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Eastlake, William (1917-1997). Author who lived in Isla Vista for a while in the early 1970s and was a friend of Robert Easton. Works include: Portrait of an Artist with Twenty-Six Horses (1963) [Main PS3555.A7 P6], Castle Keep (1965), made into a 1969 film by Sydney Pollack [Main and Spec PS3555.A7 C37], The Bamboo Bed (1969) [Main PS3555.A7 B34 and Spec PS3555.A7 B36 1969], A Child’s Garden of Verses for the Revolution (1970) [Main PS3555.A7 C5], Dancers in the Scalp House (1975), The Long, Naked Descent into Boston (1977) [Main PS3555.A7 L6], Prettyfields: A Work in Progress (SB: Capra Press, 1987) [Spec PS3555.A7 P7 1987], and Lyric of the Circle Heart: The Bowman Family Trilogy (1996) [Main PS3555.A7 L97 1996]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 142.

Easton, Ellen. Santa Barbara resident and owner of the Easton Gallery. Works include: Ranchos: Santa Barbara Land Grant Ranches (Easton Gallery, 1996) [Arts AEC-82905 and Spec F868.S23 R353 1996], The Oak Group: The First Ten Years (Easton Press, 1996) [Arts Library/Art, General and Spec N8214.5.U6 O23 1996], Bjorn Rye: Paintings (Easton Gallery, 1998) [Arts Library/Art, Art Exhibition Catalogs AEC-84569].

*Easton, Robert Olney (1915-1999). Local writer of western fiction and non-fiction, as well as Black Tide (1972), an account of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill [SEL GC1556.E2 and Spec GC1556.E2 1972]. His local novel, The Hearing (1964), is set at Santa Barbara City College [Main PS3509.A7575 H42 1964 and Spec PS3555.A83 H4]. Other works include: The Happy Man (1943) [Main PS3555.A83 H36, Spec PS3509.A7575 H36, and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 E277 1993], Lord of Beasts (1961) with D. MacKenzie Brown [SEL, Spec, and Spec, Wyles SK17.J6 E3], Guns, Gold, and Caravans (SB: Capra Press 1978) [Spec, Wyles CT275.S3455 E2 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 E276 1978], This Promised Land (1982), about the Chumash [Spec PS3509.A7575 T5], Power and Glory (SB: Capra Press, 1989) [Spec PS3509.A7575 P69 1989 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 E2787 1989], Life and Work (1990) with David Russell [Spec PS3509.A7575 Z465 1990], Love and War: Pearl Harbor through V-J Day (1991), based on correspondence with his wife during WWII [Spec PS3509.A7575 Z482 1991], and Blood and Money (1998) [Spec PS3509.A7575 B58 1998]. Special also has a large collection of his papers (SBHC Mss 6). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 4, 108, 142, 225, 231.

Eaton, Margaret Holden (1876-1947). Santa Barbara resident and author of Diary of a Sea Captain’s Wife: Tales of Santa Cruz Island (McNally & Loftin, West, 1980) [Main and Spec F868.S23 E38 1980].

Ebenstein, William (1910-1976). Educator and author of numerous works on political philosophy, including Great Political Thinkers: Plato to the Present (1960) [Main JA36.E2 1960], Modern Political Thought, the Great Issues (1960) [Main JA36.E24 1960], and American Democracy in World Perspective (1967) [Spec JK261.A66]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A17.

Ehrlich, Gretel (1964- ). Grew up in Santa Barbara, also lived in and wrote about Wyoming. Friend of Noel Young, who published her early work. Later returned to Santa Barbara and much of A Match to the Heart (1994) is set here [PS3555.H72 Z475 1994]. Also wrote of her travels in Questions of Heaven: The Chinese Journeys of an American Buddhist (1997) [Main and Spec PS3555.H72 A3 1997], and Cowboy Island: Farewell to a Ranching Legacy (Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 2000), about Santa Rosa Island [Main and Spec F868.S23 E37 2000]. Other works include: Geode / Rock Body [Spec PS3555.H72 G46 1970 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C367 E37 1970], To Touch the Water (1981) [Main PS3555.H72 T6], The Solace of Open Spaces (1985) [Main PS3555.H72 Z476 1985], Heart Mountain (1988) [Asian Am. Studies and Spec PS3555.H72 H4 1988], Drinking Dry Clouds (1991) [Spec PS3555.H72 D75 1991], Arctic Heart (1992) [Main and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 E37 1992], Islands, the Universe, Home (1992) [Main PS3555.H72 I8 1992], Life in the Saddle (1995) [Spec SF301.L72 1995], Yellowstone: Land of Fire and Ice (1995) [Spec QH105.W8 E48 1995], John Muir: Nature’s Visionary (2000) [Spec QH31.M9 E47 2000], This Cold Heaven (2001) [SEL and Spec G743.E47 2001], and No Boundaries (2002). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 158-159.

*Ellerbe, Paul (1886-1968). Santa Barbara resident, author of short stories, novelettes, articles, verses, and essays. Special has some papers (Mss 151), including carbon-copy typescript of The Winds Are My Shelter: The Autobiography of a Comparatively Free Man (no published holdings found). See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964; Gilbar, Literary, 83, 112, 114, 196-198.

Ellis, Anne (1875-1938). Author of three autobiographical works; came to Santa Barbara in 1933 as an invalid and wrote last book, Sunshine Preferred (1934) [Spec CT275.E38515 A33 1984]. Earlier works include: The Life of an Ordinary Woman (1929) [Main and Spec, Wyles CT275.E38515 A3] and Plain Anne Ellis (1931) [Spec CT275.384 A32]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 72.

Ely, Ron (1938- ). Actor and writer of suspense novels set in Santa Barbara, such as Night Shadows (1994) [Spec PS3555.L93 N5 1994], and East Beach (1995) [Spec PS3555.L93 E27 1995]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 157; Gilbar, Stories, 10.

Emmons, Robert (1934- ). Montecito resident and poet. Works include: Other Places, Other Times (1973) [Spec PS3555.M5229 O84 1973], Love and Other Minor Tragedies (1980) [Spec PS3555.M5229 L69 1980], and The Road to Paradise (SB: Capra Press, 2003) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 E45 2003].

Enders, Jody (1955- ). UCSB professor of French, whose works include Rhetoric and the Origin of Medieval Drama (1992) [Main PN1751.E5 1992], The Medieval Theater of Cruelty: Rhetoric, Memory, Violence (1999) [Main PN1751.E49 1999], and Death by Drama and Other Medieval Urban Legends (2002) [Main PN1751.E48 2002].

Engelhardt, Zephyrin (1851-1934). Priest and author of numerous works on missions and Franciscans in California and elsewhere in the West, including: Santa Barbara Mission (1923) [Main and Spec F864.E65], San Buenaventura: The Mission by the Sea (1930) [Main F864.E586], Mission La Concepcion Purisima de Maria Santisima (Schauer Printing Studio, Mission Santa Barbara, 1932) [Main F864.E47 and Spec F864.E562], and Mission Santa Ines, Virgen y Martir, and Its Ecclesiastical Seminary (1932) [Spec F864.E569, Spec F869.S68 E54 1986, and Spec, Printers Z478.86.K54 1986]. Other works include: The Franciscans in California (1897) [Main BX3609.C2 E5 and Spec BX3609.A6 E5], The Franciscans in Arizona (1899) [Spec BX3609.A6 E5], The Missions and Missionaries of California (1908) [Main, Spec, and Spec, Wyles F864.E5 1908], The Holy Man of Santa Clara (1909) [SRLF and Spec BX4705.C34 E6], San Diego Mission (1920) [Main and Coleccion F864.E53], San Luis Rey Mission (1921) [Spec F864.E6], San Juan Capistrano Mission (1922) [Main and Coleccion F864.E553], San Francisco or Mission Dolores (1924) [Main, Coleccion, and Spec F864.E593], Un Misionero Santo (1924) [Coleccion and Spec BX4705.C34 E618], San Fernando Rey (1927) [Coleccion and Spec F864.E575], San Miguel Arcangel (1929) [Main F864.E56 and Spec F864.E62 1929], Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad (1929) [Main F864.E56], and San Antonio de Padua (1929) [Main F864.E56, Coleccion and Spec F864.E584], Mission San Juan Bautista (1931) [Main and Spec F864.E567], Mission San Luis Obispo in the Valley of the Bears (1933) [Main and Spec F864.E568], Mission San Carlos Borromeo (1934) [Main, Coleccion, and Spec F864.E563], and San Gabriel Mission and the Beginnings of Los Angeles (1986) [Main, Coleccion, and Spec F864.E594].

Esau, Katherine (1898-1997). UCSB Professor of Plant Biology, whose works include: Plant Anatomy (1953) [Spec QK671.E8], The Anatomy of Seed Plants (1960) [Spec QK641.E8 1977], Plants, Viruses, and Insects (1961) [Spec QK871.E7], Vascular Differentiation in Plants (1965) [Spec QK641.E79], and Viruses in Plant Hosts: Form, Distribution, and Pathologic Effects (1968) [SEL and Spec SB736.E77]. Special has a collection of her papers.

*Eschelbach, Claire John (1929- ). First Head of UCSB Special Collections and author of Aldous Huxley: A Bibliography, 1916-1959 (1961) [Main Z8430.2.E7 and Spec PR6015.U9 Z99 1961]. Special has material relating to writing of the book.

Eunson, Dale (1904-2002). Novelist, playwright, and screenwriter who retired to Santa Barbara. Works include: Homestead (1935); All Women Have Secrets (1939), a film from Paramount Pictures based on a Eunson story; Guest in the House (1942), a play, with Hagar Wilde, from a story by his wife Katherine Albert; The Day They Gave Babies Away (1947), made into the 1958 movie All Mine to Give by Allen Reisner [Spec PS3509.U5 D3 1947]; Up On the Rim (1970); and Philip’s Chair (1988) [Main PS3509.U5 P47 1988]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 155.

Evans, Robert. Ventura resident and poet, with “A 20th Century Don Quixote” published in the Santa Barbara Review.

*Exner, Richard (1929- ). UCSB Professor Emeritus of German, Germanic, Slavic & Semitic Studies, translator, critic, essayist, and poet. Works include: Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s “Lebenslied”; eine Studie (1964) [Main PT2617.O47 Z67], A Personal Prayer at Years End (1972) [Printers Z239.H49 E95 1972], and Alive or Dead: Poems (1975), a translation of Heinz Piontek [Spec PT2676.I55 T613 and Printers Z239.U315 P55 1975], Law and Disorder (1979), a translation of Günter Bruno Fuchs [Spec, Printers Z239.U315 F83 1979], Fast Ein Gesprach: Gedichte (1980) [Main PT2665.X54 F37], Mit Rauchloser Flamme: Gedichte (1982) [Main PT2665.X54 M5], On the Limits of Knowing the Holocaust (1994) [Main and Spec PN56.H55 E895 1984], Aus Lettern Ein Floss: Gedichte (1985) [Main PT2665.X54 A88 1985], Stätten: Gedicht-Zyklus (1988) [Spec PT2665.X54 S73 1988], Ein Halber Himmel (1988) [Main PT2665.X54 H34], Die Nacht (1990) [Spec PT2665.X54 N32 1990], Gedichte 1953-1991 (1994) [Main PT2665.X54 A17 1994], and Die Zunge als Lohn: Gedichte 1991-1995 (1996) [Main PT2665.X54 Z43 1996]. Special also has a large collection of his papers (UArch FacP 12). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 104.


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