What Changes Were Being Made to the Proxy Server on September 18?

  • We added Duo authentication to better protect your account information and to meet campus authentication standards.
  • We changed to a hosted version of the EZproxy service.  For most users the only readily noticeable change will be the addition of Duo authentication.
  • Users who have installed the “Off-campus Access” bookmark applet tool should update this applet on the bookmark toolbar of their browsers.
  • The IP address of the proxy server has changed.  While we have notified our database providers of this change, it is possible that some may not have made the change in their system yet.  If you experience difficulties accessing a resource through the proxy server, please report it through our Ask a Librarian service.  The librarians will need to know the name of the resource and the URL.

When do I need to use the proxy server?

  • When you want to access our licenced e-resources when you are off campus.

Why do I need to use the proxy server?

  • Library databases are licensed from vendors who supply access to electronic resources licensed by the UCSB Library. 
  • We have contracts with these companies that limit off-campus access to UCSB faculty, staff, and students.

How does the proxy server work?

  • Your computer is connected to the proxy server through a web browser. 
  • For instructions on how to connect to the proxy server, please go to the instruction page.

Which browsers are supported?

  • Any browser should work with the service.
  • We recommend that you use the most current version available for whichever browser you choose to use.

What do I have to do to use the proxy server?

  • It's all quite simple.  For instructions on how to connect to the proxy server, please go to the instruction page.

Do I need special software for the proxy server?

  • No.  You do not need to download any additional software to use the proxy server.  You just use your web browser, your UCSBnet ID and password, and Duo authentication.

Does the proxy server require Duo authentication?

My "Off-Campus Access" bookmark applet stopped working.  How can I fix it?

  • If the link on your applet doesn't say "UCSB Off-Campus Access" you need to install the updated version.
  • Follow the instructions on the Off-Campus Access Bookmark Tool page to install the new version.

My proxied bookmark or link stopped working.  How can I fix it?

  • The easiest way would be to make a new bookmark.  Proxied links to our electronic resources can be found through UC Library Search or through the database list on the Library website.
  • If you would like to manually edit a bookmark or link, please make the changes indicated below:
    • Outdated proxied URLs have "http" instead of "https", and likely contain a port number in the URL.
    • If you see the string http://proxy.library.ucsb.edu:2048/login?url= in your URL, please make the following changes:
      • change http to https
      • remove the port number -- :2048 -- from the middle of the URL.  If you see a different 4-digit number instead of "2048" in this location after ucsb.edu, remove the colon and digits.
      • Your new URL string should be https://proxy.library.ucsb.edu/login?url=
    • Making these two changes should give you a working link that will route you through the proxy server for authentication.

How do I keep the proxy session active?

  • If you log in to the proxy server and then click on links the proxy session will stay active. 
  • If the proxy authentication "breaks," you can use the bookmark applet tool to fix it.

What do I enter for my user ID and password?

  • You will use your UCSB NetID and password to sign in to the proxy server. 
  • For more detailed information, please see our UCSB NetID and Password information page.

Why isn't my password working?

  • If you have forgotten your ID or password or would like to reset it, follow the instructions for resetting your password.

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