The Committee on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion recognizes, appreciates and celebrates diversity in the workplace. The Committee encourages and promotes diversity in staffing, collections, and services.

The Committee on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion embraces a broad definition of diversity (including but not limited to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability) and works to create an equitable and inclusive environment where all employees and patrons are treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

The Committee seeks to provide programs, activities, and resources that promote an enlightened understanding of diversity. Committee members serve as ambassadors to the community at large in communicating the importance of fostering an open, accepting atmosphere and dialogue within the UCSB Library and throughout the campus.


  • The UCSB Library Committee on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion commits to supporting the Library’s goal of advancing human diversity in the Library that is responsive to the increasingly diverse population of UCSB and of California.
  • It commits to helping the Library increase its recruitment, representation and retention of historically underrepresented groups in all levels of staff, professional, classified and student employees. (Within the context of the rank and file UCSB library professionals, we are including men as a historically underrepresented group.)
  • It commits to representing diversity in our teaching, research and public service.
  • The committee addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion by advising on policies, and/or sponsoring programs that enhance the understanding of and respect for diversity in the library and that helps to create an inclusive community.


In working to achieve this charge, the Library Committee on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion will:

  • Work with the library administration to accomplish the following:
    • assess diversity and climate in the library in a variety of ways such as investigating current demographic characteristics and trends of library staff over time;
    • gather survey data that reveal:
      • perceptions of library climate and level of respect, and
      • incidents of exclusionary behavior and micro-aggressions;
    • articulate the Library’s expectations of its staff for cultural competence, in keeping with the University of California Diversity Statement (University of California Diversity Statement -- http://regents.universityofcalifornia.edu/governance/policies/4400.html).
  • Work with the Library’s Learning Organization Librarian and HR to provide diversity-related educational opportunities for Library staff.
  • Create opportunities and venues for discussion of diversity/equity/inclusion issues within the Library.
  • Advise library administration on policy or other issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Advise library administration on innovative ways of recruiting and hiring from diverse groups.
  • Share information and best practices with relevant groups on campus and others as appropriate.
  • Collaborate with various library departments to support and celebrate diversity and inclusion activities (e.g., Outreach & Academic Collaboration, Area Studies Department, Special Research Collections, EGSL, etc.)
  • Create and maintain a public website to document and promote the work of the committee (especially to potential campus partners), to share information with Library staff, and to increase involvement and participation in diversity initiatives.
  • The Committee meets at least once a year with the AUL for Organizational Development and Effectiveness.
  • Provide an annual report to Library Administration.


Kathrin Blank, Gary Colmenar, Gabriel Contreras, Margaret Driscoll, Brandyn Gibson, Sal Güereña, Heather Hughes, Mari Khasmanyan, Trang Le, Ryan Lynch (Chair), Daisy Muralles