Due to the great demand for items on Course Reserves, fines are high in order to deter borrowers from keeping materials past the due date and time.

  • When Reserves are overdue, your borrowing privileges will be blocked until you return them.
  • Fines are $2.00 per hour or any portion thereof.
  • Reserves fines are doubled during Dead Week and Finals.
  • Fines continue to accrue until the item is three days overdue, at which time you will be billed a default non-refundable replacement charge in addition to a $15 processing fee and the accrued late fine.
  • Your borrowing privileges for Reserves will be restricted to library use only if you
    • cause another patron to miss a Reserves checkout or
    • keep a Reserves item three days overdue.
  • If you continue to deprive others of Reserves materials by keeping them overdue, you may be barred from all Reserves checkouts for a minimum of one quarter. You may also be reported to the Office of Student Conduct, and your name may be given to the course instructor.  Depriving other students by holding Reserves materials overdue is a violation of Section 102.13a of the UCSB Student Conduct and Discipline Code:  “Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other University activities.”