What It Is coverMulticultural comics include a wide range of mainstream, alternative, and independent comics created by and/or about Latino/a, African American, Asian (American), and Native American authors, characters, and subjects. Increasingly in the last decades, artists throughout the world have reiterated their own identities using aesthetics that disrupt traditional acceptance. Whether the nature of their comics is literary or inherently a theatrical display, many artists continue to meet the challenges of capturing the joys, nuances, and multiple dimensions of minority cultures within their own contexts.
 The Asian American Superhero Anthology coverMany of these works spell out the formal, cultural, and socio-political implications of British, US, and Canadian multicultural transnationalism to explore questions of selfhood and perception. Within the comics themselves, writers and artists aim to subvert society's defining hierarchical social relationships and provide abstract reflections of the world strife and inequities that have continued throughout the 20th century. During the 1990s, through various “imaginings” of the female body in print and visual culture, female identities became notably different from previous iterations. Women used comics as a medium to reflect their own battles with their subordinate shadows to help overcome queer baiting, sexual abuse, prejudice, social disapproval, familial dysfunction and other assaults on selfhood.