Patrons using Library public computers.

To better protect your privacy, UCSB Library public computers will now delete all user data after each logout, including logouts due to 15 minutes of inactivity.

To prevent your work from being lost, we recommend saving your files often to cloud storage, such as Google Drive, or saving often to a personal USB drive. The Services Desk has a small stock of USB drives available if you do not have your own.

Documents cannot be recovered after a session logout. So anytime you take a break to go to the bathroom or stop working to talk to a classmate, make sure you save the files you care about somewhere besides the local hard drive.

Additionally, UCSB Library staff are steadily updating Library public computers with Windows 10 and hope to have all computers upgraded to Windows 10 by early 2020. This means that the public computers will operate at a faster speed and will have better security and functionality.