GauchoPrint - UCSB’s new student-funded printing solution that allows students to use their 200 pages of print credit at any GauchoPrint printer - is now available at the UCSB Library. 

The new printers in the Library also allow users to print from laptops and mobile devices. These are services students have long been requesting at the Library and the Library is excited to offer them.

There are three high-volume black-and-white GauchoPrint printers on the 1st floor of the main UCSB Library. The Library printers on the 2nd floor and 5th floor were removed. The Music Library printer was also removed, but the Collaborate Print Spot in Music 1401 is available.

Copy cards have been discontinued as GauchoPrint will not accept copy cards as a form of payment. The UCSB Library photocopiers will no longer accept copy cards either.

If you have a copy card with value on it, staff at the Library Services Desk can help transfer credits from your old copy card to your GauchoPrint account if you bring your card to them between Jan. 6 - Feb. 14 during business hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.

UCSB students, faculty, and staff with a UCSB Net ID are automatically allotted 200 black-and-white pages per quarter (represented as $20.00 in the system) to use for their academic printing needs at any GauchoPrint location. Users needing additional printing can add value to their GauchoPrint account beyond their quarterly allotment using GauchoBucks.

Community patrons will need to create a GauchoPrint account in order to print in the Library. These accounts will be granted 25 free pages.

Read more information on how to print at the Library using GauchoPrint.

GauchoPrint is an evolving service jointly provided by Letters & Science Information Technology; Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises; and the UCSB Library. Additional features are forthcoming.


This article was last updated on 1/6/20.