Humanities & Fine Arts

1st Place: Hanna Kawamoto

"Spiritually Unsexed": Believers, Critics, and Early Histories of the Publick Universal Friend, 1776-1835

Hanna Kawamoto

2nd Place: April Luce

Modesty, The Double Edged Sword: Exploring Veils as a Symbol of Female Liberation and Oppression in the Work of Lalla Essaydi
April Luce

Social Sciences

1st Place: Sanjana Sujeet

Green Architecture: Comparing Ancient Civilization’s Techniques to Today’s

Sanjana Sujeet

2nd Place: Audrey Gaceta

Navigating Higher Education: Stress and Control Among First-Generation Undergraduates
Audrey Gaceta

Science & Engineering 

1st Place: April Zhang

Flammability of Wildland Fuel Types and Its Relevance to Fire Spread and Ignition: A Comparative Flammability Study of Tree Dead Fuels and Surrounding Live Shrub Fuels in Southern California Forests
April Zhang

2nd Place: Shadoe Dewitt

Eco-anxiety in College Students: Assessment and Intervention in Populations Vulnerable to Climate Change Related Mental Health Disorders
Shadoe Dewitt