The University of California, Santa Barbara is currently home to five colleges, offers more than 200 majors, degrees and credentials, and in 2012 had an enrollment of over 21,000 students with a faculty size of almost 1,000. Below is a timeline describing some major changes of our campus.

1889-1909 – The Anna S. C. Blake Manual Training School, located in Santa Barbara city (1898-1913), taught home economics skills like sewing and cooking. Sloyd, a Scandinavian system of handicraft education, was also offered at the training school.

1909-1919 – The training school changed its name to the Santa Barbara State Normal School of the Manual Arts and Home Economics.  In 1913, it moved to the Riviera Campus (1913-1954) to house the growing number of students and the focused on teacher education and home economics.

1919-1920 – Shortened to the Santa Barbara State Normal School, the school continued to train teachers for all teaching positions in the elementary schools.

1921-1934 – Changed to the Santa Barbara State Teachers College, it began to expand its curriculum to become a more liberal arts college and became authorized to grant four-year degrees.

1935-1944 – The College changed its name once again and became known as the Santa Barbara State College, offering broader curricula in both teaching and the liberal arts.

1944-1958 – Became known as the Santa Barbara College of the University of California, where courses were taught at the Mesa Campus (1940s-1954) then moved to the Goleta Campus (1954-present). It was officially a campus of the University of California system and the title of the chief executive was changed to provost.

1958- Present – The University of California, Santa Barbara. UC Regents established Santa Barbara as a general University campus. The chief campus officer title changed from provost to “chancellor.”

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