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Ingram, Katie. Santa Barbara resident, writer of poetry and prose. Co-founder of the Santa Barbara Poetry Festival.

Irvine, Alexander (1863-1941). Moved to Santa Barbara in 1920, left for Hollywood in 1937. Author of From the Bottom Up: The Life Story of Alexander Irvine (1910) [Spec HX84.I7 A3], The Souls of Poor Folk (1921), The Carpenter and Some Educated Gentlemen (1921), The Carpenter and His Kingdom (1922), My Lady of the Chimney Corner (1922) [Spec PS3517.R8 M8 1922 and Printers Z239.I7 M9], A Yankee With the Soldiers of the King (1923), A Fighting Parson (1930) [SRLF BV3785.I7 A3], Anna’s Wishing Chair, and Other Chimney Corner Stories (1937), My Cathedral: A Vision of Friendship (1945), and The Chimney Corner Revisited (1984) [Main PS3517.R8 C45 1984] See also: Gilbar, Literary, 62.

Irwin, Merle (1897-1985). Santa Barbara resident and author of Joyful Journey (1981) [Main and Spec BR1725.I79 A34 1981].

Isham, Mary Otis (1874-1971). Montecito resident, author of What’s in a Name? A Story of My Rose Garden (1938) [Printers Z478.86.S33 I75].

*Isherwood, Christopher (1904-1986). An early UCSB Libraries Corle lecturer, who had been visiting Santa Barbara regularly since 1944. Special has numerous first editions. He wrote A Single Man (1964) while teaching here [Main PR6017.S79 S5 and Spec PR6017.S5 S55] and My Guru and His Disciple (1970) contains descriptions of Santa Barbara and Montecito [Spec PR6017.S5 Z514 1980 and Spec, ARC PR6017.S5 Z514 1981]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 86-87, 185.

Iyer, Pico (1957- ). Travel writer, novelist, and literary critic who has lived in Santa Barbara off and on for most of his life. Got his start writing for the Santa Barbara News & Review. Works include Video Night in Kathmandu, and Other Reports from the Not-So-Far East (1988) [Main and Spec DS10.I87 1988], The Lady and The Monk: Four Seasons in Kyoto (1991) [Spec DS897.K84 I95 1991], Falling Off the Map: Some Lonely Places of the World (1993) [Spec G465.I94 1993], the novel Cuba and the Night (1995) [Spec PS3559.Y47 C8 1995], Tropical Classical: Essays from Several Directions (1997) [Main and Spec PS3559.Y47 T76 1997], Global Soul (2000) [Spec G530.I97 I97 2000], Abandon (2003) [Spec PS3559.Y47 A64 2003], and Sun After Dark: Flights into the Foreign (2004) [Spec G465.I95 2004]. His parents (Raghavan and Nandini), both taught at UCSB. See also: Gilbar, Tales, 171; Gilbar, Literary, 105.

Iyer, Raghavan Narasimhan (1930-1995). Taught at UCSB and was author of a number of religious and philosophical works, which include: The Glass Curtain Between Asia and Europe (1965) [Main CB251.I9], The Moral and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi (1973) [Main DS481.G3 I94 and Spec JC273.G28 I9 1973], Parapolitics: Toward the City of Man (1979) [Main JA71.I94], Novus Ordo Seclorum (SB: Concord Grove Press, 1980) [Spec, ARC JA71.I937 1980], The Jewel in the Lotus (SB: Concord Grove Press, 1983) [Spec, ARC BL624.J49 1983], and The Society of the Future (SB: Concord Grove Press, 1984) [Spec, ARC BF637.S4 I93 1984]. He was also associated with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions and Special has a large collection of the Center’s materials (Mss 18). Father of Pico Iyer. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 105.


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