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Caballeria y Collell, Juan. Santa Barbara resident priest, author of History of the City of Santa Barbara, California, from Its Discovery to Our Own Days (SB: F. de P. Gutierrez, Printer, 1892) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.G88 C33 1892], and History of San Bernardino Valley, from the Padres to the Pioneers, 1810-1851 (1902).

Caire, Helen. Spent childhood summers on Santa Cruz Island, which was owned by her family. Author of Señor Castillo: Cock of Santa Cruz Island (Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 1948) [Main PZ10.3.C14 Se 1990], Santa Cruz Island Anthology (Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 1989) with Marla Daily and Carey Stanton [Spec F868.S23 S3268 1989], Santa Cruz Island: A History and Recollections of an Old California Rancho (1993) [Spec F868.S23 C33 1993].

Caldwell, Jayne Craven (1921- ). Carpinteria resident and newspaper columnist, author of Carpinteria As It Was (Papilion Press, 1979) [Spec F869.C3 C34 v.1] and More About Carpinteria As It Was (Papilion Press, 1982) [Spec F869.C3 C34 v.2].

Camarillo, Albert (1948- ). Author of Chicanos in a Changing Society: From Mexican Pueblos to American Barrios in Santa Barbara and Southern California, 1848-1930 (1979) [Main, Colección, and Spec F869.S45 C25 1996].

Campbell, Patricia A. Santa Barbara resident, co-author of Cheap Thrills: A Survival Guide for Living in Santa Barbara (Canyon Croft Press, 1981), with Anna R. Clarke [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C35 C36 1981].

Cann, John Allen. Poet, influential in Santa Barbara area in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Innovator of the California Poets in the Schools projects; taught seminars at elementary and junior high school level. His works include: Lemurian Rhapsodies (1976) [Spec PS3553.A497 L4], Translations from the Translucent (1977) [Spec PS3553.A497 T73 1977], Accompaniments for a Dozen Roses (1980) [Spec PS3553.A497 A63 1980], Halfway to Zeno’s House (1983) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.M83 C346 1983], and Solitude the Shape of a Woman (1987) [Spec PS3553.A497 S64 1987]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 147.

*Cannon, Lou (1933- ). Long-time Washington Post reporter and Summerland resident, whose works include: Ronnie and Jesse: A Political Odyssey (1969) [Main F866.2.C35], The McCloskey Challenge (1972) [Main and Spec E840.8.M33 C3 1972], Reporting: An Inside View (1977) [Main and Spec PN4781.C35], Reagan (1982) [Main E877.C36 1982], President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime (1991) [Main E877.C35 1991], Official Negligence: How Rodney King and the Riots Changed Los Angeles and the LAPD (1997) [Main and Spec F869.L89 N327 1997], President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime (2000) [Main and Spec E877.C35 2000], Ronald Reagan: The Presidential Portfolio (2001) [Main and Spec E877.C365 2001], Governor Reagan: His Rise to Power (2003) [Main F866.4 R43 C36 2003], and Reagan’s Disciple: George W. Bush’s Troubled Quest for a Presidential Legacy (2008) [Main and Spec E903.C36 2008]. Additionally, UCSB is conducting oral history interviews with him, and houses two sets of his papers, The Lou Cannon – Ronald Reagan Papers (Mss 257) and The Lou Cannon – Rodney King Papers (Mss 258).

Capps, Walter Holden (1934-1997). UCSB Professor of Religious Studies and Congressman. Taught very popular courses on Vietnam. Works include: Ways of Understanding Religion (1972) [Main BL25.C3 1972], Time Invades the Cathedral: Tension in the School of Hope (1972) [Main BV4638.C28], Motif-Research as a Comparative Technique in Theological Systems Analyses (1972) [Main BR118.C366], Seeing with a Native Eye: Essays on Native American Religion (1976) [Main E98.R3 S37 1976], Silent Fire: An Invitation to Western Mysticism (1978) with Wendy M. Wright [Main BV5072 .S54 1978], The Unfinished War: Vietnam and the American Conscience (1982) [Main E169.12.C27 1990], The Monastic Impulse (1983) [Main and Spec, ARC BV4518.C36 1983], Thomas Merton: A Preview of the Asian Journey (1989) [Spec BX2435.M48 1989], The New Religious Right: Piety, Patriotism, and Politics (1990) [Main BR1642.U5 C36 1990], The Vietnam Reader (1991) [Main DS557.7.V5625 1991], and Religious Studies: The Making of a Discipline (1995) [Main BL41.C36 1995]. Also associated with CSDI; the CSDI Collection (Mss 18) includes material relating to him.

Carlson, Vada F. (1897- ). Author of This Is Our Valley (Santa Maria Historical Society, 1959), a history of the Santa Maria Valley [Spec F868.S23 C37 1959]. Other works include: High Country Canvas (1972) [Main and Spec PS3553.A734 H5], and The West: As Portrayed by Western Artist Joe Rodriguez (1985) [Spec, Wyles NC139.R58 R63 1985].

Carrillo, Leo (1881-1961). Actor in films and television, and author of The California I Love (1961), which includes a chapter on the annual Rancheros Vistadores ride in Santa Barbara County [Colección PN2287.C3 A3].

Carter, Dori. Santa Barbara scriptwriter and author of novel Beautiful WASPs Having Sex (2000). See also: SB News-Press, Aug. 6, 2000.

Carver, Raymond (1938-1988). Poet and short story writer who taught English at UCSB, 1974-1975, including the Creative Writing (English 105) course during winter quarter. Developed a friendship with Noel Young who published his Put Yourself in My Shoes (Capra, 1974) [Main and Spec PS3553.A7894 P88 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 C369 1974], At Night the Salmon Move (Capra, 1976) [Main and Spec PS3553.A7894 A9], Furious Seasons and Other Stories (Capra, 1977) [Spec PS3553.A7894 F87], and Fires: Essays, Poems, Stories (Capra, 1983) [Main and Spec PS3553.A7894 F5 1983], as well as Dostoevsky: A Screenplay (Capra 1985) with Tess Gallagher [Main PN1997.A1 C37 1985]. Other works include: Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? (1976) [Main PS3553.A7894 W55], Distress Sale (1981) [Spec PS3553.A7894 D58 1981], What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (1981) [Spec PS3553.A7894 W4 1981], The Pheasant (1982) [Spec PS3553.A7894 P5 1982], Cathedral (1983) [Main and Spec PS3553.A7894 C3 1983], If It Please You (1984) [Spec, Printers Z239.L657 C37 1984], Where Water Comes Together With Other Water (1985) [Main PS3553.A7894 W44 1985], The Window (1985) [Spec PS3553.A7894 W558 1985], Ultramarine (1986) [Main PS3553.A7894 U58 1986], Two Poems (1986) [Spec PS3553.A7894 T86 1986], Where I’m Calling From (1988) [Main PS3553.A7894 W43 1988], Elephant: A Story (1988) [Spec PS3553.A7894 E44 1988], A New Path to the Waterfall (1989) [Main PS3553.A7894 N48 1989], All of Us (1998) [Main PS3553.A7894 A17 1998], and Call If You Need Me (2001) [Main PS3553.A7894 C26 2001]. His works were made into the 1993 movie Short Cuts by Robert Altman, with accompanying short story collection Short Cuts (1993) [Main PS3553.A7894 S48 1993]. See also: Carver Country: The World of Raymond Carver (1990) [Spec PS3553.A7894 Z48 1990]. Sources: Gilbar, Literary, 151; Remembering Ray: A Composite Biography of Raymond Carver (Capra, 1993) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 R444 1993].

Cate, Curtis Wolsey (1884-1976). Author of two books on the Cate School in Carpinteria: School Days in California; The Story of Santa Barbara School, 1910-1950 (1960) [SRLF LD7501.C3 C3 and Spec LD7501.C237 C373 1961] and Lighter and Sadder Sides of School Life (1966) [Spec LD7501.C237 C374 1966].

Cater, William B. (1891-1978). Santa Barbara resident and long-time member of the City Water Commission. Author of Travels by Air, by Sea, by Land (1962) [Spec G463.C354 1962]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964.

Center for the Preservation of Modern History. Santa Barbara based non-profit educational trust and publisher of Prevailing Winds magazine, with the aim “to bring light to significant socio-political issues and events that otherwise would go under-reported or, too often, unmentioned in the main-stream media.”

Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. An independent think tank created in 1959 by Robert Maynard Hutchins, which met in Santa Barbara to discuss the crucial issues of modern society. The Center involved hundreds of scholars and experts, and emerged in response to the abuses of American civil liberties during the McCarthy era. The Center became a major publisher, including the Center Magazine. After Hutchins’ death in 1977, CSDI became part of UCSB until it finally closed in 1987. Special has extensive materials in its CSDI Collection (Mss 18).

Chagnon, Napoleon (1938- ). UCSB Professor Emeritus of Sociobiology and controversial anthropologist, studied the Yanomamö tribes of the Amazon rain forest. Works include: Yanomamö: The Fierce People (1968) [Main F2520.1.Y3 C5], Studying the Yanomamö (1974) [Main GN345.C45], Evolutionary Biology and Human Social Behavior (1979) with William Irons [Main GN365.9.E96], Yanomamö: The Last Days of Eden (1992), Adaptation and Human Behavior: An Anthropological Perspective (2000) with William Irons and Lee Cronk [Main GN365.9 A33 2000].

Chamberlin, Susan. Author of “The Life of Dr. Francesco Franceschi and His Park” in Pacific Horticulture (63:3-4, 2002) [SBHC Mss 44].

Champlin, Charles (1926- ). Retired Los Angeles Times columnist and occasional Carpinteria resident. Works include: The Flicks: or, Whatever Became of Andy Hardy (1977) [Main PN1993.5.A1 C46 1977], Back There Where the Past Was: A Small-Town Boyhood (1989) [Main F129.H24 C48 1989], George Lucas: The Creative Impulse: Lucasfilm’s First Twenty Years (1992), [Main PN1999.L78 C48 1992], John Frankenheimer: A Conversation (1995) [Main PN1998.3.F738 C43 1995], Hollywood’s Revolutionary Decade (SB: John Daniel & Co. 1998) [Spec PN1995.C4437 1998], Mitchum: In His Own Words (2000) [Main PN2287.M648 A5 2000], and My Friend, You Are Legally Blind: A Writer’s Struggle With Macular Degeneration (SB: John Daniel & Co. 2001) [Spec RE661.M3 C48 2001].

Chan, Sucheng. UCSB Professor of Asian American Studies and Global & International Studies. Author of numerous works on Asian American topics, including: This Bittersweet Soil: The Chinese in California Agriculture, 1860-1910 (1986) [Asian Am. Studies and Spec HD8039.F32 U62 1986], Asian Californians (1991) [Asian Am. Studies F870.O6 C436 1991], and Hmong Means Free: Life in Laos and America (1994) [Asian Am. Studies and Spec DS558.8.H56 1994].

*Chandler, Russell (1932- ). One-time Santa Ynez Valley resident and religion columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Author of Understanding the New Age (1988) [Spec, ARC BP605.N48 C52 1988], Racing Toward 2001: the Forces Shaping America’s Religious Future (1992) [Spec BL2525.C44 1992], and Doomsday (1993) [Spec BT876.C465 1993]. Special has his research files in its American Religions Collection (ARC Mss 2).

Chapin, Elsa (1886-1973). Teacher and co-author of A New Approach to Poetry (1929) with Russell Thomas [Main PN1031.C5], and The Literary Interests of Sir Francis Bryan: A Study in Early Tudor Ideas (1930). Also articles in The English Journal. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Chase, Harold Stuart (1890-1970). Santa Barbara resident, author of Hope Ranch: A Rambling Record (Santa Barbara Historical Society, 1963) [Main F868.S23 C4 and Spec F868.S23 C48]. Brother of Pearl Chase.

Chase, J. Smeaton (1864-1923). British author who wrote several books on California, including California Coast Trails: A Horseback Ride from Mexico to Oregon (1913), which includes a description of Santa Barbara [Spec F866.C48 1913], and Our Araby: Palm Springs and the Garden of the Sun (1920) [Spec F869.P18 C48]. See also: Gilbar, Tales, 67; Gilbar, Literary, 179-182.

Chase, Pearl (1888-1979). Influential resident of Santa Barbara and editor of Cacti and Other Succulents: An Annotated List of Plants Cultivated in the Santa Barbara Region (SB, 1930), compiled and reviewed by Ralph Hoffmann, E. O. Orpet, Eric Walther, and James West [SEL and Spec QK149.H55]. Sister of Harold Stuart Chase.

Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart (1865-1945). Travel writer who moved to Santa Barbara later in life. Also wrote novels, essays, and biographies. His works include: Two Women & a Fool (1895), The Idle Born (1900), The Crimson Wing (1902), Molière (1906) [Main PQ1852.C5], Goldoni (1913) [Main PQ4699.C5], Cities of Many Men (1925) [Main PS3505.H49 C5 and Spec PS3505.H54 C5 1925], Tawny Spain (1927) [Spec DP295.C52], and Charmed Circles (1935) [Main and Spec GT75.C5]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 72.

Chesnut, Merlyn. Lompoc resident and author of The Gaviota Land (SB: Fithian, 1993) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.F583 C448 1993].

Chiacos, Elias. Santa Barbara resident whose works include: An Historical Tour of Santa Barbara (1989) [Spec F869.S45 C45 1989] and Mountain Drive: Santa Barbara’s Pioneer Bohemian Community (SB: Shoreline Press, 1994) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S475 M68 1994].

Clark, Arthur Miller (1877-1965). Carpinteria resident and author of From Grove to Cove to Grove: A Brief History of Carpinteria Valley, California (1962) [Special F869.C37 C43].

*Clark, Tom (1941- ). In Santa Barbara in the 1980s, working with his publisher Black Sparrow; also published with local Cadmus Editions and with Turkey Press. Works include: Airplanes (1966) [Spec PS3553.L29 A73], The Emperor of the Animals (1967) [Spec PS3553.L29 E52 1967], Bun (1968) with Ron Padgett [Spec PS3553.L29 B85], Stones (1969) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 S8], Air (1970) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 A7], Car Wash (c.1970) [Spec PS3553.L29 C37], Neil Young (1970) [Spec PS3553.L29 N53], Green (1971) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 G7 1971 and Spec, Printers Z239.B345 C5], The No Book (1971) [Spec PS3553.L29 N64], John’s Heart (1972) [Spec PS3553.L29 J6], Back in Boston Again (1972) [Spec PS3553.L29 B32], Smack (1972) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 S6 1972 and Spec, Printers Z239.B345 C52], Blue (1974) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 B5 and Spec, Printers Z239.B345 C48], At Malibu (1975) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 A85], Champagne & Baloney: The Rise and Fall of Finley’s A’s (1976) [Main GV875.O24 C42 1976 and Spec PS3553.L29 C43 1976], Baseball (1976) [Spec PS3553.L29 B38], Fan Poems (1976) [Spec PS3553.L29 F35], 35 (1976) [Spec PS3553.L29 T45], How I Broke In & 6 Modern Masters (1977) [Spec PS3553.L29 H69], When Things Get Tough on Easy Street (SB: Black Sparrow Press, 1978) [Spec PS3553.L29 W5], The World of Damon Runyon (1978) [Main and Spec PS3553.U52 Z6 1978], The Master (1979) [Spec PS3553.L29 M3], Who is Sylvia? (1979) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 W46 1979], One Last Round for the Shuffler (1979) [Spec PS3553.L29 O54], The Last Gas Station and Other Stories (SB: Black Sparrow Press, 1980) [Spec PS3553.L29 L3], The Great Naropa Poetry Wars (SB: Cadmus, 1980) [Main BQ990.R867 C58 and Spec PS3553.L29 G68 1980], The End of the Line (1980) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 E53], Nine Songs (Isla Vista: Turkey Press, 1981) [Spec PS3553.L29 N55 1981 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.T87 C53 1981], Journey to the Ulterior (SB, 1981) [Spec PS3553.L29 J68 1981], A Short Guide to the High Plains (SB: Cadmus, 1981) [PS3553.L29 S567], The Rodent Who Came to Dinner (SB, 1981) [Spec PS3553.L29 R63], Under the Fortune Palms (Isla Vista: Turkey Press, 1982) [Spec PS3553.L29 U53 1982], Jack Kerouac (1984) [Spec PS3521.E735 Z62 1984], Paradise Resisted (SB: Black Sparrow Press, 1984) [Spec PS3553.L29 P3 1984], Pacific Melt (1984) [Spec PS3553.L29 P33 1984], Late Returns: A Memoir of Ted Berrigen (1985) [Spec PS3552.E74 Z482 1985], The Exile of Céline (1986) [Main and Spec PS3553.L29 E9 1987], Easter Sunday (1987) [Spec PS3553.L29 E27 1987], Disordered Ideas (1987) [Spec PS3553.L29 D5 1987], Fractured Karma (1990) [Spec PS3553.L29 F7 1990], Charles Olson: The Allegory of a Poet’s Life (1991) [Main PS3529.L655 Z62 1991], Sleepwalker’s Fate (1992) [Spec PS3553.L29 S56 1992], Robert Creeley and the Genius of the American Common Place (1993) [Main PS3505.R43 Z6 1993], Junkets on a Sad Planet: Scenes from the Life of John Keats (1994) [Spec, Printers Z239.B345 C514 1994], Jack Kerouac: A Biography (1995) [Main PS3521.E735 Z62 1995], Like Real People (1995) [Spec, Printers Z239.B345 C5154 1995], Empire of Skin (1997) [Spec, Printers Z239.B345 C493 1997], The Spell: A Romance (2000) [Spec, Printers Z239.B345 C524 2000]. Special has a Tom Clark Archive (Mss 14). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 159.

Clarke, Anna R. Santa Barbara resident, co-author of Cheap Thrills: A Survival Guide for Living in Santa Barbara, with Patricia A. Campbell (Canyon Croft Press, 1981) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C35 C36 1981].

Cleese, John (1939- ). Summerland resident, best known for the Monty Python comedy group and the Fawlty Towers television series, but began as a writer and continues to write on non-comedic topics, such as Families, and How to Survive Them (1984) with Robin Skynner, and Life, and How to Survive It (1993) with Robin Skynner [Main HQ2037.S596 1993].

Cleland, Robert Glass (1885-1957). Author of numerous works on California history, including The Place Called Sespe: The History of a California Ranch, 1940-1953 (1957) [Spec, Wyles F867.C63 1957]. Other works include: A History of California: The American Period (1926) [Spec F861.C57 1926], Pathfinders (1929) [Main and Spec, Wyles F864.C56], The History of Occidental College, 1887-1937 (1937) [Spec LD4191.O3422 C5], The Cattle on a Thousand Hills: Southern California, 1850-1870 (1941) [Main and Spec, Wyles F867.C55], From Wilderness to Empire: A History of California, 1542-1900 (1944) [Main and Spec, Wyles F861.C55], California Pageant (1946) [Main F861.C54], California in Our Time (1947) [Main F866.C6 and Spec F866.C6 1947], California, From the Conquest in 1846 to the Second Vigilance Committee in San Francisco (1948) [Main and Spec F865.R6 1948], Apron Full of Gold: The Letters of Mary Jane Megquier from San Francisco, 1849-1856 (1949) [Spec, Wyles F865.M4], Constitution of the State of California (1949) [Main and Spec, Wyles JK8725 1849.A5], This Reckless Breed of Men: The Trappers and Fur Traders of the Southwest (1950) [Main, Colección, and Spec, Wyles F592.C5], El Molino Viejo (1950) [Spec, Printers Z239.W35 C544 1950], and The Irvine Ranch of Orange County, 1810-1950 (1953) [Spec, Wyles F868.O6 C57 1953].

Clements, Colin Campbell (1894-1948). Author of plays and detective stories, often co-written with his wife, Florence Ryerson. They lived in Santa Barbara in early 1930s, then moved to Beverly Hills and became screenwriters. His works include: Plays for Pagans (1924) [Main PS3505.L626 P6 and Spec PS3505.L647 P64 1924] and Sea Plays (1925) [Main PS627.S4 C5]. Co-author of All On a Summer’s Day, and Six Other Short Plays (1928) [Main and Spec PS3535.Y99 A74 1928], Gay Ninety (1934) [Main PS3535.Y99 G3 1934], Ladies Alone (1937) [Main PS3535.Y99 L3], Angels Don’t Marry (1938) [Main PS3535.Y99 A75], June Mad (1939) [Main PS3535.Y99 J8], Through the Night (1940) [Main PS3535.Y5 T5 1940], Glamour Preferred (1941) [Main PS3535.Y99 G5 1941], Harriet (1943) [Main PS3535.Y99 H3], Isn’t Nature Wonderful? (1946), and Strange Bedfellows (1948). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 73.

Cline, Sarah L. (1948- ). UCSB professor of History, whose works include Colonial Culhuacan, 1580-1600: A Social History of an Aztec Town (1986) [Main F1221.N3 C58 1986].

*Cloud, Preston (1912-1991). UCSB Professor of Biogeology and paleontologist. His works include: Cosmos, Earth, and Man: A Short History of the Universe (1978) [SEL QB981.C66], Oasis in Space: Earth History from the Beginning (1988) [SEL QE26.2 .C56 1988], as well as numerous articles and reports in scholarly periodicals. UCSB University Archives has his papers (UArch FacP 5).

*Cogley, John (1916-1976). Associated with CSDI, wrote extensively on religion and ethics. Works include: Report on Blacklisting (1956) [Spec PN1590.B5 C64 1956 and Main PN1993.5.U6 C6], Religion in America: Original Essays on Religion in a Free Society (1958) [Main and Spec BR516.C68], Natural Law and Modern Society (1963) [Spec JC571.C38 1963], Religion in a Secular Age (1968) [Main BL48.C55], Catholic America (1973) [Main and Spec BX1406.2.C57], and A Canterbury Tale: Experiences and Reflections, 1916-1976 (1976) [Main PN4878.C63 A32 and Spec PN4878.C63 A319 1976]. There is substantial related material in the CSDI Collection (Mss 18).

Cohen, Patricia Cline (1946- ). UCSB Professor of History and author of several works, including: A Calculating People: The Spread of Numeracy in Early America (1982) [SEL QA27.U5 C63] and the best-selling The Murder of Helen Jewett (1998) [Main HQ146.N7 C65 1998].

Cole, Wiley A. (1893-1982). Author of Then & Now - The Santa Barbara Yacht Club (1978).

Collins, Michael. See Lynds, Dennis.

Collins, Robert O. (1933- ). UCSB Professor Emeritus of History and author of numerous works on African history, including: Egypt & the Sudan (1967) [Main DT77.C6], King Leopold, England, and the Upper Nile, 1899-1909 (1968) [Main DT108.6.C6], and Requiem for the Sudan (1995) [Main DT157.5.B87 1995].

Comfort, Alex (1920-2000). Came to Santa Barbara as a Visiting Fellow of CSDI, stayed several years. Author of The Joy of Sex (1972) and other works on sexuality, aging, and death, including: The Song of Lazarus (1945) [Spec PR6005.O388 S6], The Koka Shastra (1964) [Main HQ31 .K6833 1965], Come Out to Play (1975) [Spec PR6005.O388 C6 1975], and A Good Age (1976) [Spec QP86.C58 1976]. Special also has related material in its CSDI Collection (Mss 18). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 141.

Conard, Rebecca (1946- ). Santa Barbara resident with a Ph.D. in History from UCSB, author of Santa Barbara: A Guide to El Pueblo Viejo (Capra Press, 1986), with Christopher H. Nelson [Arts Lib NA735.S42 C66 1986 and Spec F868.S23 C65 1986], Places of Quiet Beauty: Parks, Preserves, and Environmentalism (1997) [SEL QH76.5.I8 C66 1997], Benjamin Shambaugh and the Intellectual Foundations of Public History (2002) [Main E175.5.S43 C66 2002].

Conrad, Barnaby (1922- ). Carpinteria resident, artist, and writer, founder of the Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference. Served as secretary to Sinclair Lewis in 1947. Works include: The Innocent Villa (1948) [Spec PS3553.O515 I55 1948], Matador (1952) [Main PS3505.O77525 M3 and Spec PS3553.O515 M37 1952], La Fiesta Brava: The Art of the Bull Ring (1953) [Spec PS3553.O515 F58 1953], Gates of Fear (1957) [Main and Spec GV1107.C625 1957], The Death of Manolete (1958) [Spec GV1108.R6 C6 2006], Dangerfield (1961) [Spec PS3553.O515 D35 1961], The Encyclopedia of Bullfighting (1961), Fun While It Lasted (1969) [Spec PS3553.O515 Z5 1969], A Revolting Transaction (1983), Time Is All We Have (1986) [Spec RC564.74.C2 C66 1986],Name Dropping: Tales from My Barbary Coast Saloon (1994) [Spec PS3553.O515 Z462 1994], Learning to Write Fiction from the Masters (1996) [Spec PN3365 .C66 1996], The World of Herb Caen (1997) [Spec F869.S34 W67 1997], Name Dropping: Tales from My San Francisco Nightclub (1999) [Spec PS3553.O515 Z462 1997], and Last Boat to Cadiz (2003) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 C647 2003]. See also: Gilbar, Stories, 10; Gilbar, Literary, 82, 83, 96, 152-153, 218, 261.

Conrad, Les (1934- ). Santa Maria resident and activist, author of Desperate Remedies: The Tragedy of Santa Maria, California (SB: Atlas Signs, 1987) [SEL and Spec TD225.S34 C66 1987].

Connexions. Santa Barbara literary arts quarterly, 11 issues, 1985-1988 [Main and Spec PS501.C663]. Jim Cook, Editor; Claire Rabe, Publisher. Featured work by numerous local authors, including Richard de Mille, W.H. Ferry, Lloyd Garrison, Steven Gilbar, Jeff Greenwald, Sheila Golburgh Johnson, Stephan Lackner, Perie Longo, Anne Lowenkopf, Shelly Lowenkopf, Abd al-Hayy Moore, Mary Savage, Robert Sollen, Fred Soltysik, Dean Stewart, Carol Tinker, Kit Tremaine, and Noel Young.

Conviser, Josh. Montecito resident and author of the novels Echelon (2006) [Main and Spec PS3603.O564 E34 2006] and Empyre (2007) [Main and Spec PS3603.O564 E47 2007].

Cook, James Graham (1925-1966). Newspaperman, English instructor at SBCC, and author of Remedies and Rackets: The Truth About Patent Medicines Today (1958) [SRLF R730.C58] and The Segregationists (1962) [Main E184.A1 C6]. See also: SB News-Press, Apr. 1965, B5.

Cook, Steve. Santa Barbara resident and poet, teaches at Westmont College. Poems such as “Not Even a Comma On Anyone’s Page” published in Santa Barbara Review.

*Coombs, Gary. Author of a number of works on Goleta area history, including: Goleta Depot: The History of a Rural Railroad Station (1982) [SEL and Spec TF302.G64 C66 1982], Mule Car and Trolley: The Story of the Santa Barbara Railway (1984) [Spec TF725.S277 E94 1984], Sentinel at Ellwood: The Barnsdall-Rio Grande Gasoline Station (1985) [Spec F869.G6 C657 1985], Those Were the Days: Landmarks of Old Goleta (1986) [Main and Spec F869.G6 T47 1986], In the Grand Manor: The Story of Devereux Hall (1987) [Spec F869.G6 C655 1987], Beck House: A Goleta Farmhouse Reborn (1988) [Spec F869.G6 C652 1988], Golden Deeds Remembered (1988) with Steve Sullivan [Spec F869.G6 C654 1988], Foothill Homestead: The Lillard-Catlett House (1989) [Spec F869.G6 C6535 1989], and Cathedral Oaks: Last of the Pioneer Schools (1990) [Spec F869.G6 C6525 1990]. Also, director of the South Coast Railroad Museum; Special has their archival collection (SBHC Mss 18).

Copeland, Leland S. (1886-1973). Santa Barbara resident and author of Whimsical Rimes (SB: Schauer, 1921) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 C66], Between Two Eternities (SB: Rose Garland Press, 1921) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.R673 C66 1921], and Santa Barbara Songs, 1872-1922 (SB: Schauer, 1922), the first anthology of Santa Barbara poems [Spec PN6110.P7 S377 1922 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 S22 1922]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 58.

*Corle, Edwin (1906-1956). Avid book collector and author mainly of works relating to the West. Moved to Santa Barbara in the 1940s. Works include: Mojave: A Book of Stories (1934) [Spec PS3505.O79 M6], Fig Tree John (1935) [Main and Spec PS3505.O669 F5 and Spec, Printers Z239.W35 C6 1955], People on the Earth (1937) [Spec PS3505.O79 P4 and Spec PS3505.O79 P4 1950], Burro Alley (1938) [Main and Spec PS3505.O669 B87 1938], Solitaire (1940) [Main and Spec PS3505.O669 S64], Virginia’s Double Life (1940) [Spec PS3505.O669 S64 1940], Desert Country (1941) [Main F786.C675 and Spec F786.C8 1941], Coarse Gold (1942) [Main and Spec PS3505.O669 C63], Listen, Bright Angel (1946) [Main F788.C6 and Spec PS3505.O669 L57 1946], Three Ways to Mecca (1947) [Main and Spec PS3505.O669 T47], John Studebaker, an American Dream (1948) [Main HD9710.U54 S82 and Spec PS3505.O669 J63], In Winter Light (1949) [Main and Spec PS3505.O669 I5], The Royal Highway (El Camino Real) (1949) [Main, Colección, and Spec F861.C85], Igor Stravinsky (1949) [Arts and Spec ML410.S8 C6 1949], The Widow (1950) [Spec PS3505.O669 W53], The Gila, River of the Southwest (1951) [Main F817.G5 C6 and Spec PS3505.O669 G54], Billy the Kid (1953) [Main, Spec, and Spec, Wyles PS3505.O669 B54], and Death Valley and the Creek Called Furnace (1962) with photos by Ansel Adams [Spec PS3505.O79 D4 and Spec, Printers Z239.W35 C597 1962]. UCSB Libraries has an annual Corle lecture, named after Edwin and Jean Corle. Special has several first editions and records of the Corle lectures.

Cornell, Virginia (1936- ). Carpinteria resident and newspaper columnist, author and publisher of Doc Susie: The True Story of a Country Physician in the Colorado Rockies (1991) [Spec R154.A58 C67 1991].

Cowles, Roger. Lived in the area briefly around 1930. Author of The San Felipians (1932), a very negative portrait of Santa Barbara [Spec PS3505.O9556 S25 1932].

Craig, Bruce. Author of Preliminary Historic Resources Study of Eastern Santa Cruz Island (1983).

Cram, Mildred (1889-1985). Long-time Montecito resident and writer, with more than 500 short stories, articles, film scripts, novelettes, and novels. Her works include: Kingdom of Innocents (1940) [Main PS3505.R87 K5], The Promise (1949) [Spec PS3503.R2184 P76 1949], Forever (1954) [Spec PS3505.R2184 F67 1954], and Stranger Things (1970) [Main PS3505.R87 S75]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16; Gilbar, Literary, 60.

Cramer, Nevill (1922- ). Life-long Montecito resident and author of Montecito Boy (1997) [Spec CT275.C8655 A3 1997] and Montecito Boy Abroad (2000) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.F583 C757 2000].

Cranston, Sylvia. See Atkins, Anita.

Crawford, Sharon (1937- ). Author of Ganna Walska Lotusland: The Garden and Its Creators (Companion Press, for Ganna Walska Lotusland Foundation, 1996) [SEL and Spec, SB466.U7 L693 1996], and Gardens of Santa Barbara (Easton Gallery, 2000) [Spec F869.S45 C7658 2000].

Crissman, Richard. Author of The Montecito Collection: Murder, Money or Mayhem in Paradise? (2000) [Spec PS3553.R51975 M65 2000].

Criswell, Marianne. Author of Canalino (1954), based on conversations between John Peabody Harrington and Juan de Jesus Justo, the last Chumash with knowledge of their myths and stories. [Spec PS3553.R534 C35]  See also: Gilbar, Literary, 3-4.

Crompe, Harry J. (1922- ). Lompoc resident and newspaper columnist, author of The Record: An Editor Remembers (1986) [Spec, Printers Z239.H4817 C76 1986], and Wild and Whacky Lompoc! (1992) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.F583 C764 1992].

Cullimore, Clarence C. (1885-1963). Author of Santa Barbara Adobes (Santa Barbara Book Publishing Co., 1948) [Main and Spec F869.S45 C78 1948] and Old Adobes of Forgotten Fort Tejon (1949) [Main F869.F67 C8 1949].

Cunningham, J. V. [James Vincent] (1911- ). Poet, educator, translator, editor, literary critic, visiting professor at UCSB in 1963; late in life spent his winters in Santa Barbara. His works include: The Helmsman (1942) [Spec, Printers Z239.C56 C8], The Judge is Fury (1947) [Main PS3505.U98 J8], The Quest of the Opal (1950) [Main PS3505.U98 H46 and Spec PS3505.U98 H46 1950], Woe or Wonder: The Emotional Effect of Shakespearean Tragedy (1951) [Main PR2976.C8], Trivial, Vulgar, & Exalted (1957) [Spec PS3505.U98 T75 and Spec, Printers X239.F68 C85], Tradition and Poetic Structure (1960) [Main PR503.C8], The Exclusion of a Rhyme (1960) [Main PS3505.U98 A17], To What Strangers, What Welcome (1964) [Main PS3505.U98 T6 and Spec PS3505.U98 T6 1964], The Journal of John Cardan (1964) [Main PS3505.U98 J6], Latin Lines (Perishable Press, 1965) [Spec, Printers Z239.P387 C862 1965], The Renaissance in England (1966) [Main PR1121.C8], The Problem of Style (1966) [Main PN203.C8], Poems and Epigrams (Perishable Press, 1967) [Spec, Printers Z239.P387 C865 1967], Selected Poems (Perishable Press, 1971) [Spec, Printers Z239.P387 C866 1971], Dickinson: Lyric and Legend (1980) [Spec PS1541.Z5 C85 1980], Let Thy Words Be Few (1986) [Spec PS3505.U435 L4 1986].  See also: SB News-Press, July 5, 1991; Gilbar, Literary, 102.

Cunningham, John M. (1915- ). Santa Barbara resident, wrote The Tin Star (screenplay, 1951) [Main PN1997.H4847 1950z], made into the 1952 movie High Noon by Fred Zinnemann. Brother of Julia Cunningham. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Cunningham, Julia (1916- ). Santa Barbara resident and writer of children’s books, including: Candle Tales (1964), Dorp Dead (1965) [Curric. Lab PZ7.C9167 Do], Viollet (1966), Onion Journey (1967) [Spec PS3553.U476 O55 1967], Burnish Me Bright (1970) [Curric. Lab PZ7.C9167 Bu and Spec PS3553.U476 B87 1970], Far in the Day (1972) [Curric. Lab PZ7.C9167 Far], The Treasure is the Rose (1973) [Spec PS3553.U476 T74 1973], Maybe, a Mole (1974) [Curric. Lab PZ10.3.C93 May], Come to the Edge (1977), Flight of the Sparrow (1980), The Silent Voice (1983) [Curric. Lab PZ7.C9167 Si 1983], and the poetry volume The Shadow Heart (SB: Fithian, 1999) [Spec PS3553.U477 S52 1999]. Sister of John M. Cunningham. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17.

Curletti, Rosario Andrea (1913-1986). Santa Barbara resident and author of Pathways to Pavements: The History and Romance of Santa Barbara Spanish Street Names (1950) [Spec F869.S45 C8], Pathways to Pavements: The History and Romance of Santa Barbara Spanish Street Names, revised edition (1953) [Spec F869.S45 C8 1953], California Indian Claims (microfilm, 1969) [Spec E99.C815 C87 1969], Los Regalitos de Fray Junípero, miniature (SB: Archival Center/Junipero Serra Press, 1987) [Spec, Printers Z239.J845 C87 1987].

*Cushing, Anne Greet (1928- ). UCSB Professor Emeritus of French and Italian, also writes as Anne Hyde Greet, often on the works of Guillaume Apollinaire. Works include: Spring Eclogue (1961) [Main and Spec PS3513.R817 S6], Alcools (translation from French; 1965) [Main PQ2601.P6 A7 1965 and Spec PQ2601.P6 A713 1965], Jacques Prevert’s Word Games (1968), Reverdy (translation from French; SB: Unicorn Press, 1968) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.U55 R49], Apollinaire et le livre de peintre (1977) [Main PQ2601.P6 Z6353 and Spec, Printers Z257.A66 G74 1978], Calligrammes (translation from French; 1980) [Main PQ2601.P6 C313 1980], Mirror (translation from French; Ninja Press, 1986) [Spec Printers Z239.N564 A66 1986], and Musk Ox, and Other Poems (SB: Fithian, 1999) [Spec PS3513.R516 M87 1999]. Special has a collection, mostly printed material, donated by Cushing. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 104


If you would like to know more about our collections, or would like to contribute additional materials, please contact by email Special Collections or telephone (805) 893-3062.