General Policy

The mission of the UCSB Library’s instruction services is to support the research, teaching, and other information needs of UCSB faculty, students, and staff.

Individuals and groups who are not affiliated with the University are welcome to use the library and to undertake their own self-guided instruction, provided that the activity is in accord with overall UCSB Library policies and with the guidelines set forth below.  Members of the UCSB community always receive priority for the use of the library’s computers, services, and other resources.

Affiliated Groups

UCSB librarians will provide library instruction to non-UCSB groups that participate in UCSB collaborative programs. Contact Rebecca Greer, the Director of Teaching & Learning, to request library instruction services and tours.

Non-Affiliated Groups

High Schools, Colleges, and Community Colleges

The UCSB Library does not usually offer instruction services to high schools and colleges.  These groups may use the library, but should try to schedule visits during UCSB’s intersessions – the periods between academic quarters. Please refer to the academic calendar when planning your visit.

For self-guided instruction in the UCSB Library, please notify the library in advance if your group is larger than 10 as we may need to make special accommodations.

To make the best use of their time at the UCSB Library, visiting students should come prepared with a specific assignment and a general idea of what kind of resources they will be looking for during their visit. A general review of the UCSB Library website is recommended. Borrowing privileges for individuals who are not affiliated with UCSB are limited. See Circulation Services for details.

Elementary Schools

The collections of the UCSB Library are generally not appropriate for use by elementary level students, and we do not provide instruction or tours to K-8 school groups. Supervised school groups who plan to visit the library must notify the library in advance if the group is larger than 10.

K-8 teachers are welcome and encouraged to use the resources of the Curriculum Resources Collection.

Please be aware that Internet access is not filtered on public terminals in the UCSB Library. You must bring one adult to accompany every 8 elementary school students.  These supervising adults are solely responsible for the safety and behavior of students under their supervision.

Community Groups

Please contact Rebecca Greer, Director of Teaching & Learning, to discuss the purpose of your visit. In many cases, local public or school libraries may have more appropriate resources.


If you have questions regarding a visit to the UCSB Library, please contact:

Rebecca Greer
Director of Teaching & Learning
Phone: (805) 893-4852