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Nadeau, Remi (1920- ). Western history writer and Santa Barbara resident; member of UCSB Friends Board. Works include: City-Makers: The Story of Southern California’s First Boom, 1868-76 (1948, 1965) [Main and Spec F869.L8 N3], Water Seekers (1950) [SEL TC424.C2 N3 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.P47 N33 1974], Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of California (1954, 1965) [Main and Spec, Wyles F869.A15 N3 and Spec F869.A15 N29], California: The New Society (1963), Fort Laramie and the Sioux Indians (1967) [Native Am. Studies and Spec, Wyles F769.F6 N3], The Real Joaquin Murieta: Robin Hood Hero or Gold Rush Gangster? (1974) [Coleccion F865.M9665], Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt Divide Europe (1990) [Main D749.N33 1990], and The Silver Seekers: They Tamed California’s Last Frontier (SB: Crest Publishers, 1999) [Spec F864 .N23 1999].

Nadel, Jack (1923- ). Santa Barbara resident and author of How to Succeed in Business Without Lying, Cheating, or Stealing (1987) [Spec HF5386.N25 1993], Cracking the Global Market (1987), Passport to Prosperity (1989), There’s No Business Like Your Business (1996) [Spec HF5386 .N254 1996], Money (1997), Matrimony (1997), Aging (1997), Sex (1997), and the novel My Enemy, My Friend (2000) [Spec PS3564.A28655 M92 2001]. See also: Gulbransen, SBNP, 12/9/01.

Narahara, Tomiko. UCSB associate professor of East Asian Languages, whose works include The Japanese Copula: Forms and Functions (2002) [Main PL585.N36 2002].

Nash, Roderick Frazier (1939- ). UCSB Professor Emeritus of History and author of several works on environmental history, including the seminal Wilderness and the American Mind (1967) [Main and Spec, Wyles E169.1.N37]. Other works include: The Nervous Generation: American Thought 1917-1930 (1970) [Main E169.1.N26], The Call of the Wild (1970) [Main E169.1.N25], Environment and Americans: The Problem of Priorities (1972) [Spec, Wyles GF503.N3], From These Beginnings… (1973) [Main E178.N18], The American Environment: Readings in the History of Conservation (1976) [Spec S930.N36 1976], The Big Drops: Ten Legendary Rapids of the American West (1978), and The Rights of Nature: A History of Environmental Ethics (1989) [Main GF80.N36 1989]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 105.

Nathan, John. UCSB Takashima Professor of Japanese Cultural Studies, documentary filmmaker, translator, and author. Works include Mishima: A Biography (1974) [Spec PL833.I7 Z6984 1974] and Sony: The Private Life (1999) [Main HD9696.A3 J367623 1999].

Nesselrod, Piri Korngold. See Korngold, Piri.

Neuerburg, Norman. Author of 18th Century Santa Barbara Presidio Chapel: Secrets Uncovered by 20th Century Research (1985) [Spec F869.S45 N47 1985].

Newhall, Ruth Waldo (1910- ). Santa Clarita Valley resident and journalist, author of The Newhall Ranch (1958) [Main F860.N48] and San Francisco’s Enchanted Palace (1967) [Main and Spec F869.S3 N43].

Newton, Joanna Bard (1917- ). Author of The Boyds of Albany: Three Generations (1978). The Boyd family lived in Santa Barbara and had ranches near Los Olivos. One daughter married R. Bard.

Nidever, George (1802-1883). Mountain man who settled in Santa Barbara and whose memoirs were recorded in The Life and Adventures of George Nidever 1802-1883 (1937) [Main and Spec F867.N5 A3 and Spec F864.N62 1984]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 13.

Nieto, Y. Armando (1951- ). Santa Barbara resident and executive director of the Environmental Defense Center, a non-profit, public interest environmental law firm serving Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties. Their monthly publication is The Environmental Defender. See also: Gulbransen, SBNP, 6/18/00, D7.

Nitske, W. Robert (1909- ). Santa Barbara resident and author of The Complete Mercedes Story (1955), The Amazing Porsche and Volkswagen Story (1958) [SEL TL140.P6 N5], Rudolf Diesel, Pioneer of the Age of Power (1965) [SEL TJ140.D5 N5] The Life of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Discoverer of the X-Ray (1971) [SEL and SRLF QC16.R47 N55], and The Zeppelin Story (1977). See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Noble, Elmer Ray (1909-2001). UCSB Professor, whose works include: A Brief Anatomy of the Turtle (1940) [SEL QL666.C5 N6] and Parasitology, the Biology of Animal Parasites (1961) [SEL QL757.N6]. UCSB’s Noble Hall is named after him. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17.

Nordhoff, Charles (1830-1901). Journalist who brought his family for an extensive stay in Santa Barbara in 1871 and then wrote California for Health, Pleasure, and Residence (1872) [Spec F866.N82]. Father of Walter Nordhoff. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 233-236.

Nordhoff, Charles Bernard (1887-1947). Montecito resident and author, with James Norman Hall, of works such as Faery Lands of the South Seas (1921) [Main DU510.H3], Falcons of France (1929) [Main PS3527.O82 F3], Mutiny on the Bounty (1932) [Main PS3527.O82 M8 1932], Men Against the Sea (1934) [Main PS3527.O82 M4], Pitcairn’s Island (1934) [Main PS3527.O82 P5], The Hurricane (1936) [Main PS3527.O82 H8], No More Gas (1940), Men Without Country (1942) [Spec PS3527.O437 M482 1942], and The High Barbaree (1945) [Spec PS3527.O437 H53 1946]. Solo works include: The Fledgling (1919), Pícaro (1924), The Pearl Lagoon (1924), Dark River (1938) [Spec PS3527.O437 D3], and Botany Bay (1941) [Main and Spec PS3527.O82 B6]. Many of his books have been made into films, some more than once. Son of Walter Nordhoff. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 233-236.

Nordhoff, Walter (1858-1937). Lived in Santa Barbara between 1923 and 1937. Author, under the name of Antonio de Fierro Blanco, of the novels Journey of the Flame (1933) [Spec PS3527.O483 J6] and Rico, Bandit and Dictator (1934) [Main PS3527.O83 R5]. Son of Charles Nordhoff. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 233-236.

Norris, Jim (1930- ). Los Olivos resident and local historian whose works include: A Cook Book, 1926: Plus Brief Biographical History of Those Who Contributed Recipes (Olive Press, 1983), in conjunction with the Ladies Aid of Santa Ynez [Spec TX715.C7598 1983]; a map titled Wine Touring Map and Historical Sites, Santa Barbara, California (Olive Press, 1984) [Spec TP557.N67 1984]; Ballard Walking Tour, 1880-1985 (Olive Press, 1985) [Spec F869.B21 N67 1985]; Los Olivos: California Crossroad (Olive Press, 1987) [Spec F869.L915 N67 1987]; Los Olivos: End of the Pacific Coast Railway Line (Olive Press, 1987) [Spec TF25.P18 N67 1987]; Urho Saari, Olympian (Olive Press, 1988), with Lynne Norris [Spec GV838.S23 N67 1988]; Smut: American Sex Slang (Olive Press, 1992); and History of Zaca Lake (Olive Press, 1994), with Lynne Norris [Spec F868.S23 N67 1994]. Husband of Lynne Norris.

Norris, Lynne (1931- ). Los Olivos resident and author of Can a Woman Over Forty? (Olive Press, 1979) [Spec HQ759.N63], Be Careful What You Dream: It Might Come True (Olive Press, 1985) [Spec CT275.N6974 A33 1985], Urho Saari, Olympian (Olive Press, 1988), with Jim Norris [Spec GV838.S23 N67 1988], and History of Zaca Lake (Olive Press, 1994), with Jim Norris [Spec F868.S23 N67 1994]. Wife of Jim Norris.

Novas, Himilce (1944- ). Santa Barbara resident and writer of fiction and nonfiction, such as Everything You Need to Know About Latino History (1994) [Coleccion E184.S75 N69 1994]; The Hispanic 100: A Ranking of the Latino Men and Women Who Have Most Influenced American Thought and Culture (1995) [Ethnic & Gender Studies Ref E169.1.N77 1995]; Remembering Selena: A Tribute in Pictures and Words (1995), with Rosemary Silva; Mangos, Bananas and Coconuts: A Cuban Love Story (1996) [Main PS3564.O9147 M36 1996]; Secada! (1997); and Latin American Cooking Across the U.S.A. (1997), with Rosemary Silva [Spec TX716.A1 N68 1997]. See also: Gilbar, Stories, 11.

Noyes, Alfred (1880-1958). English poet, best known for “The Highwayman” (1906), who lived in Santa Barbara during and shortly after WWI. Works from that time period include: A Salute From the Fleet, and Other Poems (1915) [Spec PR6027.O95 S3], Lord of Misrule (1915), Rada: A Belgian Christmas Eve (1915) [Main PR6027.O8 R3 1915], Open Boats (1917) [SRLF X‑38717], The Avenue of the Allies and Victory (1918) [Spec PR6027.O95 A9], The New Morning (1918) [Main PR6027.O8 N4 1918], Walking Shadows: Sea Tales and Others (1918) [Main PR6027.O8 W27], and Beyond the Desert: A Tale of Death Valley (1920). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 237-239.


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