Correcting Misrepresentations of Minorities

How Media Representations of Minorities Empower Collective Action Efforts: A UCSB Reads Panel Discussion

Mon, 04/26/2021 - 4:00pm

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Media representations of minorities, and how they’re shared in our society in the news, media, and social media can adversely affect how minorities see themselves and how others perceive them.

Despite these challenges, continued and unjust disadvantages are known to empower collective action efforts within minority groups and solidarity efforts within advantaged groups to correct the image and position of disadvantaged groups in society.

Join faculty Muniba Saleem and Dan Lane from UCSB’s Department of Communication, and librarian Mary-Michelle Moore for a panel discussion addressing the impact of media misinformation and the importance of media literacy.

Event will be captioned.

Muniba Saleem will discuss how traditional media representations of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities influence intergroup relations between majority and minority groups and the ways in which minorities cope with such depictions. 

Dan Lane will discuss how individuals and groups use communication technology to create social and political change and talk about how political expression on social media can stimulate political engagement, improve intergroup relations, and reduce political inequality.

Mary-Michelle Moore will share ways to identify credible sources, and offer strategies for evaluating information shared on social platforms and in digital formats.