New Library study space

The UCSB Library team was busy during the summer preparing for the start of the academic year. Here’s a summary of what’s changed. 

The Reference Desk and Services Desk merged in order to offer a more convenient and efficient one-stop shop with longer hours for users seeking basic information and services. The Services Desk in the Paseo walkway is now the place to get started with research and other services. 

In July, publishing company Elsevier suspended direct access to articles published in 2019 for the University of California. Here is information about alternative ways to access the articles you need

A new open access agreement between Cambridge University Press and the University of California is now ready for author submissions. 

Melvyl, the UCSB Library's connection to library collections across the UCs and around the world, got a new and improved user interface

A portion of the Reservable Group Study Rooms on the 2nd Floor, Mountain Side were converted to Drop-In Group Study Rooms in order to make room availability more fair. Individuals can now book Reservable Group Study Rooms for up to 4 hours per week.

In all of the Group Study Rooms, the old whiteboards were replaced with glassboards that can be wiped completely clean between use.

Current Serials and newspapers have moved. Most serial volumes are now located in the general stacks. A small selection of serials and most newspapers have moved to a new Current Serials area on the 1st Floor, Ocean Side. 

The former Current Serials space on the 1st Floor, Mountain Side has been transformed into a larger study space with seating for about 100 people. 

Government documents have been consolidated together. They are all now on the 2nd Floor, Mountain Side.

Two nap pods were installed on the 1st Floor, Ocean Side. They are a gift from UCSB Health & Wellness as part of a campus sleep initiative and are available on a first-come, first-served basis for 20-minute naps.

Eighteen new mobile whiteboards were deployed throughout the Library to make it easier to brainstorm, work collaboratively, and sketch out ideas. 

A large digital sign was installed in the Paseo walkway to keep visitors informed of the latest news around campus and in the Library.

Keycard access was installed for the Adaptive Technology Center, located on the 1st Floor, Ocean Side. The center and the equipment housed there are reserved for UCSB students and faculty who are registered with the Disabled Students Program.