When is the submission deadline?

Please submit your entry by 11:59 p.m. on April 26, 2024, in order to be considered. 

Can I see examples of winning projects?

Yes!  You can see previous winning entries in eScholarship, the UC’s open access repository. All LAUR winners have the option of submitting their projects to eScholarship.

Does submitting to eScholarship affect future publication potential?

Not at all.  One of the advantages of eScholarship is that you retain all copyright to your work. By submitting to eScholarship you give the University of California a non-exclusive right to retain, preserve, and provide access to your material; “non-exclusive” means that you keep all rights to your work and you can still enter into agreements with publishers.

How do I know which category to enter?

The majors within each of UCSB's academic departments are listed at the links below. Please contact us if you are still not sure which discipline your entry falls under.


Social Sciences Division

Can I submit the same project that I am entering in the Chancellor’s Award for Undergraduate Research?


I have an online art project that I would like to enter. Is that okay?

Yes, online projects are welcome. 

Who judges the entries?

Each of our judging panels is made up of two faculty members and two subject librarians.  We have a total of three judging panels, one each for Humanities & Fine Arts, Social Science, and Science & Engineering.

Can I enter a research paper that I wrote last year?


Does the award affect my financial aid?

Yes, your award will be added to your Financial Aid Award Letter, which in some cases may result in adjustments to your overall aid.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to learn more about how this may affect your aid. The funds will be disbursed to your BARC account and the BARC office will generate your refund via direct deposit or paper check depending on the refund method you have selected with their office.

I didn’t actually work with a librarian on my research paper.  Am I still eligible?

Yes, absolutely!  Our judges will be looking for evidence of how you used the UCSB Library resources in general; this can include articles, books, reports, primary sources, maps, library spaces, librarian help, or any other “resources” that you used for your project. 

I want to revise a paper that I wrote for a class last quarter.  Will that still be acceptable?  

Yes, you can make any edits you like before you submit your paper. 

I graduated in Winter Quarter but completed my research project earlier in the year.  Am I still eligible?

No, you must be a currently enrolled student to be eligible.