Late Night Study Begins at 6PM for Dead & Finals Weeks

Beginning June 2 and ending June 13, Late Night Study will begin at 6PM.  During Late Night Study, the Library is only open to UCSB students, faculty, and staff.

A UCSB Access ID Card is required in order to enter the Library during Late Night Study. Until midnight, just tap your Access Card at the cardreader at any entrance to the Library. After midnight, access in and out of the building will be through the Paseo West Entrance only.

Winners announced for Library's NEW Award for Undergraduate Research

For undergraduate scholars and researchers, the UC Santa Barbara Library plays a key role in their academic success. Every day — and in countless ways — students tap into the library’s vast resources and services.

“Our undergrads conduct legitimate research and are in every way functioning as young scholars,” said Jane Faulkner, a student success librarian. “What better way to honor and recognize this than to have the library award them with a prize for their efforts?”

Undergraduate Ty Saylors: "I Would Have Been Lost" Without Librarians

Use Google to search for “D.A.R.E.” (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), and the top 10 results include the organization’s official website, but also the video for the Gorrilaz song “DARE.”

Use Web of Science, an online subscription database available to UCSB students via the UCSB Library’s website, and you get a list of scholarly articles and studies about the drug-prevention program.

Student Joanna Hui: "Library Research Helped With My Graduate School Applications"

In a contentious political environment, it’s comforting to know that some people prefer to argue about Bach.

Cellists from Pablo Casals to Yo-Yo Ma have interpreted and played Johann Sebastian Bach’s six Cello Suites in very different ways, with music scholars analyzing and debating every nuance.

When UCSB student Joanna Hui, a cellist and Bach fan, earned a $750 grant to study Bach’s Cello Suites, she turned to the UCSB Library and its extensive collection of music recordings to actually hear performances of the Suites by famed cellists.


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