RDS provides specialized consulting services to campus affiliates covering various areas. Our team can assist researchers in crafting FAIR-compliant data management plans and facilitating their implementation. We can also aid you and your research team in getting started with data organization, data wrangling, and using analysis tools for qualitative and quantitative data. We can assist with data documentation, offer advice on licensing and ethical data sharing, and guide you in navigating data publication and archiving options. 

RDS also offers extended engagements via the “Designing a Reproducible and Collaborative Research Lab” program, which combines group workshops and personalized coaching sessions for faculty and their team on the following topics:

  • Coding as a lab
  • Managing your lab data
  • Automating your analytical workflows
  • Documenting & preserving things to make them reusable

During this 12-month program, we work with faculty and lab members to set up infrastructures and practices to make their research more reproducible, enabling better work reuse and more efficient collaboration.

Contact us at rds@library.ucsb.edu to schedule a group or individual consultation.