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The collection of books and materials that a local resident named William Wyles left to the University of California Santa Barbara in the 1940s formed the basis on which the Department of Special Collections was built. As the department grows, so does its original collection, formerly known as the Lincoln Library. Now containing over 35,000 books, periodicals, and manuscript materials, the Wyles Collection helps keep the memory of America’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, very much alive. There is a wide range of materials housed in the collection relating to Lincoln, from scholarly tracts to curious bits of ephemera, and each piece has its own story about one of America’s most familiar – and most enigmatic – presidents.

1. Slavery and Emancipation

Lincoln photograph, taken in early 1865 by Alexander Gardner (Wyles SC 620).
Campaign photo from August 1860 showing Lincoln (near front door) and supporters, both black and white, at his home in Springfield, Illinois (Wyles SC 775).
Speech of the Hon. J.B. Henderson, of Missouri, on the Abolition of Slavery. John Brooks Henderson, 1862 (E 453 H44).
Frederick Douglass, a Biography. Philip Sheldon Foner, 1964 (E 449 D6 F61).
My Bondage and My Freedom. Frederick Douglass, 1855 (E 449 D6 A29).
Frederick Douglass the Colored Orator. Frederic May Holland, 1895 (E 449 D6 H6).
Frederick Douglass the Orator. James Monroe Gregory, 1907 (E 449 D6 G74).
Frederick Douglass photo (Wyles SC 756).
Letter of Peter Cooper on Slave Emancipation. Peter Cooper, 1863 (E 453 C6).
Slavery and Secession in America. Thomas Ellison, 1861 (E 449 E44).
Lincoln and Black Freedom. LaWanda Cox, 1981 (E 457.2 C84).
The History of Abraham Lincoln and the Overthrow of Slavery. Isaac Newton Arnold, 1866 (E 457 A74).
The Emancipation Proclamation. John Hope Franklin, 1963 (E 453 F7).
Anti-Fugitive Slave Law Meeting, Frederick Douglass, committee president (Wyles SC 799).
“Facts and Features of Slavery” Broadside (Wyles SC 793).


2. The President and the Man

The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln. Michael Burlingame, 1994 (E 457.2 B97).
Lincoln’s Emotional Life. Milton H. Shutes, 1957. (E 457.2 S491).
Lincoln, the Man. Edgar Lee Masters, 1931 (Wyles E 457 M38).
Lincoln’s Unknown Private Life. Mariah Vance, 1995 (E 457.15 V36).
Lincoln, a Psycho-Biography. L. Pierce Clark, 1933 (E 457 C59).
Abraham Lincoln: The Man Behind the Myths. Stephen B. Oates, 1984 (E 457 O16).
The Humorous Mr. Lincoln. Keith Jennison, 1965 (E 457.15 J4).
Issues 1846, 1856, and 1860 of Lincoln Lore (E 1 L58).
With Lincoln in the White House. John G. Nicolay, 2000 (E 467.1 N5 A4).
Portrait with campaign leaflet, mounted. (Wyles SC 784).
Abraham Lincoln and his Presidency. Joseph H. Barrett, 1924 (E 457 B31 v.1).
President Lincoln. William Barton, 1933 (E 457 B382).
Presidential election ticket, 1860 (Wyles SC 452).

3. The Civil War

Inside the White House in War Times. William O. Stoddard, 1890 (E 456 S76).
Lincoln Observed. Noah Brooks, 1998 (E 457.15 B88).
Lincoln, the War President. Gabor S. Boritt, 1992 (E 457 L76).
At Lincoln’s Side. John Hay, 2000 (E 664 H41 A4).
Lincoln, a Picture Story of His Life. Stefan Lorant, 1969 (E 457.6 L78).
Magazine page showing Lincoln with McClellan (Wyles Mss 80).
Bixby Letter facsimile (Wyles Mss 84).
Letter to General Grant facsimile (Wyles SC 449).
Lincoln and the Civil War. Courtlandt Canby, 1960 (E 457 C33).
Plates 11 and 13 from Lincoln in Caricature (E 457.63 W5).

4. Lincoln Portraits

Magazine article placing many Lincoln photos in correct chronological order (Wyles Mss 80).
Lincoln sketch in pen & ink by Dana Bartlett (Wyles Mss 80).
Magazine article about campaign photos (Wyles SC 782).
Picturing Lincoln. George Sullivan, 2000 (E 457.6 S85).
Photo album (Wyles Mss 92).
Small matted photograph (Wyles SC 639).
Lincoln poster in color by Kenneth Riley (Wyles Mss 80).
Large photo portrait by Anthony Berger (Wyles Mss 80).
Lincoln sketch in charcoal by Alfred Stanley Harkness (Wyles SC 840).
Photograph by Alexander Hesler (Wyles Mss 80).
The Photographs of Abraham Lincoln. Frederick Hill Meserve, 1911. (E 457.6 M44).

5. Lincoln Documents

Two documents appointing Samuel B. Brinkerhoff as a customs official for the port of Santa Barbara, 1861 (Wyles SC 693).
Official copy of an executive order, 1864 (Wyles SC 453).
Second Inaugural Address facsimile (Wyles SC 449).
Emancipation Proclamation facsimile (Wyles SC 449).
Gettysburg Address facsimile (Wyles Mss 80).
Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving and Lincoln’s Proclamation pamphlet (Wyles Mss 80).
Abraham Lincoln’s Autobiography. Abraham Lincoln, 1947 (E 457 L55).
Life of Abraham Lincoln. Joseph H. Barrett, 1865 (E 457 B33).
Das Leben und Wirkin Abraham Lincolns. Joseph Barrett, 1866 (E 457 B32).
Abraham Lincoln, Zijn Tijd en Leven. Henry Beets, 1909 (E 457 B42).
Das Leben Abraham Lincolns. Frank Crosby, 1865 (E 457 C9415).
Das Leben Abraham Lincolns. J.G. Holland, 1866 (E 457 H65).
Ai to seigi no ijin Rinkan. Nobumasa Ikeda, 1949 (E 457 I38).
Abraham Lincoln Intimo. J. Meca, 1909 (E 457 M4).
Amerika minshu shugi no haha Rinkan. Shiho Sakanishi, 1965 (E 457 S26).
Vida de Abran Lincoln. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, 1866 (E 457 S37).
Em busca de Lincoln. Clodomir Vianna Moog, 1968 (E 457.2 M63).
Lincoln. Emeterio S. Santovenia, 1951 (E 457.2 S3).
Rinkan seishin. Kaname Saruya, 1965 (E 457.2 S33).
Il giorno che uccisero Lincoln. Jim Bishop, 1966 (E 457.5 B6316).
Svobodny Naveki. Honore Morrow, 1955 (E 457.9 M656).

6. Assassination and Aftermath

Large photoengraving (Wyles SC 690).
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Lalcaca, 1925 (E 457.5 L34).
When Lincoln Died. Ralph Borreson, 1965 (E 457.5 B62).
Abraham Lincoln, Unforgettable American. Mabel Kunkel, 1976 (E 457.6 K86).
Four photos of various Lincoln monuments (Wyles Mss 20).
Lincoln Day proclamation, 1941 (Wyles SC 598).
Lincoln memorial keepsake (Wyles SC 450).
Lincoln Centennial Celebration postcard (Wyles SC 745).
The Abraham Lincoln Story 1809-1959. Radio program documents, 1959 (E 457 A46).

7. The Wyles Collection

Herndon’s Lincoln: the True Story of a Great Life. William Henry Herndon, 1889 (E 457 H4 1889 v. 1-3).
Wyles Collection pamphlet, 1980.
Photo of William Wyles (Wyles SC 685).
Photo used for Wyles bookplate image (Wyles Mss 83).
Lincoln Library guest registers (Wyles Mss 67).
William Wyles’ scrapbooks (Wyles Mss 93).