While there is a common set of policies for all parts of the UCSB Library, there are some policies that are specific to use of the Music Library and its materials.

Our patrons appreciate the traditional (quiet, food-free) study and research environment we provide. Please help us maintain this atmosphere by limiting your food and drink, not playing media out loud, and taking your phone calls outside.

Food and drink

  • Covered drinks and dry snacks are allowed in the library. Please leave all other materials at the Music Service Desk before entering the stacks/study area.

Circulation and return of Music Library materials

  • All check-outs are done at the Music Service Desk.
  • In general, Music, Main Library, and Interlibrary Loan materials may either be returned in the first-floor outside book drop or directly to the Music Service Desk.
    • Special-loan items, media materials, and Course Reserves must be returned to the Music Service Desk — not in the book return.
  • In general, media items do not leave the Music Library.
    • Exceptions may be granted in case of in-class use.
    • Accompanying media (published in conjunction with a book, journal, etc.) do circulate, with the same policies as the item they accompany.

Special facilities policies

  • Course tables
    • as an informal alternative to Course Reserves, we offer course tables where an instructor may set aside books for course use. Signage will identify the course and the instructor. Music Library staff does not police or track these tables, and nothing prevents a patron from checking an item out for their private use. Nevertheless, the system has worked well for many decades.
  • Study carrels:
    • in-use holds
      • any patron who wishes to set aside some materials (except for Reference materials or journals) for a long-term project may do so on a quarterly basis. Identifying forms and individual item flags may be obtained from the Music Service Desk.
    • exam prep carrels
      • any doctoral student in a Music program who is preparing for their doctoral exams may reserve a carrel for the term of their preparation through arrangement with the Music Library (Kyra Folk-Farber)

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