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Polar Opposites

Mon, 01/20/2025 - 12:00pm to Fri, 06/20/2025 - 11:00am
Mountain Gallery

UCSB Library is excited to present the works of Macduff Everton and Mary Heeber in the exhibition, Polar Opposites, January 20, 2025 to June 20, 2025.
For over three decades of love and collaboration, photographer Macduff Everton and painter Mary Heebner explore the world, both in image and word. Both artists are alums of the College of Creative Studies and UCSB’s MFA program. 
 “Antarctica is the Anti-Arctic. It’s a stark landscape, a geologic tumble of rock, ice and snow punctuated with penguins like so many little exclamation marks waddling across a page. It’s the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on earth—a devastatingly beautiful, beguiling, enchanting and dangerous landscape.”  ----Macduff Everton
I am immersed in a landscape of astonishing beauty, summer’s enduring effulgent light. Striated fingers of land reflect on continuous open stretches of water, or polynyas, where mists of sea smoke insulate the water from freezing over. I feel a profound sense of the sublime; fierce and awesome. Small beings set against the perfect reflection of earth and earth’s illusion mirrored in the polished sea.”
----Mary Heebner