The University of California is dedicated to making its scholarship freely available to the people of California and beyond. This is good not only for readers but also for authors because open access research is read and cited more than restricted scholarship, increasing the impact of and engagement with your ideas. 

Get Familiar with UC Open Access Policies

UC Systemwide Academic Senate Open Access Policy

In 2013, the Academic Senate adopted a systemwide open access policy. In addition to making faculty work open to a broader audience, the policy also aids faculty in reserving rights to their work that might otherwise be signed away in agreements with publishers. Read the policy. 

UC Presidential Open Access Policy

In 2015, the UC Presidential Access Policy extended the same opportunity to all non-Senate members of the UC, allowing authors of scholarly articles to maintain legal control over their research articles while making their work freely and widely available to the public. Read the policy

Comply with the Policies & Share Your Research with a Global Audience

Use eScholarship

The eScholarship suite of open access publishing and repository services gives UC scholars,  departments, research units, and publishing programs direct control over the creation and dissemination of the full range of their research. eScholarship is the official repository for electronic theses and dissertations, as well as undergraduate capstone projects. Learn more

Claim & Deposit Publications with the UC Publication Management System

The UC Publication Management System (UCPMS) is an automated system that assists faculty members with collecting and managing their published works in one place for deposit into eScholarship. Connecting your ORCID unique identifier with your UCPMS account improves the accuracy of the automatic updates to the system. Learn how to claim and deposit your publications.

Publish Your Work Open Access

Use the UCSB Open Access Publishing Fund

Administered and funded by the UCSB Library, the UCSB Open Access Publishing Fund pays for the article processing charge (APC) for UCSB researchers who choose to publish in fully open access (Gold OA) journals. Find out more about eligibility & how to apply for funding.

UC Transformative Open Access Publishing Agreements

The UC has negotiated transformative open access publishing agreements with a broad range of publishers, including Elsevier, Springer Nature, PLoS, Cambridge University Press, Canadian Science Publishing, and more. See where you can publish open access.

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