Open access (OA) is a new norm in scholarly publishing.  Although OA originated in the sciences as a means to make publicly funded research available to the public and to accelerate the advancement of scientific research and discovery, it has spread across the disciplines and formats in various degrees.  Open access journals, repositories, books, preprint servers, theses and dissertations, data, textbooks, educational materials, and primary sources represent the diversity of open content, with active production and user communities. Vibrant infrastructures have been (or are being) constructed for these communities to support advocacy, standards, discovery, and preservation.

Below you will find a list of resources that UCSB has invested in in cooperation with other UC Libraries and the California Digital Library, or independently.  The list includes a variety of resources and initiatives that are intended to advance the transition to open access across disciplines and formats.  The Library is particularly interested in supporting scholar-led, mission driven, and community owned open access initiatives that diversify the scholarly communication ecosystem and prevent the enclosure of scholarship by commercial interests.