Located on the 1st floor, Mountain Side, this 1,270-square foot space offers a dedicated quiet, modern reading room environment for faculty. In addition to study tables and lounge seating options, the space includes a small enclosed room to facilitate faculty discussion and collaboration. The Faculty Study has 32 seats. It is not equipped with any technology, but is fully wireless.


The Faculty Study is exclusively for UCSB faculty, researchers, and lecturers.


The Faculty Study is accessible during the Library’s regular business hours. To access the room, swipe your UCSB Access ID card at the door. You must have the latest generation of Access ID, which were issued starting in 2012. To determine whether you have the newer Access ID, look on the back of the card (on the side with the horizontal black stripe). If you see the UCSB seal and a series of numbers along the bottom right, your card will work to enter the Faculty Study (see samples below). To obtain or upgrade an Access ID card, please contact your department; the Library does not issue or control Access ID cards. It takes approximately ½ hour from the time of issue for an Access ID card to work in the Faculty Study.

Samples of new, old Access ID cards


  • The Faculty Study may not be used as instructional space.
  • The Faculty Study may not be reserved. For information about reservable spaces in the Library, visit our Study & Meeting Spaces web page.
  • Do not remove furnishings from the Faculty Study.
  • UCSB Library material should not be left in the Faculty Study. The Library reserves the right to remove Library materials from the Faculty Study.
  • UCSB Library is not responsible for personal items left in the Faculty Study.


If you have questions about the Faculty Study or problems accessing it, please see a Library staff member at a service desk or contact Marti Kallal at or (805) 893-4627 or Dave Kujan at or (805) 893-4067.