Gene Coleman

Music Mirrors Mind: Neuroaesthetics, Music, and Japanese Spirituality

Wed, 01/17/2024 - 5:30pm
Other, on-campus

Location: Social Sciences and Media Studies (SSMS) Building, Conference Room 2135


UCSB Library is proud to co-sponsor "Music Mirrors Mind," as part of UCSB Reads 2024.  In his talk, composer and director Gene Coleman,  will explore the concepts of Neuroaesthetics and Neuro Music. Coleman defines Neuro Music as an area of research and composition based on the study and application of models and concepts from Auditory Neuroscience. He gives an introduction to his methods to compose Neuro Music, using examples from his recent works. He makes a case for why artists should understand how perception, cognition and thinking work and how they are the basis for creativity. The emerging fields of Neuro Music and Neuroaesthetics in conjunction with AI have the potential for enormous impact on the way musicians and artists think about and make their work.

Additionally, Coleman will talk about his experiments with Japanese traditional musical instruments and the impact of Japanese culture and spirituality on his creative work.

On January 18, please join Coleman and Fabio Rambelli for a performance in Studio Theater, Theater & Dance East, 1101 (next to Hatlen Theater).
Organized by Fabio Rambelli. Supported by UCSB’s Department of Religious Studies, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, Department of Music, and Department of Theater and Dance, with UCSB Library/UCSB Reads 2024, the Sage Center for the Study of the Mind, the UCSB Shinto Studies Endowment, and the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Global.