The PAI photography came to the UCSB Library in 1986 as part of a gift from the Teledyne Foundation. This collection consists of several hundred flights, primarily of areas in southern California, from 1948 to 1967. Many of the flights are large scale (greater than 1:10,000) and cover small areas. The UCSB Library holds negative transparencies on roll film and paper prints of the 9 x 9 inch, black and white PAI photography. The flight IDs are filed by a roll number, and most end with the letter "V" (e.g. PAI-150V). More than one flight/roll number may be represented on a PAI index, and there can be more than one index and flight record with a specific roll number (e.g. PAI-203V, PAI-203V-1, PAI-203V-2, etc.). In our catalog, some PAI flights are grouped together based on a specific area and year, e.g. PAI-LA-Basin-62.

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