The Research Data Services department helps UCSB researchers manage and preserve their research data.  Our team works with researchers throughout the research data lifecycle, from pre-project planning to post-project archival, and connect researchers with both locally- and externally-provided curation services.  Our goal is to ensure that all research data is well-described and findable; accessible and reusable; citable; and sustainably preservable.

We offer the following services:


  • Data management planning and proposal assistance

  • Funder data management requirements

  • Using the DMPTool

Day-to-day management

  • Best practices in data management

  • Data management tools and services

  • Metadata standards

  • Metadata population and extraction strategies


  • Data publication journals

  • Obtaining persistent identifiers for data

  • Data citation formats

  • Data copyright and licenses


  • Selection and usage of data repositories

  • Dryad Data Repository

We are available for consultation and teaching as well as deeper engagements with research projects.