The UCSB Library empowers researchers and students to create and adapt knowledge for the benefit of society.


Situated at the interdisciplinary crossroads of campus, the Library embodies scholarship and advances UCSB as a world-class research and learning institution. The UCSB Library is an integral member of a network of research libraries across the University of California and the world, putting vast research collections within easy reach of scholars across all disciplines. Through the Library’s commitment to making accessible diverse streams of knowledge, scholars can connect the past with the future to solve global challenges.

As an organization, the Library evolves to reflect changes in the information landscape. By supporting the research lifecycle, the Library advances open knowledge that expands the reach and impact of UCSB research. Offering breadth of expertise, resources, and learning environments, the Library supports all researchers and students at every stage of their academic journey. The Library expands the horizons of all its users, enabling them to realize their full intellectual and creative potential. The Library serves as a cultural and educational center, showcasing unique collections as well as the creative and intellectual work happening in the campus community and communities beyond.



We collaborate as a strategic choice. We facilitate partnerships that maximize our collective expertise and resources to generate the highest quality outcomes.


We strive for a community that fosters an open, inclusive, and productive environment in which the potential of all individuals to make a positive contribution is respected and valued.

Creativity & Innovation

We support creative and diverse thinking, which consistently evaluates perspectives, re-defines problems, and seeks opportunities to identify new solutions. We accept risk-taking as an opportunity to learn.

Responsible Stewardship

We are responsible stewards of Library collections, resources, and spaces. We recognize our long-term responsibilities and invest in the future.


We set high ethical standards and lead by example. We act in a credible and trustworthy manner. We treat all people with dignity and fairness.


We strive for excellence in our individual work and as a research library.


Last updated February 2023