Thank you for your interest in donating to the UC Santa Barbara Library.


If you would like to donate books or other materials to the UCSB Library and your potential gift falls within a specific subject area, we ask that you first contact the subject librarian for that area. For all other gifts, please contact the Collection Strategies Department, Please note that the library accepts only gifts that have been screened by a subject librarian or the Head of Collection Development. Gifts of rare books, manuscripts, and other special items will be referred to the Head of Special Research Collections. 

Materials that the library does not accept for donation may be directed to:

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of The Regents of the University of California.  All accepted donations will be further reviewed for their suitability for the library's permanent collection.  Materials not selected for the collection or sent to another University of California campus will be disposed of as appropriate, in compliance with University of California policy, unless other specific arrangements have been made with donors.

UCSB faculty members who wish to donate books and other materials should contact the subject librarian for their area before delivering materials to the library.  Because of space constraints, the subject librarian may ask to pre-select suitable items from faculty offerings.

The library will normally decline to accept items that:

  • are not within the scope of its collections
  • duplicate existing holdings
  • do not support research or instructional programs of the university
  • require extensive repair or conservation
  • include donor restrictions that the library cannot honor
  • are outdated, especially textbooks and books in rapidly changing fields
  • are aimed at a popular audience

Acknowledgement letter. We appreciate and would like to thank all library donors.  A letter acknowledging the gift that provides a general description but does not constitute an appraisal will be provided to donors by the University Librarian.  In order to receive a letter of acknowledgement, donors must provide a name and address.

Tax donation letter.  The University's donor relations office prepares and mails an official tax donation letter to each donor regarding their cash or gift-in-kind donation.

Estimated value and appraisals. According to U.S. tax regulations, the library, as the recipient, cannot appraise gifts for tax purposes. It is the responsibility of the donor to keep appropriate records of items donated. Library staff is not able to maintain records of sufficient detail to report to donors after the fact about which volumes have been retained and which have not. Upon request, the Head of Special Collections can provide a list of appropriate appraisers. Appraisal costs are the responsibility of the donor per IRS regulations.

Donor Plates:  Gift materials, with the exception of memorial gifts, selected special collections items, and those requested by donors, are not plated.

Incorporation of Gifts into the Collections. The general policy is to incorporate gift materials into the regular collections, since the optimal benefit of gift materials is realized when they are placed in the library's regular collections and located with other materials on the same subject for browsing and easy access.

Referrals. The library will assist donors by referring them to other libraries in the area if their materials are not appropriate for UCSB.


Last Updated:  December 21, 2016