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UC Library Search went live at UCSB on July 27, 2021, providing a centralized discovery tool to search and browse materials from all 10 UC libraries. Changes are still underway. In fact, those of you who use Google Scholar will need to update your settings to be properly directed to any full text made available through UCSB Library. 

On October 28, 2021 the prior linking service, UC-eLinks, officially retired. Its replacement, Get it at UC, now serves as the comprehensive linking service, providing users with a direct route to full-text electronic materials.

Google Scholar users will need to add Get it at UC as a Library Link in their Google Scholar settings in order to access the full text of materials. Get it at UC is a seamless way to move from an article or book citation to the actual publication and also allows users to easily request an item through the Interlibrary Loan system using their Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.

Instructions for updating your Google Scholar settings can be found in this brief video or below:

  1. Access “Settings” from the expanded menu from the top left corner of the Google Scholar landing page 

  2. Click “Library Links” in the left-hand menu

  3. Search for “University of California, Santa Barbara” in the search box

  4. Add “University of California, Santa Barbara – “Get it at UC” to your Library Links 

  5. Remove (uncheck) “University of California, Santa Barbara- UC-eLinks” if applicable

  6. Click the blue “Save” button in the bottom right 


Need to catch up on prior UC Library Search news announcements? You can find them on the UCSB Library News Center and additional information about the project on the UC Library Search website.

Ask a Librarian for help with using UC Library Search!