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On July 27, 2021, UC Library Search will replace UCSB Library Search and Melvyl as the new UC-wide discovery tool.

Some services and functions have already been impacted as we get ready for this exciting change.

To navigate this transition, see details below.

UCSB Library Search permalinks will not redirect to UC Library Search. 

For students to continue their research with the least disruption, we highly recommend that they copy or export the citation information for all of their saved permalinks now. Having the name of the author(s), title of publication, and publisher name saved in a document will enable students to easily find the sources again in UC Library Search. After July 27, most permalinks from UCSB Library Search will be broken.

For permalinks that connect to local UCSB Library resources, it may be possible to modify the link domain to rediscover the local items in UC Library Search after July 27, but it is not guaranteed. See more details about how students may be able to edit UCSB Library Search permalinks for rediscovery in UC Library Search.

“My Library Account” in UCSB Library Search will automatically become a UC Library Search account on July 27 and will reflect current loans. 

Between now and July 27, students will not have access to “My Library Account” in UCSB Library Search. They will not be able to renew materials during this time. However, due dates for most (but not all) current loans have been extended to September 20. If students have questions about whether or not their loans have been extended, they should email circ@library.ucsb.edu.  

Between now and July 27, students will be able to continue to use UCSB Library Search to view and request local materials for Pickup and Mailing. 

During this period, the “Request” option in UCSB Library Search will direct students to a Google Form to complete a Pickup and Mailing request. When they are ready to return their items, students can use the book return outside of the West Paseo entrance.

Between now and July 27 there will be delays in receiving physical Interlibrary Loan materials at UCSB Library. 

Materials received by UCSB Library via Interlibrary Loan during this period of time will not be available for pickup until after July 27. Students who submit requests will be notified via email when their Interlibrary Loans are available for pickup. For the duration of this delay, we encourage patrons to request individual book chapters in lieu of physical loans.

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For additional FAQs, please visit the UC Library Search website.