A Reader (1990) [Spec, ARC BF639.N445 1990], New Age Encyclopedia (1990) [Ref and Spec, ARC BP605.N48 M45 1990], The Peoples Temple and Jim Jones: Broadening Our Perspective (1990) [Main and Spec, ARC BP605.P46 P45 1990], The Flying Saucer Contactee Movement 1950-1990 (1990) [Spec, ARC TL789.M3865 1990], New Age Almanac (1991) [Main and Spec, ARC BP605.N48 M458 1991], Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America (1992) [Ref and Spec BL2525.M45 1992], Religious Information Sources: A Worldwide Guide (1992) [Ref BL48.M35 1992 and Spec BL48.M387 1992], Perspectives on the New Age (1992) [Main and Spec BP605.N48 P46 1992], Islam in North America: A Sourcebook (1992) [Ref BP67.A1 I82 1992], Religious Bodies in the United States: A Directory (1992) [Ref and Spec, ARC BL2525.M452 1992], Encyclopedia of African American Religions (1993) [Ref and Spec, ARC BR563.N4 E53 1993], Politics of the Spirit (1994) [Spec, ARC HN80.L7 P655 1994], The Vampire Book (1994) [Spec, ARC GR830.V3 M458 1994], Church Universal and Triumphant: In Scholarly Perspective (1994) [Spec, ARC BP605.S73 C48 1994], Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology (1996) [Spec, ARC BF1407.E52 1996], Prime-Time Religion: An Encyclopedia of Religious Broadcasting (1997) [Ref and Spec BV656.M45 1997], International Directory of the World’s Religions (1998-   ) [Spec, ARC BL35.M458 1998], The Vampire Gallery: A Who’s Who of the Undead (1998) [Spec, ARC GR830.V3 M46 1998], American Religions: An Illustrated History (2000) [Ref and Spec, ARC BL2525.M47 2000], The Church of Scientology (2000) [Spec, ARC BP605.S2 M46 2000]. The bulk of the very large American Religions Collection (ARC) in Special was donated by Melton and continues to be used by him in his writing projects.

Mengel, Carla (1955- ). Santa Barbara resident, short story writer, and associate editor of the Santa Barbara Review (1997-1999).

*Menzies, Jean Storke (1904-1993). Newspaper columnist, daughter of Thomas Storke. Special has the Jean Storke Menzies Collection (SBHC Mss 34).

Merkl, Peter H. (1932- ). UCSB Professor Emeritus and author of numerous books and articles on modern German history and politics, including The Origin of the West German Republic (1963) [Main JN3971.A71 M4] and The Federal Republic of Germany at Fifty (1999) [Main JN3971.A58 F43 1999].

Mersereau, John (1898-1989). Part of the Santa Barbara writing scene in the 1950s. Author of Whispering Canyon (1926) [Spec PS3525.E7145 W45 1926], Gill o’ the Rangers (1930), Murder Loves Company (1940), and The Corpse Comes Ashore (1941). See also: SB News-Press, July 5, 1991.

Metcalf, T. Nelson (1890-1982). Santa Barbara resident and author of Birds of the Santa Barbara Region: An Annotated List (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1967) [SEL QH2.S3 no. 8].

Mickelson, Bonnie Stewart. Author of Hollyhocks and Radishes: Mrs. Chard’s Almanac Cookbook (1989) [Spec TX715.M6333 1989]. See also: SB News-Press, Feb. 25, 1992, D1.

Millar, Kenneth (1915-1983), a.k.a. Ross Macdonald. Well-known detective writer, with many works set in “Santa Teresa,” a fictionalized Santa Barbara. Known for the Lew Archer detective series; Special has numerous first editions. Works include: The Dark Tunnel (1944) [Main and Spec PS3525.I486 D37], Blue City (1947) [Main PS3525.I639 B57], Three Roads (1948) [Main and Spec PS3525.I486 T47], The Way Some People Die (1951) [Spec PS3525.I486 W38 1990], Meet Me at the Morgue (1953) [Spec PS3525.I639 M4], The Doomsters (1958) [Spec PS3525.I486 D62], The Galton Case (1959) [Spec PS3525.I639 G3], The Wycherly Woman (1961) [Spec PS3525.I486 W9 1961], The Zebra-Striped Hearse (1962) [Spec PS3525.I639 Z4], The Chill (1963) [Spec PS3525.I639 C49], The Far Side of the Dollar (1965) [Spec PS3525.I486 F37 1965], Black Money (1966) [Spec PS3525.I639 B55], The Instant Enemy (1968) [Spec PS3525.I486 I545], The Goodbye Look (1969) Main and Spec PS3525.I639 G6], Archer at Large (1970) [Main PS3525.I486 A72 1970], The Underground Man (1971) [Main PS3525.I639 U5], Sleeping Beauty (1973) [Main PS3525.I486 S54 and Spec PS3525.I486 S58 1973], On Crime Writing (Capra, 1973) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 M335 1973], The Blue Hammer (1976) [Spec PS3525.I486 B58 1976], Ross Macdonald’s Lew Archer, Private Investigator (1977) [Spec PS3525.I486 L49 1977], A Collection of Reviews (Lord John Press, 1979) [Spec PS3525.I486 C64 1979], and Find a Victim (2001) [Main PS3525.I486 F5 2001]. Also, the autobiographical Self-Portrait: Ceaselessly Into the Past (Capra, 1981), with foreword by Eudora Welty [Main PS3525.I486 Z47 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 M337 1981]. UC Irvine has many of his papers and an even more extensive collection of published works, including foreign language editions. Husband of Margaret Millar. See also: Ross Macdonald: a Biography (1999) by Tom Nolan [Main and Spec PS3525.I486 Z79 1999]; Gilbar, Tales, 85; Gilbar, Literary, 222-26.

Millar, Margaret (1915-1994). Author of suspense novels, many set in Santa Barbara, including: The Iron Gates: A Psychological Novel (1945) [Main PS3525.I64 I7 and Spec PS3563.I3725 I76 1945], Wives and Lovers (1954) [Main PS3525.I64 W5 and Spec PS3563.I3725 W58 1954], Beast in View (1955) [Main PS3525.I64 B4], An Air That Kills (1957) [Spec PS3563.I3725 A67 1957], The Listening Walls (1959) [Spec PS3563.I3725 L5 1959], A Stranger in My Grave (1960) [Coleccion PS3563.I3725 S7 1960], The Fiend (1964) [Main PS3525.I64 F5 and Spec PS3563.I3725 F5 1964], Ask Me for Tomorrow (1976) [Spec PS3563.I3725 A75 1976], The Murder of Miranda (1979) [Spec PS3563.I3725 M87 1979], Mermaid (1982) [Spec PS3563.I3725 M4], Banshee (1983) [Spec PS3563.I3725 B3 1983b], and Spider Webs (1986) [Main PS3563.I3725 S6]. Her non-fiction work includes: The Birds and Beasts Were There (1967) [Spec PS3563.I3725 B57 1967], concerning bird watching and animal feeding in a Santa Barbara canyon and also containing an account of the 1964 Coyote fire. Wife of Kenneth Millar. See also: Gilbar, Tales, 111.

Miller, Bruce W. (1945- ). Author of Chumash: A Picture of Their World (Los Osos: Sand River Press, 1988) [Native Amer. Studies and Spec E99.C815 M55 1988].

Miller, Dennis (1953- ). Montecito resident, performer, and author of several books based on his HBO series. Titles include: Rants (1996), Ranting Again (1998), I Rant, Therefore I Am (2000), and The Rant Zone (2001).

Miller, Max (1899-1967). Author of And Bring All Your Folks (1959), about the Channel Islands [Main F868.S232 M5].

Miller, Robert Ryal (1923- ). Author of A Yankee Smuggler on the Spanish California Coast: George Washington Eayrs and the Ship Mercury (Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, 2001) [Spec F869.S45 M55 2001].

Miller, Wiley (1951- ). Santa Barbara resident and nationally-syndicated cartoonist, known for his comic strip Non Sequitur.

*Millis, Walter (1899-1968). Associated with CSDI and author of numerous works on the American military, war, and foreign policy, some published by CSDI or the Fund for the Republic, such as Communism and Civil Liberties (1956) [Spec JC571.M485 1956], Individual Freedom and the Common Defense (1957) [SRLF UA23.M5 and Spec UA23.M57], Foreign Policy and the Free Society (1958) [Main and Spec E183.8.R9 M55], The Constitution and the Common Defense (1959) [Main JK570.M5 and Spec JK570.M53], Permanent Peace (1961) [Main D844.M5 and Spec D844 .M53], The Abolition of War (1963) [Main and Spec JX1974.M52], The Demilitarized World and How to Get There (1964) [Main and Spec JX1963.M5857], War and Revolution Today, with Special Reference to Vietnam (1965) [Main and Spec DS557.A6 C4]. Also, The Martial Spirit: A Study of Our War with Spain (1931) [Spec, Wyles [E715.M76], Road to War: America 1914-1917 (1935) [Main D619.M5], Arms and Men: A Study in American Military History (1956) [Main E181.M5], A World Without War (1961) [Main JX1953.M5 1961 and Spec JX1963.M589 1961]. The CSDI Collection (Mss 18) has substantial material relating to him. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17.

Millner, Cork (1931- ). Santa Barbara resident, playwright, screenwriter, regular contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine, participant at SB Writers’ Conference, and author of works including: Vintage Valley: The Wineries of Santa Barbara County (McNally & Loftin, 1983) [Main and Spec TP557.M54 1983], Sherry, the Golden Wine of Spain (1984), Wines & Wineries of Santa Barbara County, “The Vintage Valley” (McNally & Loftin, 1985) [Spec TP557.M54 1985], Santa Barbara Celebrities (Santa Barbara Press, 1988) [Spec F869.S45 M55 1986], Beefcake Bazaar (1990), Write From the Start (1992), Portraits (Fithian Press, 1994) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.F583 M547 1994], and Vintage Cork (1997) [Spec TP548 .M64 1997]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 157; SB News-Press, May 31, 1986, D-24.

Mills, Constance (1898-1987). Santa Barbara resident and poet whose works include: My Christmas Box (Schauer, 1953) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 M536 1953], the novel Officers and Gentlemen (1954) [Spec PS3563.I42295 O34 1954], A String of Pearls (Schauer, 1963) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 M54 1963], and Golden Harvest (Schauer, 1980) [Spec PS3563.I42295 G64 1980]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Mistral, Gabriela (Pen name of Lucila Godoy Alcayaga, 1880-1957). Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1945, lived in Santa Barbara for many years. Davidson Library has extensive holdings of her works. See: Gilbar, Literary, 227-230.

Mitchell, E. Pryce (1862-1947). Santa Barbara resident who wrote about his life at sea in Deep Water: The Autobiography of a Sea Captain (1933) [Spec G540.M57]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 73.

Moes, Robert J. Author of The Brothers Den (Santa Barbara Mission Archive-Library, 1982) [Spec R154.D43 M64 1992].

Momaday, N. Scott (1934- ). Well-known Native American author, who was a UCSB Library Corle speaker in 1971 and 1986; taught English at UCSB 1963-1969. Works include: Journey of Tai-Me (UCSB, College of Creative Studies, 1967) [Spec PS3563.O47 J69 1967 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.U56 M66 1967], House Made of Dawn (1968) [Main, Native Amer. Studies and Spec PS3563.O47 H6], The Way to Rainy Mountain (1969) [Native Amer. Studies, Spec and Spec, ARC E99.K5 M64 1969], Angle of Geese and Other Poems (1974) [Native Amer. Studies and Spec PS3563.O47 A8], Before an Old Painting of the Crucifixion, Carmel Mission, June, 1960 (1975) [Spec PS3563.O47 B4 1975], The Colors of Night (1976) [Spec PS3563.O47 C64 1976], The Gourd Dancer (1976) [Native Amer. Studies PS3563.O47 G6 1976], The Names (1976) [Native Amer. Studies, Spec, and Spec, Wyles PS3563.O47 Z52], The Ancient Child (1989) [Native Amer. Studies and Spec PS3563.O47 Z464 1989], In the Presence of the Sun (1992) [Native Amer. Studies PS3563.O47 I5 1992], Owl in the Cedar Tree (1992), Circle of Wonder: A Native American Christmas Story (1994) [Curric. Lab PZ7.M7355 Ci 1993], The Man Made of Words (1997) [Main PS3563.O47 M66 1997], In the Bear’s House (1999) [Native Amer. Studies PS3563.O47 I46 1999]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 135.

*Monaghan, Jay (1891-1977). Lincoln and western history scholar; a consultant for the Wyles Collection for many years. Special has a large manuscript collection (Wyles Mss 20) and several of his works, including Lincoln Bibliography, 1839-1939 (1943-1945) [Wyles F537.I48 v.31-32], Diplomat in Carpet Slippers: Abraham Lincoln Deals With Foreign Affairs (1945) [Main and Spec, Wyles E469.M6], Last of the Bad Men (1946) [Spec, Wyles F595.H8 M6], The Overland Trail (1947) [Main and Spec, Wyles F591.M78], This is Illinois (1949) [Spec, Wyles F541.M6], The Great Rascal (1952) [Main and Spec, Wyles PS2156.J2 Z75], Civil War on the Western Border, 1854-1865 (1955) [Main and Wyles E470.45.M65], The Man Who Elected Lincoln (1956) [Main and Spec, Wyles E415.9.R3 M6], Swamp Fox of the Confederacy (1956) [Spec, Wyles E467.1.T47 M6], William Wyles and the Wyles Collection (1957) [Spec, Wyles Z733.S35 W9], Custer: The Life of General George Armstrong Custer (1959) [Main and Spec, Wyles E467.1.C99 M65], Australians and the Gold Rush: California and Down Under, 1849-1854 (1966) [Spec, Wyles DU103.M6], The Private Journal of Louis McLane, U.S.N., 1844-1848 (Dawson’s Book Shop, for the Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1971) editor [SEL, SRLF, and Spec, Wyles V63.M29 A3], Chile, Peru, and the California Gold Rush of 1849 (1973) [Main and Spec, Wyles F865.M75], and Schoolboy, Cowboy, Mexican Spy (1977) [Main and Spec, Wyles E175.5.M64 A37]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17; Gilbar, Literary, 105, 231-232.

Montgomery, Rutherford (1894-1985). Author of children’s books such as Kildee House (1949), Beaver Water (1956), Claim Jumpers of Marble Canyon (1956), and the Golden Stallion books. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17.

Mooney, Tom. Poet. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 146.

Moore, Abd al-Hayy (1940- ). Poet, known as Daniel Moore until his conversion to Islam in 1969, lived in Santa Barbara in the 1980s. Works include: Dawn Visions (1963) as Daniel Moore [Spec PS3563.O6 D38 1964], This Body of Black Light Gone Thru the Diamond (1965) as Daniel Moore [Spec PS3563.O6 T44 1965], Burnt Heart: Ode to the War Dead (1971) as Daniel Moore [Spec PS3563.O6 B87 1971], A Poem from Long Days on Earth (1985) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.Z55 M6676 1985], Ars Poetica (1985) [Spec PS3563.O6 A85 1985], The Desert is the Only Way Out (1985) [Spec PS3563.O6 D47 1985], Holograms (1986) [Spec PS3563.O6 H66 1986], The First Mountains Salute the Last Mountains (1986) Spec PS3563.O6 F57 1986], The Chronicles of Akhira (1986) [Spec PS3563.O6 C47 1986], The Hologram Singer (1987) [Spec PS3563.O6 H65 1987], Stars as Bright as Ecstatic Song (1988) [Spec PS3563.O6 S72 1988], Real Windows (1988) [Spec PS3563.O6 R42 1988], Hologram (1988) [PS3563.O6 H64 1988], Halley’s Comet (1988) [Spec PS3563.O6 H34 1988], A Brilliant, Tortured Animal (1988) [Spec PS3563.O6 B74 1988], and On the Same Television Screen (1989) [Spec PS3563.O6 O52 1989]. See also: SB News-Press, Feb. 14, 1987, D3.

Morrow, Bradford (1951- ). Santa Barbara resident and poet, worked with Kenneth Rexroth. Together they started the literary magazine Conjunctions, for which Morrow served as editor. Works include: A Bibliography of the Black Sparrow Press 1966-1978 (1981) [Spec, Printers Z232.B6217 M67], Passing From the Provinces: Three Fragments (1981) [Spec PS3563.O8754 P37 1981], Posthumes (1982) [Spec PS3563.O8754 P6 1982], and the novels Come Sunday (1987) [Main PS3563.O8754 C6 1988], The Almanac Branch (1991) [Spec PS3563.O8754 A79 1991], Giovanni’s Gift (1997), The Unquiet Country (1997), and Ariel’s Crossing (2002). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 135.

Mouré, Kenneth (1956- ). UCSB Professor of History and author of Managing the Franc Poincaré: Economic Understanding and Political Constraint in French Monetary Policy, 1928-1936 (1991) [Main HG979.M68 1991] and The Gold Standard Illusion: France, the Bank of France, and the International Gold Standard, 1914-1939 (2002) [Main HG979.M678 2002].

Mudrick, Marvin (1921-1986). Short story writer and author of works on Jane Austen and Joseph Conrad. Taught at UCSB. Contributor and Advisory Board member of Spectrum, the UCSB student literary magazine, in the 1960s. Works include: The Man in the Machine (1977) [Main and Spec PN710.M76], Books are Not Life, But Then What Is? (1979) [Main PN710.M757] and Nobody Here But Us Chickens (1981) [Main PN56.4.M8]. Also Lance Kaplan’s Mudrick Transcribed: Classes and Talks (1989) [Spec PN710.M765 1989]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 99-100; Gilbar, Stories, 10.

Muench, David (1936- ). Santa Barbara native, UCSB alumnus, and professional photographer. Works include: Santa Barbara (1984) [Spec F869.S45 M84 1984] and Big Sur and the Central Coast (1984). Son of Josef and Joyce Muench.

Muench, Josef and Joyce. Santa Barbara residents whose works include photographic books and descriptions, including West Coast Portrait (1946) [Spec F851.M78], Along Sierra Trails (1947) [Main F868.K48 M8], and San Francisco Bay Cities: Around the Golden Gate in Pictures (1947) [Main and Spec F868.S156 M8 1947]. Their work was featured regularly in Arizona Highways magazine. Parents of David Muench. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Muller, Katherine K. (1909-1995). Santa Barbara resident whose works include: Some California Native Shrubs and Trees for Ornamental Purposes (SB: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, c.1940) [Spec QK149.M776 1940z], Native Shrubs and Trees for the Dry Garden (SB: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, 1949) [Spec QK149.M775 1949], Wild Flowers of Santa Barbara (SB: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, 1958) [SEL QK149.M72 and Spec QK149.M72 1958], co-author of Trees of Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, 1974), with Richard E. Broder and Will Beittel [SEL QK484.C2 M83].

Muller, Marcia (1944- ). Author of detective stories, has used Santa Barbara as the setting of her Elena Oliverez series, including The Tree of Death (1983), The Legend of the Slain Soldiers (1985) [Coleccion PS3563.U397 L44 1985], and Beyond the Grave (1986), with Bill Pronzini. Also co-editor, with Bill Pronzini, of She Won the West: An Anthology of Western & Frontier Stories by Women (1985) [Main and Spec, Wyles PS648.W4 S53 1985]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 161.

Myrick, David F. (1918- ). Western history writer and Montecito resident. Special has copies of several of his works, which include Reproduction of Thompson and West’s History of Nevada, 1881 (1958), editor [Main F841.A5 1958], Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California – Volume 1, The Northern Roads (1962) [Main and Spec, Wyles HE2771.N3 M9 v.1], Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California – Volume 2, the Southern Roads (1963) [Main HE2771.N3 M9 v.2], A Brief Survey of the Histories of Pioneer Arizona Railroads (1968) [Spec, Wyles HE2771.A6 M92 1968], Land Grants: Aids and Benefits to the Government and to the Railroads (1969), Refinancing and Rebuilding the Central Pacific, 1899-1910 (1969), Life and Times of the Central Pacific Railroad (1969)[Spec HE2791.C455 L47 and Printers Z239.B54 L54 1969], New Mexico’s Railroads: An Historical Survey (1970), San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill (1972), Railroads Around the Bohemian Grove (1973) [Spec TF24.C3 M97 1973], Potosi, An Empire of Silver (1980), Railroads of Arizona – Volume 1, The Southern Roads (1975) [Spec, Wyles HE2771.A6 M94 v.1], Railroads of Arizona – Volume II, Phoenix and the Central Roads (1980), Railroads of Arizona – Volume III, Clifton Morenci and Metcalf, Rails and Copper Mines (1984) [Spec, Wyles HE2771.A6 M94 v.3], Montecito and Santa Barbara – Volume I: From Farms to Estates (1988) [Spec F869.M695 M87 1988 v.1], Montecito and Santa Barbara – Volume II: The Days of the Great Estates (1991) [Spec F869.M695 M87 1988 v.2], Santa Fe Route – Railroads of Arizona, Volume 4 (1998) [Spec, Wyles HE2771.A6 M94], Railroads of Arizona – Volume 5 (2001), and Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California – Volume 3 (2001) [Main and Spec, Wyles HE2771.N3 M9 1992].

Myrick, Herbert (1860-1927). Agricultural publisher from Springfield, Mass.; lived in Santa Barbara from around 1902. Grandfather of David Myrick and Richard Myrick. Also published Good Housekeeping Magazine before selling to W. R. Hearst. Books include: Tobacco Leaf: Its Culture and Cure, Marketing and Manufacture (1897), with Joseph Buckner Killebrew [SEL SB273.K48], The American Sugar Industry (1899) [SEL SB221.M98], A Swim for Life (1904), The Promise of Life (1905), Cache la Poudre: The Romance of a Tenderfoot in the Days of Custer (1905) [Spec, Wyles PZ3.M9 C3], Co-Operative Finance (1912), A National View of Southern Development (1912), The Needs of Springfield (1914), The Federal Farm Loan System (1916), Agriculture and Preparedness (1917), and Ode to the Organ (1926) with Lucy Caroline Whittemore Myrick.

Myrick, Richard. Artist, born in Santa Barbara. Published Deer Isle Sketches (1990) [F29.D3 M97 1990]. Brother of David Myrick.

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