Humanities & Fine Arts

1st Place: Sydney Martin

The Battle of St. Quentin Canal and the American Experience in World War I

Sydney Martin

2nd Place: Zheng Chen

Becoming Chinese: A Study on the Cantonese and Hakka Gazetteers during the 18th and 19th Centuries in Guangdong, China

Zheng Chen

Social Sciences

1st Place:  Erika Prado

Communicating in “Co-operation” with a Nonverbal Bilingual Teen with Autism

Erika Prado

2nd Place:  Emily La

Understanding Psychological Buffers to Health Adversities Within Sustainable Communities

Emily La

Science & Engineering

1st Place:  Jake Eisaguirre

Trophic Redundancy in Kelp Forests: Trophic Redundancy and Size Class Structure Drive Differences in Kelp Forest Ecosystem Dynamics

Jake Eisaguirre

2nd Place:  Jeffrey Rong

Deducing the Binding Specificity and Affinity of CdiA to the BamA Receptor Protein

Jeffrey Rong