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Tapper, Joan. Local travel author and editor, including being the current Contributing Editor for Travel for Santa Barbara Magazine, editor of Oceana, and former editor of both Islands Magazine and National Geographic Traveler. Author of Shear Spirit: Ten Fiber Farms, Twenty Patterns, and Miles of Yarn (2008), The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of California (2007) [Spec HT441.C2 T37 2007], Caneel Bay (2006), and Island Dreams: Caribbean (2005).

Taylor, Verta. UCSB professor of Sociology whose works include Survival in the Doldrums: The American Women’s Rights Movement, 1945 to the 1960s (1987) with Leila Rupp [Women’s Studies HQ1420.R86 1987], Rock-a-by Baby: Feminism, Self Help, and Postpartum Depression (1996) [Main HQ1421.T39 1996], and Drag Queens at the 801 Cabaret (2003) with Leila Rupp [Main HQ77.2.U6 R86 2003].

Teague, Charles Collins (1873-1950). Santa Paula resident and author of 10 Talks on Citrus Marketing: A Series of Radio Broadcasts (1939) [SRLF X-61811], and Fifty Years a Rancher (1944) [Main and Spec HD9247.C3 T4 1944 and Spec, Printers Z239.W35 T43 1944].

Teasdale, Sara (1884-1933). Well-known lyric poet, who spent several months in Santa Barbara during 1919-1920, and wrote poems celebrating the area, such as “In Spring, Santa Barbara” and “Full Moon, Santa Barbara” from Santa Barbara Songs, 1872-1922 (SB: Schauer, 1922 and SB: Sun Press, 1965) [Spec PN6110.P7 S377 1922 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 S25 1922]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 246-247.

*Tebbetts, George P. (1827-1909). Santa Barbara resident and newspaperman during the late 19th century. Special has a collection of family materials (Wyles Mss 15).

Temple, Willard (1912-1982). Santa Barbara resident and writer of magazine stories for Collier’s and the Saturday Evening Post, as well as several pulp magazines. Author of Give It Back to the Lemongrowers! (1961), tackling developers in local “San Manuel” [Spec PS3570.E55 G59 1961]. Other works include: Rebel of Pawling (1939), Pitching for Pawling (1940), Web Adams (1943), Every Day is Sunday (1959) [Main PS3570.E55 E93], Too Young to Be a Grandfather (1964), Those Almost Happy Years (1965), That Old College Try (1967), and The Drip-Dried Tourist (1969). Sources: Gilbar, Literary, 108-109, 113; SB News-Press, Dec. 25, 1987, 21.

Tervalon, Jervey (1958- ). Alumnus of UCSB’s College of Creative Studies and author of Understand This (1994) [Black Studies PS3570.E76 U5 1994], Living for the City (1998) [Black Studies PS3570.E76 L58 1998], Dead Above Ground (1999) [Black Studies PS3570.E76 D4 2000], and All the Trouble You Need (2002) [Spec PS3570.E76 A664 2002].

Thackrey, Winfrid Kay (1899- ). Author of Member of the Crew (2001), about her career in the movie business [Spec PN1998.3.T465 2001]. See also: SB News-Press, July 20, 2001, B1.

Thomas, Bertram. Montecito resident and author of Ten Years After (SB: John Daniel, 1985), about Casa Dorinda.

Thomas, Christine M. UCSB professor of Religious Studies, whose works include Phrygian Votive Steles (1999), with Thomas Drew-Bear and Melek Yildizturan [Art NB130.P46 D74 1999], and The Acts of Peter, Gospel Literature, and the Ancient Novel: Rewriting the Past (2003) [Main BS2880.P472 T48 2003].

Thomes, William Henry (1824-1895). A Boston seaman who wrote about his stay in Santa Barbara during 1843 in On Land and Sea; or, California in the Years 1843, ’44, and ’45 (1892) [Spec PS3030.T65 O52 1892] and Recollections of Old Times in California: or, California in 1843 (1974) [Spec PS3030.T65 Z525 1974]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 15, 253-255.

Thompson, John Edward (1910- ). Pulitzer Prize nominee for the novels Take Away the Darkness (1944) and A Seed in Spring (1948). Also author of Listen for the Laughter (1942) and the story for the film Golden Girl (1951). See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Thompson, Pauline J. British travel writer who settled in Santa Barbara. Author of Santa Barbara: How to Discover America’s Eden (1984) [Spec F869.S45 T53 1984].

Thornburg, Newton Kendall (1930- ). Lived in Santa Barbara in the 1970s. Author of Cutter and Bone (1976), a novel about Santa Barbara and Montecito [Spec PS3570.H649 C85 1976b], rewritten in 1979 as a screenplay by Jeffrey Alan Fiskin [Main PN1997.C9555 1979], and serving as the basis for Ivan Passer’s 1981 film Cutter’s Way. Other works include: To Die in California (1973) [Main and Spec PS3570.H649 T6], Black Angus (1978), Valhalla (1980), Beautiful Kate (1982), Dreamland (1984), The Lion at the Door (1990), A Man’s Game (1996), and Eve’s Men (1998). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 148.

Thornton, Lawrence (1937- ). Student contributor to Spectrum, the UCSB literary magazine; also received his Ph.D. (1973) and taught at UCSB. Works include: Ghost Woman (1992), a fictionalized account of the Chumash woman abandoned on San Nicolas Island in the mid-19th century, who later was taken to Santa Barbara and died soon thereafter [Spec PS3570.H6678 G479 1992]. Also Unbodied Hope: Narcissism and the Modern Novel (1984) [Main PN3499.T48 1984], Imagining Argentina (1987), a 1988 Pen/Hemingway Award winner for first novel [Main PS3570.H6678 I4 1987], Under the Gypsy Moon (1990) [Main PS3570.H6678 U54 1990], Naming the Spirits (1995) [Main PS3570.H6678 N36 1995], Tales from the Blue Archives (1997) [Main PS3570.H6678 T35 1997]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 6, 100.

Tinker, Carol (1940- ). Montecito resident and poet. Works include: The Pillow Book of Carol Tinker (Cadmus Editions, 1980) [Spec PS3570.I533 P5]. Wife of Kenneth Rexroth. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 242-243.

Tobin, Ronald W. (1936- ). UCSB Professor of French & Italian, and administrator. Author of works on French literature such as: Racine and Seneca (1971) [Main PC13.N67 no. 96], Tarte a la crème: Comedy and Gastronomy in Moliere’s Theater (1990) [Main PQ1864.G36 T6 1990], Jean Racine Revisited (1999) [Main PQ1905.T63 1999].

Tomlinson, Kerry (1951- ). Santa Barbara resident and poet, whose works include: Time Payment (Mudborn Press, 1978) [Spec PS3570.O46 T5 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.M83 T64 1978] and Night Letter (Mudborn Press, 1982) [Spec PS3570.O46 N54 1982 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.M83 T635 1982]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 146.

*Tompkins, Walker A. (1909-1988). Local historian and author of several popular books relating to Santa Barbara. Also a regular contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine. Special Collections has a large manuscript collection (SBHC Mss 19). Works include: California Editor (1958), in collaboration with Thomas Storke [Spec F869.S23 S67 1958], Santa Barbara’s Royal Rancho: The Fabulous History of Los Dos Pueblos (1960) [Main, Coleccion, and Spec F868.S23 T6], California’s Wonderful Corner (McNally & Loftin, 1962) [Main, Curric Lab, and Spec F868.S23 T58], Santa Barbara Yesterdays (SB: McNally & Loftin, 1962) [Spec F869.S45 T57 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.M353 T66 1962], Little Giant of Signal Hill (1964) [Main and Spec HD9569.S58 T6], Fourteen at the Table (1964), with Horace A. Sexton, a local family history [Main and Spec F869.G6 T6 1964], Goleta, the Good Land (1966) [Main and Spec F869.G6 T62 1966], Old Spanish Santa Barbara (1967) [Main, Coleccion, and Spec F869.S23 T59 1967], Historical High Lights of Santa Barbara (1970) [Main and Spec F869.S45 T55 1970], A Centennial History of Stearns Wharf (1972) [Spec F869.S45 T5443 1972], The Hollister Saga (1972) [Spec F869.S45 T5533 1972], A Brief History of Santa Barbara County (Sandollar Press, 1975), previously published as California’s Wonderful Corner [Spec F868.S23 T58 1975], Santa Barbara, Past and Present: An Illustrated History (SB: Tecolote Books, 1975) [Main and Spec F869.S45 T66], It Happened in Old Santa Barbara (1976) [Main and Spec F869.S45 T65 1976], Continuing Quest: Dr. William David Sansum’s Crusade Against Diabetes (1977) [SEL and Spec R154.S245 T65 1977], Stagecoach Days in Santa Barbara (1982) [Spec HE5748.C2 T65 1982], Santa Barbara History Makers (1983) [Main, Coleccion, and Spec F869.S45 T568 1983], Mattie’s Tavern: Where Road Met Rail in Stagecoach Days (Los Olivos: Olive Press, 1986) [Spec F868.S23 T5847 1986], Cottage Hospital: The First Hundred Years (1988) [Spec RA982.S424 S397 1988], and Santa Barbara Neighborhoods (1989) [Spec F869.S45 T5685 1989]. Also author of the novels Flaming Canyon (1948) [Spec, Wyles PZ3.T613 F53 1948], SOS at Midnight (1985) [Spec PS3539.O3897 S24 1985], DX Brings Danger (1985) [Spec PS3539.O3897 D42 1985], Death Valley QTH (1985) [Spec PS3539.O3897 D423 1985], CQ Ghost Ship! (1985) [Spec PS3539.O3897 C24 1985], Grand Canyon QSO (1987) [Spec PS3539.O3897 G73 1987], and Murder by QRM (1988) [Spec PS3539.O3897 M87 1988].

Tone, Teona (1944- ). Santa Ynez resident, mystery writer, and one-time private investigator in LA. Works have a turn-of-the-century setting and include: Lady on the Line (1983) [Spec PS3570.O4357 L33 1983] and Full Cry (1985). Also House Mates: Practical Guide to Living with Other People (1985) with Deanna Sclar [Spec HQ975.5.T66 1985]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 162.

Tourney, Leonard (1942- ). UCSB faculty member and suspense writer, whose works include Joseph Hall (1979), The Player’s Boy is Dead (1980), Low Treason (1982) [Spec PS3570.O784 L6 1982], Familiar Spirits (1985) [Spec PS3570.O784 F34 1985], The Bartholomew Fair Murders (1986) [Main and Spec PS3570.O784 B3 1987], Old Saxon Blood (1988) [Main PS3570.O784 O44 1988], Knaves Templar (1991) [Main and Spec PS3570.O784 K6 1991], Witness of Bones (1992) [Spec PS3570.O784 W58 1992], and Frobisher’s Savage (1994) [Spec PS3570.O784 F76 1994]. See also: Gilbar, Stories, 10; SB News-Press, May 31, 1986, D-24.

Townsend, Irving (1920-1981). Santa Ynez resident, former jazz musician, and vice-president of Columbia Records. Local settings for his humorous account The Less Expensive Spread (1971) [Spec CT275.T7494 A3 1990] and his romantic novel The Tavern (1979) [Main PS3570.O938 T38]. Also, John Hammond on Record: An Autobiography, with Irving Townsend (1977) [Music Library ML429.H26 A3 1981]. Sources: SB News-Press, July 5, 1991; Gilbar, Literary, 149.

Tree, Iris (1897-1968). Ojai resident for many years and author of The Marsh Picnic (1966) [Spec PR6039.R37 M37]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 256-258.

*Tremaine, Katharine W. [Kit] (1907-1997). Santa Barbara resident, philanthropist through her Sunflower Foundation, poet, and author of two autobiographical books. Works include: Haiku (1979) [Spec, Printers Z239.U315 T74 1979], The Butterfly Rises (1987) [Spec and Spec, ARC BF1283.T74 A3 1987], The Guest in the Garden, and Other Poems (1989) [Spec PS3570.R379 G84 1989], and Fragments (1992) [Spec CT275.T8686 A3 1991]. Special also has her papers (SBHC Mss 43).

Tuttle, Tom (1943- ). Santa Barbara resident and author, whose works include: Tom Tuttle’s Santa Barbara Companion (1985-1986) [Spec F869.S45 T543], Santa Barbara: A Photo Essay (1989) [Spec F869.S45 T88 1992] and Ventura County Companion (1998).


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