Reservable rooms and areas providing collaborative work space are located throughout the UCSB Library.

Group Study Spaces & Guidelines for Use

  • Group Study Spaces are for UCSB students, faculty, and staff groups of 2 or more with reservations.
  • Space sizes vary to accommodate 4 to 10 people.
  • Spaces feature varied amenities, including white boards or chalk boards in most areas. Dry-erase markers, chalk, and erasers are available at the Information Desk (in the Learning Commons) and the Services Desk (in the Paseo).
  • Most Group Study Spaces are enclosed while the Media:scape is located in open areas.
  • Media:scapes are collaboration tables with LCD screens that allow teams of 2-4 to work interactively by connecting multiple laptops and easily switching between displays
  • Group Study Spaces may not be used for instruction, office hours, or other standing meetings.
  • Reservations may be made online 2 weeks in advance and for up to 2 hour periods per day at our study room reservation system
  • Drop-in groups are welcome only when the space is not reserved; you can view the schedule on the reservation system.
  • You must bring proof of confirmation to claim your reserved Group Study Space (such as a printout, saved email, or screenshot).
  • Drop-in users must relinquish the Group Study Space when presented with another group’s proof of reservation.
  • Library furniture may not be moved in or out of Group Study Spaces.
  • Users should clean up after themselves and leave the area in good condition, including erasing the white boards and chalk boards.
  • Please maintain reasonable noise levels and close the door when the room is occupied.
  • The Library is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property. Do not leave your belongings unattended.
  • Failure to follow Group Study Space guidelines may result in users being asked to leave the area or the Library and/or in the loss of reservation privileges,
  • For assistance with Group Study Spaces, visit any of the Library’s service desks.

Group Study Spaces can be found in the following areas:

  • 1st floor (Mountain Side)
  • 2nd floor (Ocean and Mountain Side)
  • 4th floor (Ocean Side)
  • 6th floor (Ocean Side)
  • 7th floor (Ocean Side)