RDS is the official campus liaison for the following systems:

Data Management Planning

DMPTool (dmptool.org): An online resource designed to assist researchers in creating and updating data sharing and management plans throughout their project lifecycle for subsequent easy reporting. It provides templates and guidance tailored to the requirements of funding agencies and institutions and facilitates collaboration among team members. Users can request that our team review their plans directly from the tool prior to submission. 

Data Sharing and Archiving

Dryad (datadryad.org): A self-deposit repository that serves all research domains and is endorsed by funders and academic publishers. Dryad publishes data exclusively under a CC0 Public Domain license; however, users have the option to upload supplementary deliverables and code under other license terms using the Zenodo integration [link]. Dryad offers up to 300 GB of storage per deposit, assigns DOIs [link], is part of many publishers’ data publication workflow [link integrated journals], makes your data more easily searchable and findable, and provides impact metrics. 

Another essential feature is that all submissions are curated before publication. RDS assists Dryad in curating UCSB-affiliated deposits. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Dryad, schedule a demo, or explore other repository options that are more suitable for your project and data needs. 

Persistent Identification

Perma.cc (perma.cc): Developed by Harvard Law School, this service allows users to preserve web content they cite by generating a permanent link. It captures a snapshot of openly accessible content from a URL, creating a stable permalink for reference and ensuring perpetual access for readers. Permalinks redirect to Perma.cc, where users find links to the original source and its archived version. RDS manages an institutional account that allows affiliates to create unlimited permalinks. Contact us to request your Perma.cc account.

EZID (ezid.cdlib.org): A backend service provided by the California Digital Library (CDL) that allows campus units responsible for managing digital assets, including datasets, to mint and maintain persistent identifiers such as DOIs and ARKs. RDS manages the campus account (primary shoulder) and assists approved campus units and their designated managers in setting up their workflow.