Public black & white photocopiers are located on the 1st floor of the UCSB Library and in the Music Library.  All photocopiers are self-serve except the one in Special Research Collections.


  • 1st floor Mountain Side near the Paseo East entrance
  • 2nd floor Music Library (in the Music Building)

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Photocopies are free of charge.
  • Copies of materials in Special Research Collections will be made for you by Library staff at a cost of 10 cents per copied side (a double-sided photocopy costs 20 cents per sheet).

Is Color Copying Available?
Color copying is not available in the library. in the University Center (UCEN) has color copiers and offers a full range of copy-related services.

Copyright Compliance
Users of the library’s self-service copiers must observe U.S. copyright laws.  For more information, see our guide on Copyright & Fair Use.