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Haber, Eric. Santa Barbara resident and poet, published in Santa Barbara Review.

Hagedorn, Herman (1882-1964). Author of books on Theodore Roosevelt, poetry, and an autobiography; also wrote for Moral Rearmament. Works include: The Woman of Corinth (1908), A Troop of the Guard (1909), Faces in the Dawn (1914), The Great Maze, and, The Heart of Youth (1917) [Spec PS3515.A23 G7 1917], You Are the Hope of the World! (1917), Roosevelt in the Bad Lands (1921) [Spec, Wyles E757.H28], The Rough Riders (1927) [Spec PS3515.A23 R64], The Book of Courage (1929), Leonard Wood (1931) [Spec, Wyles E181.W6 H3], This Darkness and This Light (1938) [Spec PN6110.C7 H14], Combat at Midnight (1940) [Spec PS3515.A155 C6], The Bomb That Fell on America (SB: Pacific Coast, 1946) [Main and Spec PS3515.A23 B6 and Special Coll., Printers Collection Z478.86.P32 H33], Prophet in the Wilderness (1947) [Spec CT1098.S45 H3], The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill (1954) [Main E757.3.H3], The Hyphenated Family: An American Saga (1960) [Main PS3515.A155 Z52 and Spec PS3515.A23 Z52], and While There is Time… (1961) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.P32 H338 1961]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Hale, Bruce. Santa Barbara resident and author of children’s books. Works include: The Legend of the Laughing Gecko (1994), Surf Gecko to the Rescue (1994), Moki and the Magic Surfboard (1996), The Adventures of Space Gecko (1997), Moki the Gecko’s Best Christmas Ever (1998), How the Gecko Lost His Tail (1999), The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse: A Chet Gecko Mystery (2000), The Mystery of Mr. Nice (2000), Farewell, My Lunchbag (2001), The Big Nap (2001), The Hamster of the Baskervilles (2002), This Gum for Hire (2002), The Malted Falcon (2003), and Trouble is My Beeswax (2003).

Hall, James Norman (1887-1951). Some of Hall’s greatest works were done with author Charles B. Nordhoff and they include: Mutiny on the Bounty (1932) [Main PS3525.O82 M8 1932] and Pitcairn’s Island (1934) [Main PS3527.O82 P5]. Other works include: Kitchener’s Mob: The Adventures of an American in the British Army (1916) [Spec D640.H3 1916], The Tale of a Shipwreck (1934) [Spec DU800.H3], The Friends (1939) [Spec PS3515.A363 F3 1939 and Spec, Printers Z239.P57 H34]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 235-236

Hall, Thorne (1920-1997). Author of Odyssey of the Santa Barbara Kingdoms and 138 Miles North (1960) [Main F868.S23 O3, Spec F868.S23 O3 1960, and Spec, Printers Z478.86.P29 H356 1963], Odyssey of the Incredible Kingdoms (1960) [Spec F868.M7 H34 1960 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.P29 H355 1963], and Odyssey of the California Islands (1962) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.P29 H354 1962].

Hall-Wood, Mary Camilla Foster. Santa Barbara resident, used the pen name Camilla K. von K. Author of Santa Barbara As It Is: Topology, Climate, Resources, and Objects of Interest [Main F869.S45 W8, Spec F869.S45 H244 1884, and Spec, Printers Z478.86.I53 H338 1884] and Sea-Leaves (Santa Barbara, 1887) [Printers Z487.86.I53 H34 1887]. Briefly served as editor for the Santa Barbara Index, which had been started by her husband, Dr. Edward N. Wood, and later was editor of the Santa Barbara Press.

Halliday, Brett. See Dresser, Davis.

Hammond, Phillip E. (1931- ). UCSB Professor of Religious Studies and author of several works on 20th century American religion, including The Role of Ideology in Church Participation (1980) [Main BR517.H35 1980] and The Dynamics of Religious Organizations: The Extravasation of the Sacred (2000) [Main BL2525.H36 2000].

Hanson, Mary Elizabeth. UCSB Library staff member and author of children’s books such as Snug (1998) [Curric. Lab PZ7.H1988 Sn 1998], The Old Man and the Flea (2001) [Curric. Lab PZ7.H1988 Ol 2001], and The Difference Between Babies and Cookies (2002) [Curric. Lab PZ7.H1988 Di 2002].

*Hardin, Garrett (1915- ). UCSB Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences and author of several popular books on population, birth control, and related topics, including: Nature and Man’s Fate (1959) [SEL QH366.H35, Spec QH361.H25 1961, and Spec, Darwin QH361.H25 1960], Birth Control (1970) [Main and Spec HQ766.H35], Stalking the Wild Taboo (1973) [Main and Spec HQ767.5.U5 H37], Mandatory Motherhood: The True Meaning of “Right to Life” (1974) [Main and Spec HQ767.5.U5 H36 1974], The Limits of Altruism (1977) [Main and Spec BF637.H4 H37 1977], Promethean Ethics (1980) [Main BJ1012 .H28], Filters Against Folly: How to Survive Despite Economists, Ecologists, and the Merely Eloquent (1985) [Main and Spec GF50 .H36 1985], Living Within Limits: Ecology, Economics, and Population Taboos (1993) [Main and Spec HQ766.7 .H35 1993], and The Ostrich Factor: Our Population Myopia (1999) [Main HB849.415.H37 1999]. UCSB University Archives has his papers (UArch FacP 14). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 104.

Harfenist, Jean. Santa Barbara resident and author of A Brief History of the Flood: Stories (2002) [Main PS3608.A73 B75 2002].

Harper, Claudia (1933- ). Santa Barbara resident and author of Anabel: A History (SB: Fithian, 1998) [Spec CT275.H3852 H37 1998].

Harrington, John Peabody (1884-1961). Ethnographer who wrote about the Chumash. Works include: Tomol: Chumash Watercraft as Described in the Ethnograhic Notes of John P. Harrington (1978) [Native American Studies E99.C815 H37], See also: Thomas C. Blackburn, ed., December’s Child: A Book of Chumash Oral Narratives Collected by John Peabody Harrington (1975) [Main and Spec E99.C815 D42], Gilbar, Literary, 1-3; Gilbar, Tales, 1.

Harris, Mark (1922- ). Goleta resident and author. Works include: Trumpet to the World (1946) [Main PS3515.A757 T78 1989], City of Discontent (1952) [Main PS3523.I58 Z6], The Southpaw (1953) [Spec PS3515.A757 S6 1962], Bang the Drum Slowly (1956) [Spec PS3515.A757 B3 1960], Something About a Soldier (1957) [Main PS3515.A312 S6 and Spec PS3515.A757 S65], A Ticket for a Seamstitch (1957) [Spec PS3515.A757 T5 1957], Wake Up, Stupid (1959) [Main PS3515.A312 W3], Friedman & Son (1963) [Main PS3515.A312 F7], Mark the Glove Boy (1964) [Main E748.N5 H3], Twentyone Twice (1966), The Goy (1970) [Main PS3515.A312 G6], Best Father Ever Invented (1976) [Main PS3515.A727 Z52], It Looked Like For Ever (1979) [Main PS3515.A757 I84], Short Work of It (1979) [Main AC8.H36676], Saul Bellow, Drumlin Woodchuck (1980) [Main PS3503.E4488 Z675], The Heart of Boswell (1981), Lying in Bed (1984) [Main PS3515.A757 L9 1984], Speed (1990) [Main PS3515.A757 S68 1990], The Tale Maker (1994) [Main PS3515.A757 T35 1994], and The Self-Made Brain Surgeon (1999) [Main PS3515.A757 S35 1999].

Hauser, Hillary (1944- ). Summerland resident, oceanographer, poet, and writer. Frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine. Author of Scuba Diving (1976), The Living World of the Reef (1978) [SEL QH95.8.H38 1978], Diamonds, and Other Poems (SB: Otto Press, 1984) [Spec PS3558.A7585 D5 1984], Call to Adventure (1987) [Spec G525 .H323 1987], and The Adventurous Aquanaut (1990).

Hawley, Walter Augustus (1863-1920). Santa Barbara resident and author of Early Days of Santa Barbara, California, From the First Discoveries by Europeans to December 1846 (1910) [Main and Spec, Wyles F869.S23 H3] and (SB: Schauer Printing Studio, 1920) [Spec F869.S45 H32 1920].

Hayes, Will (1925- ). Teacher and author of works such as The Biggest Pine Tree (1957), The Biggest Pig (1958), About the Biggest Salmon (1961), Good Times on Boats (1963), and The Complete Ballooning Book (1977). See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17.

Hayne, Francis Bourn. Author of En Un Tiempo – Early Days of the Society of Los Alamos (1979) [Spec F868.S23 E5].

Hazard, Caroline (1856-1945). Poet who wintered in Santa Barbara for most of her life. Special has several first editions. Works include: Garden Song (1921) [Spec PS3515.A973 G37 1921], Anchors of Tradition (1924) [Spec, Printers Z239.Y3 H39], A Transplanted Puritan (1927) [Spec PS3515.A973 T73 1927 and Spec, Printers Z239.H24 H385 1927], Songs in the Sun (1927) [Spec PS3515.A973 S6 1927], A Precious Heritage (1929) [Spec CT275.H4853 H3], Threads from the Distaff of History and Contemplation (1934) [Spec PS3515.A973 T5 1934], and Golden State: A Semi Centennial Collection of California Verse Written from 1889 to 1939 (1939) [Main PS3515.A973 G6 1939 and Printers Z478.86.S33 H39 1939]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 38, 176, 202-203.

Head, Peter. Artist. Works include: Glimpses of the City of Santa Barbara, California (1968) [Spec F869.S45 H375 1968].

Heebner, Mary (1951- ). Santa Barbara resident, book artist, and author, whose works include: Old Marks, New Marks (Carpinteria: Joseph Campbell & Marija Gimbutas Library, 1996) [Arts AEC-84917 and Spec Printers Z239.J686 H44 1996], Island: Journal from Iceland (SB: Simplemente Maria Press, 1997) [Spec Printers Z478.86.S553 H44 1997], Scratching the Surface: A Visit to Lascaux and Rouffignac (SB: Simplemente Maria Press, 1998) [Spec Printers Z478.86.S553 H448 1998], The Western Horizon (2000), with husband Macduff Everton, Western Trilogy (SB: Simplemente Maria Press, 2000) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S553 H455 2000], Western Trilogy II (SB: Simplemente Maria Press, 2001) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S553 H456 2001], and On the Blue Shore of Silence: Poems of the Sea by Pablo Neruda (2001) [Spec, Printers Z1023 N48 2003].

Heizer, Robert Fleming (1915- ). Archaeologist and author of numerous works on Native Americans, including Original Accounts of the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island (1973) [Spec F868.V5 H44 1973].

Heller, Jane. Santa Barbara author of self-described chic lit titles such as Best Enemies (2005), Some Nerve (2007) and the non-fiction work Confessions of a She-Fan: The Course of True Love with the New York Yankees (2009).

Herr, Charlotte. Author of Their Mariposa Legend: A Romance of Santa Catalina (1921) [Main and Spec PS3515.E69 T44 1921].

Herrera-Sobek, María. UCSB professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Author of The Bracero Experience: Elitelore Versus Folklore (1979) [Coleccion GR111.M49 H47], The Mexican Corrido: A Feminist Analysis (1990) [Coleccion PQ7180.H4 1990], The Representation of Mexican Immigrant Women Workers in Ballad and Film: Issues of Ideology and Nationalism (1992) [Coleccion ML3558.H472 1992], and Northward Bound: The Mexican Immigrant Experience in Ballad and Song (1993) [Coleccion ML3558.H47 1993].

Hervey, Harry (1900-1951). Novelist, screenwriter, and travel writer who lived in Santa Barbara in 1930s. Works include: The Black Parrot: A Tale of the Golden Chersonese (1923), Where Strange Gods Call (1924) [Main DS508.H5], Ethan Quest: His Saga (1925), Travels in French Indo-China (1928), Red Ending (1929), The Iron Widow (1931), The Damned Don’t Cry (1939), School for Eternity (1941) [Spec PS3515.E8125 S36 1941], The Veiled Fountain (1947) [Main PS3515.E8125 V43], and Barracoon (1950) [Main PS3515.E8125 B37]. A number of his works were made into movies, including: The Cheat (Paramount, 1931), Prestige (RKO Pathe, 1932), The Wiser Sex (Paramount, 1932), The Devil’s in Love (Fox, 1933), and A Son Comes Home (Paramount, 1936). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 72.

Hiester, Marty. Author of Trails of the San Rafael Wilderness (1974), with Ray Ford, Jr. [Spec F868.S23 H45 1974].

Higgins, Ardis O. Santa Barbara resident and author of Windows on Women (1975) [Main and Spec HQ1399.H53 1975].

Higgins, George A. (1917-1994). Santa Barbara surgeon and author of Hall of Cottage (Chiron Books, 1989) [Spec F869.S45 H584 1989].

Hill, Laurance Landreth. Author of Santa Barbara, Tierra Adorada: A Community History (1930), with Marion Parks [Spec F869.S45 S6 and Spec, Wyles F869.S23 S4], as well as La Reina: Los Angeles in Three Centuries (1929) [Main, Spec, and Spec, Wyles F869.L8 H5].

Hillinger, Charles (1926- ). Author of The California Islands (1958) [Main F868.S232 H5 and Spec F868.S232 H5 1958], Hillinger’s California: Stories from All 58 Counties (Capra Press, 1997) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 H554 1997], Charles Hillinger’s Channel Islands: Santa Catalina, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, San Miguel, San Nicolas, Santa Rosa, San Clemente, Santa Barbara (Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 1998) [Main F868.S232 H555 1999], California Characters: An Array of Amazing People (2000) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 H544 2000].

Hilton, Francis W. (1889-1963). Prolific writer of westerns, crime stories, and articles; came to Santa Barbara to work for SB News-Press during the 1930s and 1940s. Works include: Gray Sage (1928), Hell-Crazy Range (1934) [Spec PS3515.I6983 H44 1934], Phantom Rustlers (1934), Powder River (1935), The Long Rope (1935) [Spec PS3515.I6983 L65 1950], Blazing Trails (1936), Mad-Gun Mesa (1937), The Pioneer Herd (1938), The Mañana Kid (1939) [Spec PS3515.I6983 M35 1939], and Skyline Riders (1939) [Spec PS3515.I6983 S59 1939]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16; Gilbar, Literary, 72.

Hobbs, Valerie (1941- ). Author of short stories, young adult fiction, teaches in the writing program at UCSB. Works include: How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn’t Called You Back? (1995) [Curric. Lab PZ7.H65237 Ho 1995], Get It While It’s Hot. Or Not (1998) [Curric. Lab PZ7.H65237 Car 1999], Carolina Crow Girl (1999) [Curric Lab PZ7.H65237 Car 1999], Charlie’s Run (2000), Tender (2001) [Curric. Lab PZ7.H65237 Te 2001], Sonny’s War (2002) [Curric. Lab PZ7.H65237 So 2002]. See: SB News-Press, Oct. 15, 2000, D7-8; SB News-Press, Dec. 3, 2000, D7.

*Hoffman, Hallock (1919- ). Author of Loyalty by Oath: An Essay on the Extortion of Love [Main JC328.H6]. Associated with CSDI and contributor to CSDI publications such as Two Faces of Federalism (1961) [Main and Spec JK325 .H8]. The CSDI Collection (Mss 18) has substantial material relating to him. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Hoffman, Margaret. Author of Dead in the Water (2003), a thriller set in Santa Barbara.

Hoffmann, Eleanor (1895-1990). Santa Barbara resident, author of children’s books and adult fiction. Works include: The Travels of a Snail (1939), The Cat of Paris (1940), Feeding Our Armed Forces (1943) [Spec UC703 .H65], Mischief in Fez (1943), Sierra Sally (1944), The Four Friends (1946), The Lion of Barbary (1946), Princess of the Channel Isles (1947) [Spec PS3515.O2454 P75 1947], White Mare of the Black Tents (1949), The Tall Stallion (1950), The Search for the Gold Fishhook (1951), The Mystery of the Lion Ring (1953), Trouble at Sweet Springs Ranch (1954), Summer at Horseshoe Ranch (1957), The Charmstone (1958) [Spec PS3515.O2454 C43 1964], and Realm of the Evening Star: A History of Morocco and The Land of the Moors (1965) [Main and Spec DT314.H6]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17; Gilbar, Literary, 3, 69.

Holder, Charles Frederick (1851-1915). Author whose works include: An Isle of Summer, Santa Catalina Island (1893) [Spec F868.L8 H62], Santa Catalina, an Isle of Summer: Its History, Climate, Sports, and Antiquities (1895) [Spec F868.L8 H64], Life in the Open: Sport with Rod, Gun, Horse, and Hound in Southern California (1906) [SRLF SK55.H6], The Channel Islands of California: A Book for the Angler, Sportsman, and Tourist (1910) [Spec F868.S232 H7 1910 and Spec, Wyles F868.S232 H7], Recreations of a Sportsman on the Pacific Coast (1910) [Spec SH473.H75], The Game Fishes of the World (1913) [SEL and Spec QL617.H64]. Also author of Charles Darwin: His Life and Work (1891) [Spec, Darwin QH31.D2 H7] and Louis Agassiz: His Life and Work (1893) [SRLF and Spec, Wyles QH31.A2 H6].

Holmes, Marie S. Santa Barbara resident and author of The Chumash and Their Predecessors: An Annotated Bibliography (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1998), with John R. Johnson [Native American Studies E99.C815 H65 1998].

Holzhauer, Mary. Author of Almost Heaven: A Walk through Old Summerland (McNally & Loftin, 1997), with Myrna Davis [Spec F869.S83 D38 1997].

Honikman, Alfred H. (1910- ). Santa Barbara resident and former mayor of Cape Town, South Africa. Author of In the Shadow of Apartheid (SB: Fithian, 1998) [Spec DT2405.C3653 H66 1998].

Hopkins, Prynce (1885-1970). Sometimes spelled “Pryns” Hopkins. Santa Barbara resident and author of several works, including the autobiographical Both Hands Before the Fire (1961) [Spec CT275.H645624 A3 1961]. Founder of two progressive schools for boys and a magazine to promote social reform; talks of travels and meetings with Lady Churchill and her son Winston in Cairo, Hitler in Munich, and Freud in Vienna. Other works include: Father or Sons? (1927) [Spec BF173.H76 1927], Aids to Successful Study (1941) [Spec LB1049.H6], From Gods to Dictators (1944) [Main BL53.H6 and Spec BL53.H568], World Culture (1945) [Spec CB425.H6], A Westerner Looks East (1951) [Main and Spec DS9.H67], Oriental, Socialization, and Individuation (1963), and World Invisible (1963) [Spec BL1035 .H6]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16; Gilbar, Literary, 54, 204-206.

Hopkins, Steven (1953- ). Santa Barbara resident and author of The Leaving (1978) [Spec PS3558.O6364 L42 1978 and Printers Z478.86.M83 H67 1978]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 146.

Hopmans, Walter. Santa Barbara resident and writer of poetry, plays, television scripts, and other works. Author of Some Poems and Some Pictures (1989), Some Zen Zingers (2001) [Spec PN6727.H5936 S64 2000]. See also: Gulbransen, SBNP, 12/3/00, D7.

Howe, Melodie Johnson (1943- ). Montecito resident and mystery writer, whose works include: The Mother Shadow (1989) [Main PS3558.O8926 M68 1989] and Beauty Dies (1994) [Spec PS3558.O8926 B4 1994].

Howorth, Peter C. (1944- ). Santa Barbara resident and director of the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center. Author of Foraging Along the California Coast (Capra, 1977) [Spec SH400.8.U6 H68], The Abalone Book (1978), Channel Islands (1982) [Spec F868.S232 H76 1982], Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises of the Pacific (1985), and Sharks: Shorelines of America (1991). Also a frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine.

Hsü, Immanuel Chung-yueh (1923- ). Professor Emeritus of History and author of several eminent works on Chinese history, including The Rise of Modern China (1970) [Main and Spec DS754.H74].

Hudson, Travis. Curator of Anthropology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Works include: Crystals in the Sky: An Intellectual Odyssey Involving Chumash Astronomy, Cosmology, and Rock Art (1978), with Ernest Underhay [Native Am. Studies and Spec E99.C815 H82], Chumash Indian Games (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1980), with Jan Timbrook [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S3253 H83 1980], Guide to Painted Cave (McNally & Loftin, 1982) [Spec E99.C815 H825 1982], The Material Culture of the Chumash Interaction Sphere (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1982), with Thomas C. Blackburn [Main, Native Amer. Studies and Spec E99.C815 H83 1982], Time’s Flotsam: Overseas Collections of California Indian Culture (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1990), with Thomas C. Blackburn [Native Amer. Studies E78.C15 B53 1990].

Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos (1950- ). One-time Montecito resident, political commentator, and author. Works include: The Female Woman (1973) [Women’s Studies HQ1154.S65 1973], After Reason (1978), Maria: Beyond the Callas Legend (1980) [Arts ML420.C18 S7 1980], The Gods of Greece (1983) [Main BL782 .S8 1983b], Picasso: Creator and Destroyer (1988), made into a 1996 movie by Merchant-Ivory [Arts N6853.P5 S74 1988], The Fourth Instinct (1994) [Spec BL624 .H845 1994], Greetings From the Lincoln Bedroom (1998) [Spec E885 .H84 1998], How to Overthrow the Government (2000). See: Gilbar, Literary, 157.

Huglin, Henry C. (1915- ). Santa Barbara resident, retired Air Force Brigadier General who was involved with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in the 1960s. Author of Militarism: Method or Madness (SB: CSDI, 1971). See also: SB News-Press, Dec. 25, 1987, 21.

Humphreys, R. Stephen (1942- ). UCSB Professor of history. Works include: From Saladin to the Mongols: The Ayyubids of Damascus, 1193-1260 (1977) [Main DS97.3.H85], Tradition and Innovation in Late Antiquity (1989) [Main DE59.T7 1989], The Crisis of the Early Caliphate (1990) [Main DS38.2.T313 1985 v.15], Islamic History: A Framework for Inquiry (1991) [Main DS38.3.H856 1991], Between Memory and Desire: The Middle East in a Troubled Age (1999) [Main DS63.1.H856 1999].

Hunt, Edwin Arthur. Santa Barbara resident and author of Santa Barbara Days and Other Poems (1920) [Spec PS3515.U535 S3 1920]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 58.

Huse, Charles Enoch (1825-1898). Resident of Santa Barbara in the 1850s. Works include: Sketch of the History and Resources of Santa Barbara City and County, California (SB: Office of the Daily Press, 1876) [Spec F869.S45 H875 1876], Diary of “Judge” Charles E. Huse (1953), edited by William Henry Ellison [Spec, Wyles F864.H8 A3], The Huse Journal: Santa Barbara in the 1850s (Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1977), edited by Edith Bond Conkey [Main, Coleccion, and Spec, Wyles F869.S45 H873].

*Hutchins, Robert Maynard (1899-1977). Founder and leader of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions for many years. Also, President of the University of Chicago (1929-1945), Associate Director of the Ford Foundation (1951-1954), and several executive positions with the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1946-1974. Author of numerous works, many dealing with education, including: The Higher Learning in America (1936) [Main LB2321.H82], No Friendly Voice (1936) [Main LB2325.H8], Education for Freedom (1943) [Main LB2321.H8], Great Books of the Western World (Editor in Chief, 1948-1957) [Main AC1.G7 and PN6013.G7], The Atomic Bomb Versus Civilization (1945) [Spec JX1963.H88 1945], St. Thomas and the World State (1949) [Spec JC361.H8], Morals, Religion, and Higher Education (1950) [Spec LB2325.H76], The Democratic Dilemma (1951) [Spec LB875 .H97 1952], Some Questions About Education in North America (1952) [Spec LA210.H854 1952], The Great Conversation: The Substance of a Liberal Education (Great Books of the Western World, v. 1, 1952), The Conflict in Education in a Democratic Society (1953) [Main LB875.H8], The University of Utopia (1953) [Main LA209.2.H8 and Spec LA209.2.H87 1964b], Great Books, the Foundation of a Liberal Education (1954), Freedom, Education, and the Fund: Essays and Addresses, 1946-1956 (1956) [Spec AC8 .H9544 1956], Some Observations on American Education (1956) [Main LA210.H86], In the Tradition of Freedom (1957) [Spec JA1.C45 no.5], The Two Faces of Federalism (1961) [Main and Spec JK325.H8], Robert M. Hutchins (1962) [Spec PS3511.R94 Z9166 1962], The Political Animal (1962) [Main and Spec JK273.H8], A Conversation on Education (1963) [Main LB41.H8 and Spec LB875.H963], The Learning Society (1968) [Main LB875.H82 and Spec LB875.H975], Zuckerlandl! (1968) [Main and Spec PN6162.H8], and Contemporary Ideas in Historical Perspective (1977), edited with Mortimer Adler. Special has a small Robert Maynard Hutchins Collection (Mss 154) and much more extensive material in the CSDI Collection (Mss 18).

Hutchinson, Sean (1948- ). Montecito resident and author of Crying Out Loud (SB: John Daniel, 1988) [Spec ML419.H87 A3 1988].

Hutchinson, William Henry (1910-1990). Western historian, whose works include: Oil, Land, and Politics: The California Career of Thomas R. Bard (1965) [Main HD9569.U6 H8]. Bard lived in Hueneme and spent a good deal of time in Santa Barbara.

*Huxley, Aldous (1894-1963). Prolific scholar, essayist, poet, and novelist. Special also has some manuscript material, including tape recordings, primarily relating to the period when Huxley was at UCSB in 1959. Works include: The Burning Wheel (1916) [Spec PR6015.U98 B8], Jonah: Christmas 1917 (1917) [Spec PR6015.U98 J6], The Defeat of Youth (1918) [Spec PR6015.U98 D44], Limbo (1920) [Spec PR6015.U98 L5], Crome Yellow (1921) [Spec PR6015.U9 C76], Mortal Coils [Spec PR6015.U98 M58], Antic Hay (1923) [Spec PR6015.U9 A82], On the Margin (1923) [Spec PR6015.U98 O6 1923], Those Barren Leaves (1925) [Spec PR6015.U98 T55 1925], Proper Studies (1927) [Spec PR6015.U9 P7 1927], Point Counter Point (1928) [Spec PR6015.U9 P6 1928], Do What You Will (1929) [Spec PR6015.U9 D6 1929], Brief Candles (1930) [Spec PR6015.U9 B7 1930], Music at Night (1931) [Spec PR6015.U98 M8 1931], The World of Light (1931) [Spec PR6015.U98 W7 1931], Brave New World (1932) [Spec PR6015.U9 B65 1932], Beyond the Mexique Bay (1934) [Spec PR6015.U9 B49 1934], Eyeless in Gaza (1936) [Spec PR6015.U9 E92 1936], The Olive Tree (1936) [Spec PR6015.U9 O4 1936], Ends and Means (1937) [Spec PR6015.U9 H53 1937 and Spec, Darwin HN17.H84 1937], An Encyclopaedia of Pacifism (1937) [Spec PR6015.U98Z3 E5], After Many a Summer (1939) [Spec PR6015.U9 A68 1939], Words and Their Meanings (1940) [Spec PR6015.U98 W67], Grey Eminence (1941) [Spec PR6015.U9 G74], The Art of Seeing (1942) [Spec PR6015.U98 A96], Time Must Have a Stop (1944) [Spec PR6015.U9 T55 1944], The Perennial Philosophy (1945) [Spec PR6015.U9 P47 1945], Ape and Essence (1948) [Spec PR6015.U98 A88 1948], Themes and Variations (1950) [Spec PR6015.U98 T5 1950], The Devils of Loudun (1952) [Spec PR6015.U98 D48 1952], The Doors of Perception (1954) [Spec PR6015.U9 D65 1954], The Genius and the Goddess (1955) [Spec PR6015.U9 G4 1955], Heaven and Hell (1956) [Spec PR6015.U98 H4 1956], Brave New World Revisited (1958) [Spec PR6015.U9 B68 1958], Island (1962) [Spec PR6015.U98 I7 1962], and Literature and Science (1963) [Spec PR6015.U98 L53 1963]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 207-209.

Hvolbøll, Eric (1955- ). Santa Barbara resident and author of Fifty Years of County Planning: A Brief Account of the First Half Century’s Activities of the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission, 1928-1978 (1982) [Spec F868.S23 H96 1982] and La Capilla de las Santa Cruz del Rosario (1989).

Hyde, Catherine Ryan (1955- ). Fiction writer and instructor with SB Writers’ Conference. Works include: Funerals for Horses (1997) [Spec PS3558.Y358 F86 1997], Earthquake Weather (1998) [Spec PS3558.Y358 E27 1998], Pay It Forward (1999), made into a 2000 movie by Mimi Leder [Spec PS3558.Y358 P39 1999], Electric God (2000) [Spec PS3558.Y358 E45 2000], Walter’s Purple Heart (2002). Associate editor of the Santa Barbara Review in 1996. See also: Gilbar, Stories, 10; Gulbransen, SBNP, 10/15/00, D7 and SB News-Press, Oct. 29, 2000, D7.

Hyde, Gavin. Montecito resident and associate professor at UCSB. Author of science fiction stories published in pulps such as If: Worlds of Science Fiction (1953) and Star Science Fiction Stories (1959). See also: SB News-Press, July 5, 1991.

Hyde, Robert (1900-1969). Known best for his East Mountain Drive bohemian community of the 1950s and early 1960s, and author of several works, including Six More at Sixty (1960) about raising six adopted Mexican children later in life [Main HV875.H9 and Spec CT275.H86 A3]. UCSB Libraries have some of his works, including Crude (1927) [Spec PS3515.Y48 C78 1927], Young Family (1928) [Main PS3515.Y48 Y68 1928], and Winds of Gobi (1930) [Spec PS3515.Y48 W55 1930]. See also: Gilbar, Tales, 77; Gilbar, Literary, 210-13.

Hynes, Samuel Lynn (1924- ). Author and scholar who was stationed at the Marine Corps air station where UCSB is now located; wrote Flights of Passage: Reflections of a World War II Aviator (1988) [Main D767.9.H96 1988].


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