For more information on the programs, departments, offices, etc. in the University Archives Small Collections, please refer to the UCSB website. Related materials may also be found in the University Archives Serials, manuscript collections on the colleges, University Archives Broadsides and Posters collection (UArch 32), and the subject files for Associated Students (UArch 21) and the Office of Public Information (UArch 12).

UCSB. Office of Academic Programs. Collection of correspondence 1990-1998, occasional paper for the UCSB Golden Anniversary Symposium, Oct. 10, 1995, and a call for proposals for grants to the Instructional Improvement Program, 2002-2003. (UArch SC 1).
UCSB. Academic Skills Center. Formerly the Center for Academic Skills Enrichment. Program flyers, calendars, and brochures, c. 1980s. (UArch SC 2).
UCSB. Accounting & Financial Services. Memos, 1974-1995. (UArch SC 3).
ACTER (Alliance for Creative Theatre, Education & Research). Performance and program flyers, 1988. (UArch SC 4).
UCSB. American Studies Program. Brochures, correspondence, and subject materials, c. 1966-1967. (UArch SC 5).
UCSB. Department of Anthropology. Flyers, memos and course syllabi, 1970-1985. (UArch SC 6).
UCSB. Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. Proposal to establish the institute, Feb. 18, 1970, two annual reports, 1974-1976. (UArch SC 7).
UCSB. Department of Asian-American Studies. Event and course flyers, c. 1976-1997. (UArch SC 8).
UCSB. Department of Biological Sciences. Newsletters, course and lecture flyers, undergraduate handbook, c. 1951-1991. See also UCSB College of Letters and Science records, UArch 66. (UArch SC 9).
California Nanosystems Institute. Press release, 2007. (UArch SC 10).
UCSB. Campus Activities. Memos, flyers and calendars, c. 1977-1992. (UArch SC 11).
UCSB. Capitol Hill Program. One flyer, 1974. (UArch SC 12).
Society of the Sigma Xi, University of California, Santa Barbara Chapter Certificate of Establishment. One mounted oversize certificate commemorating the establishment of a UCSB chapter of Sigma Xi, May 23, 1970. Oversize. (UArch SC 13).
UCSB. Office of the Chancellor. Chancellor’s Council, California University Santa Barbara: Donor Recognition Items from the Chancellor’s Council Dinner for Contributing Members. Two medallions, one bronze, one gold, bearing the university seal and enclosed in blue clamshell boxes. Accompanying note from the Development Department explaining the medallions’ significance, March 10, 1981. (UArch SC 14).
Channel Islands Field Station. Annual reports, 1973-1975, and director’s report and related correspondence, 1976. (UArch SC 15).
UCSB. Cheadle Center for Biodiversity & Ecological Restoration (CCBER). Grand opening reception invitation and flyer, Nov. 10, 2005. (UArch SC 16).
UCSB. Department of Classics. Course and fieldtrip flyers, c. 1969-1974. (UArch SC 18).
UCSB. Institute for Computational Earth System Science. One memo re: name change from the Computer Systems Laboratory Center, Dec. 20, 1994. (UArch SC 19).
UCSB. Department of Computer Science. Program handbook, course flyers, c. 1980s. (UArch SC 20).
UCSB. Center for Coordinated Education. Promotional booklets, program description, annual report, c. 1964-1965. (UArch SC 21).
UCSB. Dance Division. Programs and flyers, 1970. (UArch SC 22).
UCSB. Disabled Students Program / Special Services Program. Flyers, brochures, directories, c. 1981-1995. (UArch SC 23).
UCSB. Department of Eastern Languages. Course flyers, 1979-1980. (UArch SC 25).
UCSB. Department of Economics. Economics Handbooks, program guides, c. 1973-1975; memos and flyers, c. 1970s; “The Economics Laboratory: Purposes and Functions,” publication, Sept. 1969. (UArch SC 26).
UCSB. Department of Education. Demonstration School Summer Sessions flyers, 1951-1964; “Handbook for Student Teachers,” Santa Barbara State College and Santa Barbara City Schools, n.d.; course syllabus, Intro to Education, Spring 1950. (UArch SC 27).
UCSB. Education Program for Cultural Awareness (EPCA). Brochure, newsletters and event flyers, c. 1995-2002. (UArch SC 28).
UCSB. Department of English. Course outlines and flyers, c. 1970s; petition for Writers’ Conference, 1950; memos, 1999-2003. (UArch SC 29).
UCSB. EPIC (Experimental Program, Instructors for Colleges). Newsletters, memos, membership lists, evaluations and summaries of the program, and other miscellany, c. 1960s. (UArch SC 30).
UCSB. Department of Ergonomics and Physical Education. Course flyers, and document on the disestablishment of the department, Feb. 1984. (UArch SC 31).
UCSB. Professional Women’s Association (PWA). Memos, and event flyers and brochures, 1998-2001. (UArch SC 32).
UCSB. Department of Film Studies. Film schedules, flyers and announcements, brochures, etc., c.1970s-1980s; “Film Studies: A Selective Guide to Materials in the UCSB Library,” publication, Sept. 1974. (UArch SC 33).
UCSB. Foreign Student Office. One flyer for conversational English course, 1974. (UArch SC 34).
UCSB. Department of French & Italian. Flyers and brochures, c. 1970s. (UArch SC 35).
UCSB. Department of Geography. Course flyers, c. 1970s-1980s. (UArch SC 36).
UCSB. Department of Geological Sciences. Course flyers, c. 1970s-1980s. (UArch SC 37).
UCSB. Department of Germanic, Slavic & Semitic Studies. Formerly Dept. of Germanic, Oriental, & Slavic Languages. Course and event flyers, c. 1970s-1980s. (UArch SC 38).
UCSB. Global Change Program. One brochure, n.d. (UArch SC 39).
UCSB. Global Peace and Security Program. Lecture flyers, brochures, and correspondence, 1984-1991. (UArch SC 40).
UCSB. Global Peace and Security Program. Institute on Global Conflict & Cooperation. Report of the Special Committee of the Academic Council on Global Security and Cooperation, c. 1980s. (UArch SC 41).
Institute for Theoretical Physics. Lecture flyers, correspondence and memos, and clippings, 1980-1998. (UArch SC 42).
Hutchins Center, CSDI (Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions). Event flyers and calendars, c. 1970s-1980s; The Center Magazine, May/June 1984. (UArch SC 43).
UCSB. Department of Industrial Education. Bulletins, 1940-1947; “The Fundamentals of Transportation Machinery,” publication, Spring 1940. (UArch SC 44).
UCSB. Information Center. Memos, flyers, announcements, c. 1970s. (UArch SC 45).
UCSB. Information Systems & Computing. Memos and flyers, 1984-1991, and staff handbook, 1970. (UArch SC 46).
UCSB. Information Technology / Communications Services. Memos and correspondence, brochures, c. 1963-2003. (UArch SC 47).
UCSB. Center for Information Technology & Society. Event flyers, correspondence/memos, newsletter, 2003-2005. (UArch SC 48).
UCSB. Instructional Computing. Memos, brochures and flyers, 1982-2002. (UArch SC 49).
Isla Vista Enhancement Committee. “Isla Vista Community Enhancement Report,” draft report submitted to the UCSB Chancellor and the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, Nov. 1992. (UArch SC 51).
UCSB. LEED Compliance Group. One brochure, “Green Operations Guide,” c. 2000s. (UArch SC 52).
UCSB. Department of Linguistics. Brochures, c. 1980s. (UArch SC 53).
UCSB. Materials Department. One brochure, c. 1990s. (UArch SC 54).
Office of the Chancellor. “The Girl in the Photograph” plaque. Poem “The Girl in the Photograph” by Linh Duy Vo, “the boy who survived the Vietnam War,” mounted and signed by the poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nick Ut, presented to UCSB, Dec. 1994. Oversize. (UArch SC 55).
UCSB. Department of Mathematics. Brochures and course flyers, c. 1970s-1980s; “Mathematics and Sex,” two editions, Jan. 1975, April 1976. (UArch SC 56).
UCSB. Medieval Studies Program. Two brochures and one lecture flyer, n.d. (UArch SC 57).
UCSB. Military Science Department / ROTC. Flyers, brochures, fact sheets, etc. on the department and ROTC program, correspondence and memos, c. 1960s-1998; Academic Senate documents re: Military Science, 1968-1969; report of the President’s Commission on ROTC, April 1970. (UArch SC 58).
UCSB. Center for New Racial Studies. One flyer for symposium, “The Empire Within: A Symposium on the Racialization of Arabs, Muslims and South Asians in the United States,” Feb. 26, 2009. (UArch SC 59).
UCSB. New Visions Project. One flyer for lecture, “Between Apes and Angels...” May 11. (UArch SC 60).
UCSB. Orientation Programs. Memos; freshman and summer orientation brochures, flyers, schedules, invitations; parents’ handbooks, c. 1980s-1997. (UArch SC 61).
UCSB. Department of Philosophy. Memos, course descriptions and lecture programs, 1975-1989. (UArch SC 62).
UCSB. Physical Plant Department. Memos, 1970-2003. (UArch SC 63).
UCSB. Police, CSO, Public Safety. Clery Report, 2002; flyers, brochures, memos, logs, 1970-2009. (UArch SC 65).
UCSB. Police, CSO, Public Safety. Campus Bicycle Committee. Memos, surveys, 1975-1976. (UArch SC 66).
UCSB. Department of Political Science. Flyers, memos, brochures, c. 1980s. (UArch SC 67).
UCSB. Center for Polymers & Organic Solids. 1998-99 Annual Report, Alan J. Heeger, Director. (UArch SC 68).
UCSB. Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Pamphlets and brochures, lecture flyers, memos, 1970-1988; Annual Report, 1967. (UArch SC 69).
UCSB. Queretaro Research Project. Newsletter and accompanying letter, June 30, 1995. (UArch SC 70).
UC-AFT (University Council – American Federation of Teachers). Memoranda of understanding, systemwide newsletter, and flyers, 1989-1993. (UArch SC 71).
UCSB. Religious Studies Department. Inaugural lecture booklets, 1989-1990; pamphlets, flyers, memos, etc., c. 1960s-2001. (UArch SC 72).
UCSB. Reprographic Services. Price lists, brochures, flyers, memos, 1973-1994. (UArch SC 73).
UCSB. Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity. Calendars and event flyers, 2002-2006. (UArch SC 74).
UCSB. Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research (ISBER). Flyers and brochures for Templeton Lectures, 2001-2003. (UArch SC 75).
UCSB. Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Flyers and brochures, 1973-1996. (UArch SC 76).
UCSB. Department of Speech. Memos, flyers, brochures, 1972-1978. See also UCSB College of Letters and Science records, UArch 66. (UArch SC 77).
UCSB. Statistics and Applied Probability. Flyers on the Statistical Consulting Laboratory (Statlab), 1997-2001. (UArch SC 78).
UCSB. Student Information Services. Two memos re: Net Stations, 1995. (UArch SC 79).
UCSB. Optimist Club. Flyers, some re: formation of Santa Barbara chapter of international Optimist Club, c. 1995. (UArch SC 80).
UCSB. Center for the Study of Developing Nations. Proposal for the center’s establishment, c. 1965, and brochures. (UArch SC 81).
UCSB. Transportation and Parking Services. Alternate Transportation Program memos, flyers, brochures, etc., c. 1970s-2003; Parking Services flyers, maps, brochures, permit info and memos, c. 1970s-2000s; Parking Operations Summary, 1968-69, 1975-76. (UArch SC 82).
University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE). Union brochure and newsletter, 1995-1996. (UArch SC 83).
UCSB Washington Center. “The UC Santa Barbara Washington Center: An Introduction for Undergraduates,” handbook and evaluations, 1992. (UArch SC 84).
UCSB. University Children’s Center. Memos, brochures, flyers, information sheets, 1970-1997. (UArch SC 85).
UCSB. Robotics Department. Three want ad flyers for various student positions within the department, c. 1987. (UArch SC 86).
UCSB. Walter H. Capps Center for the Study of Ethics, Religion and Public Affairs. Lecture flyers, c. 2008-2010. (UArch SC 87).
UCSB. Asian Studies. One flyer re: faculty and students interested in Asian Studies, 1969. (UArch SC 88).
UCSB. Phonetic Research Facility. One flyer re: language research, 1974. (UArch SC 89).