Waitz app screenshot

Ever been frustrated by how long it takes for you to find a seat in the Library?

The UCSB Library has partnered with the founders of Waitz to customize an app that shows how busy the UCSB Library is in real time by floor so that you can save time. 

The free Waitz mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can also view the information at https://waitz.io/ucsb and on digital signs throughout the Library.

The app uses custom loT sensors plugged into outlets that sense Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals in the area. Using an algorithm, that information is then turned into occupancy data with 90 percent accuracy.

The UCSB Library can also analyze the data to improve space efficiency and sustainability over time.

Waitz does not keep data on individual people. MAC address information is immediately hashed and no personally-identifiable information is ever processed or stored on Waitz or UCSB Library servers. 

Waitz first launched at UC San Diego last year. UCSB is the second academic location to offer the service, which is currently only available for the Library and Music Library. 

The UCSB Library has subscribed to this service for a trial period. We welcome feedback on the Waitz app via our online Suggestion Box

Visit Waitz.io for more information. 


This post was updated Nov. 22, 2019 with information about the new Android app.