Printing is available from any of the library’s public computers.  Laptop printing is also available.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Printing from our computers is 10 cents per sheet of paper used and requires a copy card.
    • Note:  Double-sided printing is available for the same price as printing on one side -- 10 cents per sheet of paper.
  • Printing for microfilm and microfiche is 25 cents per page and is only available using a copy card. There is no charge for scanning.

How Does it Work? 

From Our Public Computers

  1. Choose the “Print” command in the software you are using.
  2. Choose your printing option, either "Double-Sided Printing" or "Single-Sided Printing", and click “OK.”
  3. A box will appear and ask for your User ID.  You can enter your name, nickname, or any other word to identify your print job.
  4. On the next screen it will tell you the price of your print job.  Click “OK.”
  5. You will receive a message telling you to pick up your job from a Release Station.
  6. Go to any Print Release Station in the library. 

From Your Laptop

At the Print Release Station

  • Insert your copy card into the card reader next to the release station.
  • Click “Release a Print Job.”  Enter the same name you used at the computer and click “OK.”
  • Single-click to highlight the job you want to print and then click the “Print” icon. Do not double-click during this step.
  • Select “Pay From Vending Device” and then click “OK.”
  • Remember to retrieve your print card from the card reader and your pages from the printer.

Is Color Printing Available? 

Color printing is not available in the library.