Our seminar room is available primarily for UC Santa Barbara classes who are using Special Research Collections materials. Other groups and their instructors, who plan to use these materials are welcome to inquire about the room's availability. Special Research Collections staff may be available for assistance or consultation as needed. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. Some dates you select in the form might not be available and are dependent on staff availability. Please submit requests for a class session at least a month in advance to ensure room, staff, and materials availability.


  • A class session at Special Research Collections cannot exceed 25 students
  • An instructor must be present at all times during the class session
  • An SRC staff will provide a 10 min introduction (general archival overview)
  • If applicable, SRC staff, curators, or other library representatives must supervise the class session
  • No food, drinks, pens or bags are allowed in the seminar room. These items should be stored in lobby lockers.

To book a class session at Special Research Collections instructors must, 

  1. Create a Special Collections Research Account 
  2. Review general rules and procedures
  3. Submit the following form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFR8DOygln0I0UfsMD8IqEa61IYQ08Xn4Wv0cgqOIlsSMvgg/viewform
  4. Pre-select and/or identify general areas of materials - Please be sure to reach out to curatorial/area specialist staff for assistance selecting materials, arranging class dates(s), confirming instructor availability, etc. - see Curators and Staff list

To facilitate student research at Special Research Collections for independent sessions (i.e. research papers, other assignments)

  1. Instructors should contact special [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu with the class syllabus
  2. Instructors should be familiar with Special Research Collections rules and policies prior to their arrival
  3. Instructors should provide students an introduction to the polices or arrange to have an in-house session
  4. All students using materials individually will need to register online through the Special Collections Research Account webpage,
  5. All students need to provide photo identification upon reading room arrival and follow Special Research Collections rules and policies

Advance notice is not required to have your class or group view the exhibits in our front lobby.