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St. James, Elaine. Santa Barbara resident and author of Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter (1994), as well as numerous spin-off titles.

St. Omer, Garth. Member of UCSB English department faculty. Author of Shades of Grey (1968) [Black Studies PR6069.A426 S52], A Room on the Hill (1968) [Main and Black Studies PR6069.A426 R66], Nor Any Country (1969) [Main and Black Studies PR6069.A426 N67],  J—, Black Bam, and the Masqueraders (1972) [Main PR6069.A426 J24], and The Lights on the Hill (1986) [Main and Black Studies PR6069.A426 L53 1986]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 150.

Sanborn, Kate (1839-1917). Wrote about her stay in Santa Barbara in A Truthful Woman in Southern California (1893) [Spec F867.S3 1893]. See also: Gilbar, Tales, 49.

Sanchez, Thomas (1944- ). Montecito resident and author whose works include: Rabbit Boss (1973) [Main PS3569.A469 R32 and Spec PS3569.A469 R33 1973], Starman and the Two Sisters (Noel Young, 1974) [Spec PS3569.A469 S73], Four Visions of America (Capra, 1977) [Spec PS129.F64 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 F697 1977], Zoot-Suit Murders (1978) [Main and Coleccion PS3569.A469 Z66], Native Notes From the Land of Earthquake & Fire (Mackintosh and Young, 1979) [Spec, Printers Z239.S2226 S35 1979], Angels Burning: Native Notes From the Land of Earthquake & Fire (Capra, 1987) [Spec F866 .S198 1987], Mile Zero (1989) [Main, Coleccion, and Spec PS3569.A469 M55 1989], Day of the Bees (2000) [Main PS3569.A469 D39 2000]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 148.

Sanders, Jeff. Santa Barbara resident, freelance writer and journalist, frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine.

Sandoval, Chela (1956- ). UCSB associate professor of Chicano Studies, whose works include Methodology of the Oppressed (2000) [Women’s Studies HM449.S27 2000] and The Chicano Studies Reader: An Anthology of Aztlán, 1970-2000 (2001) [Coleccion E184.M5 C458 2001].

*Sanford, John B. (1904-2003). Montecito resident and acclaimed author of numerous works, including The Old Man’s Place (1935) [Spec PS3537.A694 O53 1935], Seventy Times Seven (1939) [Spec PS3537.A694 S4 1939], The People from Heaven (1943) [Spec PS3537.A694 P46 1943], A Man Without Shoes (1951) [Spec, Printers Z239.P53 S26 1951], Every Island Fled Away (1964) [Spec PS3537.A694 E84 1964], The $300 Man (1967) [Spec PS3537.A694 T47 1967], A More Goodly Country: A Personal History of America (1975) [Spec and Spec, Wyles PS3537.A694 M67], Adirondack Stories (1976) [Spec PS3556.A694 A65 1976 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 S252 1976], View from This Wilderness: American Literature as History (SB: Capra, 1977) [Spec PS3537.A694 V5 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 S254 1977], To Feed Their Hopes: A Book of American Women (1980) [Main and Spec 3537.A694 T6], The Winters of That Country: Tales of the Man-Made Seasons (SB: Black Sparrow, 1984) [Spec PS3537.A694 W5 1984], Scenes From the Life of an American Jew, 5 vols. (Black Sparrow, 1985-1991) [Spec PS3537.A694 Z464], Maggie: A Love Story (1993), about his wife, screenwriter Marguerite Roberts [Spec PS3537.A694 Z463 1993], The View from Mt. Morris: A Harlem Boyhood (1994) [Spec PS3537.A694 Z47 1994], We Have a Little Sister: Marguerite, the Midwest Years (SB: Capra, 1995) [Spec PS3537.A694 Z86 1995 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 S255 1995], Intruders in Paradise (1997) [Main and Spec PS3537.A694 I55 1997], and A Palace of Silver (SB: Capra, 2003) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 S2534 2003]. Special has several signed, first editions as well as correspondence to Robert W. Smith (Mss 34).

Santa Barbara County (Calif.) Board of Supervisors. Titles include: The Santa Barbara County Court House: 1929 (SB: Schauer Printing Studio, 1931) [Main F869.S23 S35, Spec F869.S45 S49 1931, and Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 S244 1931]. A 1975 reproduction was printed also.

Santa Barbara County Water Agency. Titles include: A Water History and the Cachuma Project (1949). [Spec F868.S23 S327 1949].

Santa Barbara Foundation. Philanthropic organization founded in 1928. Titles include: Santa Barbara Foundation: 75 Years of Philanthropy (2002) [Spec HV25.S3335 2002].

Santa Barbara Historical Society. Titles include: Noticias Occasional Papers, 1961-1969 [Main E1.N671 and Spec F869.S23 N63], Noticias: Quarterly Bulletin of the Santa Barbara Historical Society, (1955- ) [Main E1.N67 and Spec F869.S23 N6], Survivors: A Look at Some of the Victorian Architecture of Central Santa Barbara (1979) [Arts NA7238.S36 S9].

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Titles include: Journal of the Museum of Comparative Oology, 1919-1922 [SEL QH71.S35 J6]; Annual Report, 1926-1997 [SEL QH71.S35 A15]; Occasional Papers, (1932- ); Contributions in Science, 1970-1971 [SEL QH104.5.W4 S26]; [SEL and Spec QH2.S3], The California Islands: Proceedings of a Multidisciplinary Symposium (1980) [SEL QH105.C2 C35]; Bulletin, No. 75 (Aug. 1984) [SEL QH1.M86]; Maps of the Channel Islands (1985) [Spec G4362.C43 1985 .S35].

Santa Barbara Poetry Festival.

Santa Barbara Review. Literary magazine, 1993-1999, which featured work by numerous local authors, including Christopher Buckley, Barnaby Conrad, Brian Fagan, J.F. Freedman, Walter Hopmans, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Shelly Lowenkopf, Dennis Lynds, Gayle Lynds, and John Sanford. Edited by Shelly Lowenkopf (1993-1994), Patricia Stockton Leddy (1994-1999), and Mediha Saliba [co-editor] (1996-1997).

Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 152-153.

Santa Barbara Writers Lunch. See also: SB News-Press, Dec. 25, 1987, p. 21.

Sargeant, Georgia (1946- ). Santa Barbara-based freelance journalist, frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine.

Saunders, Charles Francis (1859-1941). Naturalist and author of The California Padres and Their Missions (1915) with J. Smeaton Chase [Main and Spec F864.S35 1915], The Southern Sierras of California (1923) [Spec F867.S25], The Wild Gardens of Old California, With Etchings by Edward Borein (SB: W. Hebberd, 1927) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.H42 S28 1927].

Savage, Christine E. (1949- ). Santa Barbara resident, professional historian, and author of New Deal Adobe: The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Reconstruction of Mission La Purísima, 1934-1942 (SB: Fithian Press, 1991) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.F583 S293 1991].

Savage, Mary (1926- ). Santa Barbara resident and novelist whose works include: Tenderly, My Love (1960) [Spec PS3569.A828 T45 1960], Just for Tonight (1961), A Likeness to Voices (1963), The Coach Draws Near (1967), and the autobiographical Addicted to Suicide: A Woman Struggling to Live (SB: Capra, 1975) [Main and Spec PS3569.A828 A7 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 S29]. Wife of Davis Dresser. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964.

Savory, Teo (1909-1989). Santa Barbara resident and author of poetry and fiction, in addition to editing with Unicorn Press. Works include: The Landscape of Dreams (1960) [Main PS3569.A83 L3], The Single Secret (1961) [Main PS3569.A83 S5], A Penny for the Guy (1963) [Spec PS3569.A85 P46], A Penny for His Pocket (1963) [Main PS3569.A83 P4], Traveler’s Palm (1967), Snow Vole (1968) [Spec PS3569.A83 S6 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.U55 S287 1968], To a High Place (1972) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.U55 S288 1972], Transitions (1973) [Main and Spec PS3569.A85 T66 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.U55 S289 1973], Dragons of Mist and Torrent: The Canons of Hsieh Ho (1974) [Spec PS3569.A85 D7 and Spec, Printers Z239.U315 S284 1974], Stonecrop: The Country I Remember (1977) [Spec, Printers Z239.U315 S288 1977], A Childhood (1978) [Spec, Printers Z239.U315 S283 1978], To Raise a Rainbow (1980) [Main PS3569.A85 T62], West to East: Tales of the Twenties and Thirties (1989) [Main PS3569.A85 W47 1989]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 131.

Sayles, John (1950- ). Screenwriter and film director. Lived in Santa Barbara in 1976-1977 and wrote several short stories while here, including “Old Spanish Days,” set during the Santa Barbara Fiesta. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 156; Gilbar, Stories, 11.

Schaefer, Jack (1907-1991). Author of Shane (1949), lived in Santa Barbara for a few years in the 1970s. Works from that time include: Conversations With a Pocket Gopher (SB: Capra, 1978) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.C36 S34 1978]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 142.

Schiller, Maurece (1901-1994). Santa Barbara resident and author of Stock Market Profits Through Special Situations (1964) [Main HG4921.S3]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Schneidau, Barbara. Author of A Guide to Old Santa Barbara: The Spanish & Mexican Periods (Goleta: Triple R Press, 1977) [Spec F869.S45 S583 1977].

Schott, Max (1935- ). English professor at the UCSB College of Creative Studies. His grandfather, also Max Schott, was a prominent Santa Barbara resident from the early part of the 20th century. Younger Schott’s works include: Up Where I Used to Live (1978) [Main PS3569.C5263 U6], Murphy’s Romance (1980), made into a 1985 movie by Martin Ritt [Main and Spec, Wyles PS3569.C5263 M87; also a Capra Press edition, Spec PS3569.C5263 M8 1983], and Ben (1990) [Main PS3569.C52828 B4 1990]. Also, as a UCSB graduate student in English in the 1960s, contributor to Spectrum, the UCSB student literary magazine. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 128-129; Gilbar, Stories, 11.

Schumacher, Raoul (1907-1962). Montecito resident and Hollywood ghostwriter, third husband of Beryl Markham and probable author of her memoir West With the Night (1942) [Main DT425.M3 1942].

Schurman, Dewey (1943- ). Montecito resident, writer for the Santa Barbara News-Press, frequent contributor to Santa Barbara and Volleyball magazines. Author of Volleyball (1974), Athletic Fitness: The Athlete’s Guide to Training and Conditioning (1975) [Main GV711.5.S38 1975], Headlines: A History of Santa Barbara from the Pages of Its Newspapers, 1855-1982 (1982) [Main and Spec F869.S45 H38 1982].

Sclar, Deanna. Santa Barbara resident, consumer advocate, and author of Auto Repair for Dummies (1976), House Mates: a Practical Guide to Living with Other People (1985) with Teona Tone [Spec HQ975.5.T66 1985], and Buying a Car for Dummies (1998). Member of SB Writers Lunch. See also: SB News-Press, Dec. 25, 1987, p. 21.

Screenwriters Association of Santa Barbara. Active local writers group. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 156.

Searls, Hank (1922- ). Santa Barbara resident in the 1970s, whose mystery-suspense novel Firewind (1981) is based on the Sycamore Canyon fire and features several Santa Barbara area locales [Main PS3569.E18 F57]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 149-150.

Sedgwick, Francis Minturn (1904-1967). “Duke” Sedgwick was a banker, sculptor, rancher, and novelist. Long association with former UCSB Chancellor Vernon Cheadle. Author of The Rim (1945) [Spec PS3537.E225 R54 1945] and Power and Purity (1961) [Main PS3537.E443 P6 and Spec PS3537.E443 P6 1961]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 125-126.

Sena, Jorge de (1919-1978). Poet, playwright, lecturer, and UCSB professor of Spanish and Portuguese in the 1970s. Born in Lisbon, moved to Brazil in 1959, then to the US in 1965. Author of numerous works, mostly in Portuguese, including: Coroa da terra (1946) [Main PQ9261.S337 C6], The Poetry of Jorge de Sena: A Bilingual Selection (SB: Mudborn, 1980) [Main and Spec PQ9261.S337 A2 1980], By the Rivers of Babylon, and Other Stories (1989) [Main PQ9261.S337 A2 1989], Metamorphoses (1991) [Main PQ9261.S337 M414 1991], Jorge de Sena: 100 and More Poems: A Bilingual Selection (UCSB Bookstore Custom Pub, 1998) [Main PQ9261.S337 A28 1998], Signs of Fire (1999) [Main PQ9261.S337 S5513 1999]. See also: In the Beginning There Was Jorge de Sena’s Genesis: The Birth of a Writer (1991) by Francisco Cota Fagundes [Main PQ9261.S337 G434 1991]; Gilbar, Literary, 102-103.

Senate, Richard L. (1948- ). Ventura resident and ghost hunter. Author of Ghosts of the Haunted Coast (Ventura: Pathfinder Publishing, 1986) with Eugene D. Wheeler and Patricia Pederson [Spec BF1472.U6 S46 1986]; Historical Map of Santa Barbara County (Pathfinder, 1986) with Eugene D. Wheeler and Patricia Pedersen [MIL 3853.S3 1952 .S3]; Historical Map of Ventura County (Pathfinder, 1986) with Eugene D. Wheeler and Patricia Pedersen [MIL 3853.V4 S1 1986 .S4]; The Haunted Southland: Haunted Sites in Southern California (Ventura: Charon Press, 1993) [Spec GR110.C3 S46 1994]; Erle Stanley Gardner’s Ventura: The Birthplace of Perry Mason (Charon, 1996) [Spec PS3513.A6322 Z88 1996]; and Ghost Stalker’s Guide to Haunted California (Charon, 1998) [Spec BF1472.U6 S45 1998].

Sharp, Kathleen. Santa Barbara resident and author of In Good Faith: The Inside Story of Prudential-Bache’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Scandal (1995), Mr. & Mrs. Hollywood: Edie and Lew Wasserman and their Entertainment Empire (2003) [Main PN2287.W4525 S537 2003], and Stalking the Beast: How King Kong Super-Sized Hollywood (2006) as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

Sheinbaum, Stanley K. (1920- ). More closely associated with LA, but he was a resident of Santa Barbara for some time while associated with CSDI and ran for Congress in this district. Publishes New Perspectives Quarterly, which superseded The Center Magazine. There is Sheinbaum material in several parts of the CSDI Collection (Mss 18) as well as a collection of his own papers (Mss 217).

Sheldon, Henry Hargrave (1883-1977). Santa Barbara resident and author of The Deer of California (SB Museum of Natural History, 1933) [SEL QH2.S3 no.3 and Spec QL737.U55 S544 1933] and Northwest Corner: Oregon and Washington, the Last Frontier (1948) [Annex F852 .S4].

Shelton, Ron (1945- ). Screenwriter and film director, grew up in and still frequents Santa Barbara. Films include Bull Durham (1988) [screenplay, Main PN1997.B79285 1987], White Men Can’t Jump (1992) and Cobb (1994). See also: Gilbar, Literary, 156.

Shively, Douglas (1896-1991). Santa Paula resident and author of Recollections of a Country Banker (Santa Paula, 1979) [Spec CT275.S48828 S55 1979].

Silva, Joe. Author of Honda (1986), about the 1923 U.S. Navy shipwrecks off the coast of Lompoc.

Simmons, J. L. [Jerry Laird] (1933- ). Santa Barbara resident and UCSB faculty member. Author of It’s Happening: A Portrait of the Youth Scene Today. (SB: Marc-Laird Publications, 1967) [Main and Spec HQ799.7.S5], Marihuana: Myths and Realities (1967) [Main HV5822.M3 S5], Deviants (1969) [Main HM291.S56], Identities and Interactions: An Examination of Human Associations in Everyday Life (1978) with George J. McCall [Main HM291.M25 1978], Social Research: The Craft of Finding Out (1985) with George J. McCall, Future Lives: A Fearless Guide to Our Transition Times (1990), The Emerging New Age (1990) [Spec, ARC BP605.N48 S55 1990], 76 Ways to Protect Your Child From Crime (1992) with George J. McCall [Spec HV6250.4.C48 S56 1992], and 67 Ways to Protect Seniors From Crime (1993).

Sipper, Ralph B. (1932- ). Santa Barbara resident, founder and proprietor of Joseph the Provider Books. Works include Three Santa Barbara Authors and a Bookseller (SB: Cordelia Editions, 1982) [Spec PS285.S33 S56 1982], Kenneth Millar, 1915-1983 (1983) [Spec PS3525.I486 Z865 1983], Inward Journey: Ross Macdonald (1984) [Main and Spec PS3525.I486 Z7 1984], Larry Moskowitz: A Man of Esprit (SB: Cordelia Editions, 1986) [Printers Z478.86.M33 S56 1986], and A Checklist of the Works of Peter Whigham: With a Memoir of the Poet (SB: Joseph the Provider, 1987) [Spec PR6073.H46 Z99 1987].

Smart, Ninian (1927-2001). UCSB Professor of Religion and J. F. Rowny Professor of Comparative Religions. Author of numerous works such as Reasons and Faiths (1958) [Main BL51.S57], Doctrine and Argument in Indian Philosophy (1964) [Main B131.S57], The Yogi and the Devotee: The Interplay Between the Upanishads and Catholic Theology (1968) [Main BR128.H5 S6], Secular Education and the Logic of Religion (1968) [Main BL41.S6], The Religious Experience of Mankind (1969) [Main BL80.2.S6], Philosophers and Religious Truth (1970) [Main BL51.S569], The Philosophy of Religion (1970) [Main BL51.S5695], The Phenomenon of Religion (1973) [Main BL48.S592 1973], The Science of Religion and the Sociology of Knowledge: Some Methodological Questions (1973) [Main BL48.S5923], In Search of Christianity (1979) [Main BR481.S585], The Phenomenon of Christianity (1979) [Main BR121.2.S57], Beyond Ideology: Religion and the Future of Western Civilization (1981) [Main BL80.2.S593 1981], Worldviews: Cross-Cultural Explorations of Human Beliefs (1983) [Main BL80.2.S62 1983], Nineteenth Century Religious Thought in the West (1985) [Main BL98.N56 1985], Prophet of a New Hindu Age: The Life and Times of Acharya Pranavananda (1985) [Main BL1175.P72 S62 1985], Concept and Empathy (1986) [Main BL51.S567 1986], Religion and the Western Mind (1987) [Main BL41.S596 1987], The World’s Religions (1989) [Main BL80.2.S615 1989], Christian Systematic Theology in a World Context (1991) with Steven Konstantine [Main BT75.2.S57 1991], Buddhism and Christianity: Rivals and Allies (1993) [Main BR128.B8 S59 1993], Religions of Asia (1993) [Main BL1032.S737 1993], Religions of the West (1994) [Main BL80.2.S623 1994], Choosing a Faith (1995) [Main BL80.2.S594 1995], Dimensions of the Sacred: An Anatomy of the World’s Beliefs (1996) [Main BL48.S591 1996], Smart Verse: The Owl Flies Amid the Wood Wind Hooting (SB: Fithian Press, 1996) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.F583 S634 1996], and Reflections in the Mirror of Religion (1997) [Main BL41.S58 1997]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 104.

Smith, Clifton F. (1920-1999). Santa Barbara resident whose works include: A Flora of Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, 1952) [Spec QK149.S62 1952], and A Flora of the Santa Barbara Region, California (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1976) [SEL QK149.S63]. See also: A Celebration of Clifton F. Smith’s Life 1920-1999: A Santa Barbara Native Son (1999) by Dennis Kruska [Spec QK31.S565 K78 1999] and A Collection of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura: Pamphlets and Ephemera (2003) edited by Dennis Kruska and Stuart F. Robinson [Spec F868.S23 C6444 2003].

Smith, Eric R. A. N. UCSB Professor of Political Science. Author of The Unchanging American Voter (1989) [Main JK1967.S65 1989] and Energy, the Environment, and Public Opinion (2002) [SEL TD195.E49 S66 2002].

Smith, Julie (1944- ). Detective writer, Edgar Award winner, one-time Santa Barbara resident, and member of the SB Writers Lunch. Author of works such as Death Turns a Trick (1982), Sourdough Wars (1984), True-Life Adventure (1985), Tourist Trap (1986), Huckleberry Fiend (1987), New Orleans Mourning (1990), The Axeman’s Jazz (1991), Dead in the Water (1991), Jazz Funeral (1993) [Main PS3569.M537553 J39 1993], Other People’s Skeletons (1993), New Orleans Beat (1994) [Spec PS3569.M537553 N47 1994], House of Blues (1995) [Spec PS3569.M537553 H68 1995], The Kindness of Strangers (1996) [Spec PS3569.M537553 K56 1996], Crescent City Kill (1997), 82 Desire (unrevised proofs, 1998) [Spec PS3569.M537553 A8499 1998], Mean Rooms (2000), Louisiana Hotshot (2001), Louisiana Bigshot (2002). See also: SB News-Press, Dec. 25, 1987, SB News-Press, Feb. 25, 1992, D1; 21; Gilbar, Literary, 161.

Smith, Michael. Editor of Santa Barbara Magazine (1995-2000) and also frequent contributor.

Smith, Richard Jay [Dick] (1920-1977). Santa Barbara resident, naturalist, and artist. Works include: California’s Back Country: Mountains and Trails of Santa Barbara County (SB: McNally and Loftin, 1962), with Frank Van Schaick [Spec F868.S23 S6], Beachwalker’s Guide (SB: McNally and Loftin, 1964), with Frank Van Schaick [SEL QH91.5.S63 and Spec QH91.5.S6], California Condor: Vanishing American (Charlotte, NC: McNally & Loftin, 1964), with Robert O. Easton [SEL QL696.A2 S5 and Spec QL696.F33 S58 1964], Condor Journal: The History, Mythology, and Reality of the California Condor (SB: Capra Press/Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1978) [SEL and Spec QL696.F33 S62 1978]. See also: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

Smith, Robert. See: SB News-Press, July 5, 1991.

Smith, Sidney J. Santa Barbara resident and author of Before Saying Yes to Marriage: 101 Questions to Ask Yourself (2000) [Spec HQ801 .S657 2000].

*Sollen, Robert (1921- ). Santa Barbara resident, journalist, and author of An Ocean of Oil (1998) [Main and Spec HD9567.C2 S65 1998]. Special Collections also has the Robert Sollen Collection (SBHC Mss 33), focusing on the development of the local oil industry and efforts of environmental groups to contain it.

Soltysik, Fred (1947- ). Goleta resident and author of In Search of a Sister (1976) about his sister, Patricia, a Symbionese Liberation Army member [Main and Spec F866.2.S58 S64]; also, editor of Pacific Rim Review [Spec PS501.P25]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 154.

Southworth, John Reginald (1866-1947). Author of several works on Santa Barbara, including: Santa Barbara and Montecito: Past and Present (SB: Orena Studios, 1920) [Spec F869.S23 S6 1920], Los adobes antiguos de Santa Barbara (SB: Schauer, 1921) [Spec F869.S45 A336 1921], Viva Santa Barbara (SB, 1946) [Spec F869.S45 S72], Historic Adobes of Santa Barbara, California (SB: News-Press Commercial Printers, c.1990) [Spec F869.S45 S685 1990z].

Spaulding, Edward Selden (1891-1982). Headmaster of Laguna Blanca School; wrote about the Santa Barbara area in works such as Common Birds of Santa Barbara (1928) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 S63 1928 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.E18 S63 1935], Wild Oats and Chaparral (1944) [SEL, Spec, Wyles QH81.S6 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 S67 1944], The Quails (1949) [Spec SK325.Q2 S6], Santa Barbara Club: A History (SB: Schauer Printing, 1954) [Main and Spec F869.S45 S83 1954 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.S33 S66 1954], Adobe Days Along the Channel (1957) [Main F868.S23 S6 and Spec F868.S23 S635 1957], A Brief Story of Santa Barbara (SB: Santa Barbara Historical Society, c.1964) [Main F869.S23 S65 and Spec F869.S45 S8], Santa Barbara 1898-1925, As Seen by a Boy (1966) [Spec F869.S45 S82], Venison and a Breath of Sage (SB: W.T. Genns, 1967) [Main PS3537.P38 V4, Spec PS3537.P32 V45 and Spec, Wyles PZ4.S7375 V45 1967], Deer (1968) [SEL and Spec QL737.U5 S6], Camping in Our Mountains: Reminiscences (Schauer Printing, c.1970) [Spec F868.L83 S65], and Here and There and Everywhere (SB: W.T. Genns, c.1970) [Spec PS3537.P38 H47 1970z]. Editor of Noticias. Sources: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16; Gilbar, Tales, 39.

*Spectrum. UCSB student literary magazine, with submissions by several UCSB faculty and other well-known authors. University Archives has a complete run of the magazines and manuscripts for ca. 1957-1979.

Spencer, Russ (1960- ). Santa Barbara-based freelance writer and journalist, frequent contributor to Santa Barbara Magazine.

Staats, Henry Philip (1900-1971). Author of Californian Architecture in Santa Barbara (1929) [Arts NA735.S3 S7].

Stabiner, Karen. One-time writer for Santa Barbara News & Review, now a journalist and author in Los Angeles. Works include: Limited Engagements (1979), her first novel [Spec PS3521.I5856 T5], Courting Fame: The Perilous Road to Women’s Tennis Stardom (1987), Inventing Desire: Inside Chiat/Day: The Hottest Shop, the Coolest Players, the Big Business of Advertising (1993), To Dance With the Devil: The New War on Breast Cancer Politics, Power, and People (1997), The Valentino Cookbook (2001), and All Girls: Single-Sex Education and Why It Matters (2002) [Main LB3067.4 .S82 2002]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 144.

Stanton, Carey (1923-1987). Santa Cruz Island resident whose works include: An Island Memoir (Santa Cruz Island Company, 1984), from an address delivered before the Zamorano Club on March 2, 1983 [Spec F868.S23 S73 1984] and Santa Cruz Island Anthology (Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 1989), with Helen Caire and Marla Daily [Spec F868.S23 S3268 1989].

Stassinopoulos, Arianna. See Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos.

Stegner, Wallace (1909-1993). Lived in Santa Barbara in 1944-1945; worked on One Nation (1945) while here [Main and Coleccion E184.A1 S77]. Sources: Gilbar, Literary, 218; Gilbar, Stories, 10-11.

Stein, Jean. Author of Edie: An American Biography (1982), with George Plimpton, on Santa Barbara resident Edie Sedgwick [Main PN2887.S83 1982 and Spec PN2887.S83 1982b].

Steinkellner, William (1949- ). Montecito resident, television producer, and author of Postcards from the Moon (SB: John Daniel, 2000) [Spec PS3569.T37928 P67 2000].

Stephens, Alan Archer (1925- ). Poet, UCSB Professor of English, and Faculty Advisor during the 1960s to Spectrum, the UCSB student literary magazine. Works include: The Sum (1958) [Main and Spec PS3537.T347 S8], Between Matter and Principle (1963) [Main and Spec PS3537.T828 B4], As It Happens (SB: Hare Press, 1967) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.H37 S74 1967], The Heat Lightning (1967) [Spec PS3537.T828 H4], Two Poems (SB: Hare Press, 1967) [Spec, Printers Z478.86.H37 S745 1967], Tree Meditation, and Others (1970) [Main PS3537.T828 T7 1970 and Spec PS3537.T828 T7], White River Poems (1976) [Main PS3537.T347 W5], In Plain Air: Poems 1958-1980 (1982) [Main PS3537.T347 I5 1982], Stubble Burning (1988), The White Boat, and Some Other Poems (1995) [Spec, Printers Z239.B784 S84 1995], and Away From the Road (1998) [Main PS3537.T347 A95 1998]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 102.

Stevenson, Fanny Van de Grift (1840-1914). Author who moved to the Montecito estate “Stonehedge” in 1908.  Works include: More New Arabian Nights: The Dynamiter (1885) [Spec PR5484.N6 1885], with her husband Robert Louis Stevenson, The Cruise of the “Janet Nichol” Among the South Sea Islands: A Diary of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson (1914) [Spec PR5495.S74], and Our Samoan Adventure (1955) [Spec PR5499.S1 Z5 1955]. See also: Nellie Van de Grift Sanchez, The Life of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson (1920) [Spec PR5499.S1 Z8]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 244-245.

Stewart, Dean. Santa Barbara resident and local historian. Co-compiler, with Steven Gilbar, of Tales of Santa Barbara (1994) [Spec PS572.S35 T35 1994 and Spec, Printers Z478.86 J63 T35 1994] and Published and Perished: Memoria, Eulogies, and Remembrances of American Writers (2002) [Spec PS135.P83 2002]. Also co-author, with Steven Gilbar, of Literary Santa Barbara (1998) [Spec, Printers Z478.86 K54 G55 1998]. See also: Gilbar, Tales, iv.

Stockton, Bayard (1930- ). Journalist and author of Phoenix with a Bayonet: A Journalist’s Interim Report on the Greek Revolution (1971) [Spec, Bernath DF852.S73], Nuclear Power: Protest and Violence (1978) with Peter Janke, Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe (1989) [Spec, ARC BF1027.M65 S76 1989], Out of the Blue: Wild Cards & Other Big Future Surprises (1997), and Nothing to Fear (1999) with Jefferey Modic [Spec PS3563.O2652 N68 2000].  Special has a Bayard Stockton Collection (ARC Mss 17), mainly containing Monroe and other New Age materials, as well as the Bayard Stockton Papers (Bernath Mss 174), relating primarily to his research for Flawed Patriot: The Rise and Fall of CIA Legend Bill Harvey [Spec JK468.I6 S75 2006].

Stockton, Georgia. Summerland resident and author of La Carpinteria (1960) [Main and Spec F869.C37 S7].

Stone, Gayle. See Lynds, Gayle.

Storke, Carol E. Santa Barbara resident and editor of California Vaquero Traditions: Luis B. Ortega, Master Rawhide Artisan (2000) [Spec CT275.O7173 C34 2000] and Bits and Spurs: Two Centuries of Fine Metal Craftsmanship from the Central Coast (2002) with Anne Petersen [Spec GT5888.S767 2002]. Daughter of Charles A. Storke II.

Storke, Charles A. (1847-1936). Santa Barbara resident and author of The English Storkes in America (SB: News-Press Publishing Co., 1936) [Spec CS71.S685 1936 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.N49 S86 1936]. Briefly married to Yda Addis in the early 1890s. Father of Thomas M. Storke. Special has the Charles A. Storke Collection (SBHC Mss 40).

*Storke, Charles A., II (1911-1998). Montecito resident, newspaperman, businessman. Son of Thomas M. Storke. Special has the Charles A. Storke, II Collection (SBHC Mss 38).

*Storke, Thomas M. (1876-1971). Santa Barbara newspaper publisher and Pultizer Prize winner, wrote about his life in California Editor (1958) [Main and Spec F869.S23 S67]. Also author of I Write for Freedom (1962) [Spec PN4874.S73 A32 1962]. Special has a small Thomas M. Storke Collection (SBHC Mss 37), but a larger collection is at the UCB Bancroft Library. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 123-124.

Storke, Yda Addis. See Addis, Yda.

Stowe, Charles Edward (1850-1934). Santa Barbara resident and author of Rhymes From the Santa Barbara Hills (1920) [Spec PS3537.T889 R48]. The son of Harriet Beecher Stowe, his other works include: Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Compiled From Her Letters and Journals (1889) [Main PS2956.A5 1889a] and Harriet Beecher Stowe: The Story of Her Life (1911), with Lyman Beecher Stowe [Spec, Wyles PS2956.S7]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 58.

Stracke, Bruno M. (1893-1977). Santa Barbara resident and author of Farewell, Little Mother Russia (1955) [Spec PS3537.T7755 F37].

Strong, Susan. Santa Barbara resident and author of The Greatness of Girls: Famous Women Talk About Growing Up (2001) [Spec HQ798.S825 2001].

Stump, Al (1917-1995). Santa Barbara resident, magazine writer, and author of several works on sports figures. Works include: Champions Against Odds (1952) [Main GV697.A1 S8], My Life in Baseball: The True Record (1961) with Ty Cobb [Spec GV865.C6 A3 1961], and Cobb: A Biography (1994) [Spec GV865.C6 S78 1994]. Portrayed by actor Robert Wuhl in Ron Shelton’s film Cobb (1994). See: SB News-Press, Mar. 15, 1964, A16.

*Sub-stance. Journal of French literature, with connections to UCSB. Special has manuscript holdings (Mss 158).

Sutherland, Elizabeth (1946- ). Santa Barbara resident and poet. Author of Mouth of the Whale (SB: Mudborn, 1979) [Spec PS3569.U82 M6 and Spec, Printers Z478.86.M83 S98 1979]. See also: Gilbar, Literary, 146.


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