Catalog of Graphic Art Prints

Guide to the Rupert Garcia and Sammi Madison Garcia Collection CEMA 101 

Malaquías Montoya, “Vietnam Aztlan” The Rupert Garcia and Sammi Madison Garcia Collection’s graphic art is a collection that celebrates the spirit of diversity, protest, and awareness. It spans a vibrant community activism period from 1967 to 1983. Posters in the collection come from a wide array of artists and themes, covering everything from the Gallo wine protests to the Vietnam War to the right for bilingual and bicultural education in the Bay Area.

The diversity of the collection reflects the diversity of America, particularly during the 1970s. Both individual artists and groups are present in the Rupert Garcia and Sammi Madison Garcia Collection. Prominent artists such as Malaquías Montoya, Jack Loo, Consuelo Mendez, and Xavier Viramontes are included in the collection. Dedication to change, justice, and equality is conveyed by these and many other artists’ works. The Kearny Street Workshop and La Raza Silkscreen Center are two of the featured groups in the collection who were active in the Bay Area in many different ways, from leading workshops for developing artists to facilitating protest art and community gatherings.

Topics of interest in the Rupert Garcia and Sammi Madison Garcia Collection include protest art, civil rights demonstrations and marches, Vietnam War era protests and rallies, as well as United Farm Workers (UFW)-related events. Also significant is the development of inter- and multiethnic communities and relationships; it is not uncommon to see Chicano/a, Asian American, and/or African American communities’ interests united on the same poster.

This catalog features 323 posters of known artists and 238 posters of unknown artists, each representing graphic art works consisting of silkscreens, offsets, woodcuts, lithographs, and other media. For records that do not have dating, “n.d.” (no date) is marked. For records that do not have an identified title, “(title unknown)” is noted. The dimensions list first the image size then the page size.