The Department of Special Collections at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has a wide range of ethnographic, historical, literary, music, and other resources related to Latin American Studies. This includes books, serials, pamphlets, newspapers, letters, diaries, documents, photographs, and sound recordings. Materials can be found using the UC Library Search, the OAC-Online Archives of California, and by subject using our Subject Guides as well as the Alphabetical List of Collections.

The majority of our Latin American Studies material can be found in the Bernath Collections. Materials can also be found in the CEMA collections.

Additional resources can be found at UCSB and its various libraries. For details, consult the Research Guide in Latin American and Iberian Studies, the library handout Latin American & Iberian Literature, and the Department of Latin American and Iberian Studies. The UCSB Research Databases provides useful links to relevant resources at other institutions regarding Latin American & Iberian Studies.

Related Resources include:

Manuscript Collections

The following is a partial list of collections held at the Department of Special Collections related to Latin American Studies.

  • Argentina Photograph Collection, ca. 1920s-1960s. (Bernath Mss 121).
  • Ashton Family World Travel Photograph Collection, 1892-1913. 2500+ b/w photographs in 53 Kodak albums, from numerous trips to far flung parts of the world, including India and Ceylon, Europe, West Indies, Latin America, the Middle East, Egypt, and the U.S. (Bernath Mss 115).
  • Bainton [Louis H.] Rio de Janeiro / Buenos Aires Photograph Collection, ca. 1905-1924. Two albums, loose photos, and a few letters. (Bernath Mss 114).
  • Brazil to England and Germany Photograph and Postcard Album, 1937. More than 40 snapshots and 50 postcards, captions in English, apparently from a British expatriate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who traveled to Brazil, then England (including Oxford) and Germany. (Bernath Mss 129).
  • California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives (CEMA). CEMA, part of UCSB Special Collections, contains more than 40 collections pertaining to Chicanos/Latinos in California, including materials relating to artists, authors, organizations, and political activists. For further details about the collections, go to the CEMA webpage.
  • [California Mexican Government Document]. One printed document, 4 pp., establishing the first official medical practice in California. Mexico, 6 Aug. 1836. (Wyles SC 936).
  • [California Mexican Government Document]. Rosa, D[on] Luis de la. One printed decree, 4 pp., originating in the Ministry of Finance, detailing the articles of tax collection and distribution. Mexico [City], 6 Aug. 1845. (Wyles SC 937).
  • Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions [CSDI] Collection, 1950-1991 [bulk dates 1961-1987]. Records of an internationally renowned Santa Barbara think tank, including papers presented at CSDI-sponsored conferences and meetings on issues such as social, political, and economic change; urbanization and development; U.S. imperialism; education; journalism and the mass media; and the role of women in Latin America. (Mss 18).
  • Colombian Protestant Mission Photographs, 1929. 22 b/w snapshots, with inscriptions, mainly group photos, missionary families, and street scenes, most in or around Cali, Colombia. (Wyles SC 986).
  • Cuba / Haiti Photograph Album, ca. late 1920s. 109 b/w prints, most with captions in English, apparently compiled by an American sailor attached to the USS Wright on its visits to Cuba and Haiti during the late 1920s. Includes a number of photos of the Wright, its planes, and its officers and crew, as well as views of other naval vessels, some taken from the air. A few photos show scenes at Guantanamo Bay (including one of a baseball game). (Bernath Mss 40).
  • Cuban Resort Photograph Album, 1936. (Bernath Mss 107).
  • Cuba [Havana] Photographs, 1925. (Wyles Mss 111).
  • Curletti [Lauro A.] Collection, ca. 1912-1969. Scrapbook, mostly photos, from Peru. (Mss 172).
  • De Mille [Richard] Collection, 1959-1979. Mainly material relating to de Mille’s research and writings on Carlos Castaneda. (Mss 20).
  • Dellenbaugh [Frederick S.] Cruise Journal, 1906. Trip to West Indies, Venezuela, and Florida. (Wyles SC 983).
  • Dozer [Donald Marquand] Papers, ca. 1939-1975 [bulk 1940s]. Collection of a Latin American specialist in the DRA and a UCSB faculty member. Includes typescript of book Latin America: An Interpretative History, files from Dozer’s government service in the 1940s, and newspaper clippings (mostly about Argentina). (Bernath Mss 6).
  • Driscoll [Thomas] Collection, 1836-1953 [bulk dates 1890-1918]. Pamphlets, intelligence reports, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and some 19th century photographs of Brazil, from an officer in the U.S. Army’s 91st Division during and after World War I. (Bernath Mss 7).
  • Flagg [J. Foster] Papers, late 1800s-early 1900s. Papers of an engineer and astronomer, who spent his last years in Santa Barbara. Includes three late 19th-early 20th century photo albums of Latin America (mainly Peru) and the West Indies. (Mss 32).
  • Franck [Harry Alverson] Latin America / China Travel Collection, ca. 1911-1923. (Wyles SC 975).
  • Gray [Ethel C.] California, Canal Zone, Cuba Photograph Album, 1935. Approx. 100 pages, recording Gray’s trip from NYC to the western U.S., including the Canal Zone and Cuba. Includes photographs, postcards, railroad timetables, hotel brochures, menus, and other ephemera. (Bernath Mss 46).
  • Guantanamo Bay Collection, ca. 1959-1980s. Pamphlets, newsletters, blueprints, tracts, and other materials, mainly about the U.S. Naval Base (GTMO), including items issued by the U.S. and Cuban governments. (Bernath Mss 96).
  • Guerrero, Lalo. Photographs, videos, correspondence, phonograph records, audio-cassettes and scrapbooks of singer, musician, and composer Guerrero, who wrote "Canción Mexicana," the unofficial Mexican National Anthem. (CEMA 24).
  • [Haiti]. One French military document (ADS), count of men (98) and rations (bread, fresh beef, pork, and rum), Port au Prince [Haiti], June 1795. (SC 810).
  • Hathaway [Charles Montgomery, Jr.] Papers, 1912-1939. Papers of an American academic and diplomat, who served in the Dominican Republic and elsewhere. (Bernath Mss 9).
  • Hiss [Philip Hanson] Photograph Collection, ca. early 1940s. 120+ b/w professional photographs of people and scenes in Bali, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Eustatius, St. Martin, Saba, and Surinam. Photos from this collection appear in Hiss’ books, Bali (1941) [Main DS647.B2 H5 and Spec, Bernath DS647.B2 H52] and Netherlands America: The Dutch Territories in the West (1943) [Spec, Bernath F2141 .H55]. (Bernath Mss 76).
  • Honduras Photograph Album, ca. 1920-1925. 200+ b/w photographs of cities (San Pedro Sala, Choloma, Truxillo, Tela, Ornoa, Puerto Cortes, and La Lima), buildings, churches, haciendas, rural areas, coastal shipping facilities, railroads, bridges, mills, and sugar factories. Includes images of U.S. businessmen and Honduran workers, some related to the United Fruit Company and Cayarmel Fruit Company; many showing impact of U.S. investment on Honduras in the early 1920s. (Bernath Mss 91).
  • Hussey [Roland D.] Collection, 1943-1946. Files acquired with Hussey’s book collection, including research and analysis reports from the Office of Strategic Services, mainly relating to the Sinarquista Movement in Mexico during World War II. (Bernath Mss 16).
  • Keller Latin America Diary, 1895. Manuscript pocket diary of U.S. citizen [?] Keller,traveling by steamship, with numerous stops at ports from Valparaiso, Chile, to Panama and Colon, recording impressions of shipboard life, fellow passengers, sights and customs observed along the way, sometimes interspersed with prejudicial comments. (SC 852).
  • Mexican Manuscripts Collection, 1776-1837.Documents relating to institutions and property in the State of Puebla, Mexico. (Bernath Mss 13).
  • Mexican Revolution / U.S. Navy Picture Postcard Collection, ca. 1915. Ten b/w postcards documenting U.S. Navy actions, mainly of the U.S.S. Maryland along the west coast of Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, including Matazlan and Tuxedina Bay, and several photos of torpedoes being fired at Mexican ships. (Wyles SC 948).
  • Mitchell [John J.] Collection, ca. 1828-1945. Includes registrations of cattle brands for San Vicente, in Baja California, 1828-1836. (Mss 83).
  • Monaghan [Jay] Collection, ca. 1840s-1980 [bulk dates 1930s-1970s]. Includes files re Lincoln and American West scholar Monaghan’s book, Chile, Peru, and the California Gold Rush of 1849 [Main and Spec, Wyles F865 .M75]. (Wyles Mss 20).
  • Nistal-Moret [Benjamin] Collection, ca. 1829-1979, 1993. Biographical material and research files re Nistal-Moret’s Esclavos Profugos y Cimarrones, Puerto Rico, 1770-1870 [Black Studies and Main HT1086 .E83 1984], including documents from Puerto Rico, primarily pertaining to identification and registration of slaves and the apprehension of fugitives. (Wyles Mss 78).
  • Panama and Southwest U.S. Photograph Collection, ca. early 1900s. 31 b/w images, including snapshots of Canal Zone, 1909; unidentified mounted albumen prints of apparently a Southwest town and inhabitants (signs are in English); and two of a boy on horseback. (Wyles Mss 132).
  • Panama Canal Photographs. Two panoramic b/w photos. (Wyles SC 958; Wyles SC 960).
  • Panama Canal Picture Postcard Collection, ca. 1908-1910. 77 picture postcards, most in color with printed captions. (Wyles SC 627).
  • Panama Canal / Southwest U.S. / Europe Photograph Album, 1926. 250+ b/w snapshots, apparently of a family’s 1926 travels, including the Panama Canal (ships and locks). (Bernath 71).
  • [Panama Canal]. U.S.S. Sharon Victory in the Pacific Photograph Album, 1945-1946. Includes post-WWII photos of Manila (showing war damage), Shanghai, and Panama Canal. (Bernath Mss 57).
  • Payne [Owen Street] Papers, ca. 1838-1943. Essays by Payne, primarily concerning the rise of Nazi Germany, World War II, Argentina and other parts of Latin America. (Bernath Mss 14).
  • Peruvian Political Printed Ephemera Collection, ca. 1912-1996. Newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, flyers, broadsides. (Bernath Mss 116).
  • Peterson [John D.] Papers, 1960s. Correspondence, interviews, newspapers and other primary resource materials re Peterson’s dissertation research in Brazilian history. (Bernath Mss 15).
  • Powell [Philip W.] Collection, ca. 1500s-1980. Correspondence, research files, and writings of a UCSB faculty member and Latin American specialist. Includes copies of late 16th-early 17th century documents from Spanish and Latin American archives. (UArch FacP 18).
  • Siddell [Robert] Collection, ca. 1903-1922. Includes more than 200 picture postcards from a 1909 trip to South America (Guyana – then British, Dutch, and French Guiana) and the West Indies (Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominica, Martinique, Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Virgin Islands – then the Danish West Indies), as well as other places. (Mss 110).
  • South American Photograph Album, 1909. (Bernath Mss 117).
  • Spanish-American War in Cuba Photographs, ca. 1899. 11 mounted b/w photographs. (Wyles SC 977).
  • Spanish American War Photograph Collection, ca. 1898-1901. 20 stereoviews and cabinet cards, mainly Cuba and Philippines. (Wyles Mss 131).
  • Stereoscopic Views, ca. 1877-1913. About 600 views from more than 30 countries, including Mexico, and subjects such as the Spanish American War. (Mss 121).
  • Stevenson, Fernald & Co. Cuban Correspondence, 1884. Ten letters (ALS) from Cuban firms to Stevenson, re sugar and molasses trade. Bernath Collection. (Wyles SC 968).
  • Storke (Charles A., II) Collection, ca. 1911-1998. Includes financial material and photographs of a Santa Barbara newspaperman and businessman who spent several years in Mexico City around the 1950s-1960s. (SBHC Mss 38).
  • Stuart [Granville] Uruguay Photographs, 1894-1896. 8 b/w albumen cabinet size and larger photographs assembled by Montana cattleman Granville Stuart while he was ambassador to Uruguay. Includes images of Uruguayan officers, Montivideo scenes, and the U.S.S. iron warship Newark, moored off Montivideo in 1894. (Wyles SC 987).
  • Thomas [Norman] Photograph Collection, 1948-1964 [bulk 1958-1964]. Several thousand b/w prints and negatives, taken by photojournalist Norman Thomas, who was based in New Orleans in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The largest number of photos are from Mexico, with British Honduras, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Panama also represented. Included are many images of people in everyday life, street and market scenes, factories, events and parades, and overhead views of villages and cities. (Bernath Mss 97).
  • Touton [Rush D.] Tobacco Collection, ca. 1924-1981 [bulk dates 1930-1960]. Includes material on tobacco industry in Puerto Rico and Sumatra; many photographs, mainly b/w and in U.S. (Bernath Mss 112).
  • Tremaine (Katharine W.) Collection, ca. 1937-1997. Papers of a Montecito philanthropist, who donated funds to a number of causes with a Latin American focus in the 1980s and 1990s, including groups such as the Central American Refugee Network (CARNET – Washington, DC), Comite de Unidad Campesina [CAC] Guatemala (Philadelphia, PA), Instituto Biodinamico (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Instituto Puertorriqueño de Derechos Civiles (Rio Piedras, PR), and the Nicaraguan Association of Biologists and Ecologists (Managua, Nicaragua). The grantee files include information about the work of those groups. (SBHC Mss 43).
  • United States Squadron in the Pacific Ocean, Quarterly Return of Receipts, 1837-1838. One bound volume, with figures for food, clothing, and miscellaneous stores such as anchors and cables, while at Callao Castle [Peru] and Valparaiso [Argentina]. (Wyles Mss 68).
  • [Uruguay]. Carte de Visite Album, 1869. Family portraits and portraits of people in circus or theatrical costumes. (PA SC 10).
  • U.S. Navy in Nicaragua and Panama Photograph Album, ca. 1930. (Bernath Mss 130).
  • Vera Cruz, Mexico Photograph Collection, 1914. 30 b/w photos of the U.S. occupation of Vera Cruz, Mexico, April 1914, including picture postcards and panoramas, with images of U.S. troops, ships and sailors, Vera Cruz Harbor, Vera Cruz street scenes and prisoners. (Bernath Mss 32).
  • West Indies Photograph Album, 1937. 33 b/w photos of street scenes and countryside in Martinique, Barbados, St. Georges (Grenada), Caracas (Venezuela), Curacao, Cartagena (Colombia), Panama, Trinidad, and St. Thomas (Virgin Islands). (SC 837).
  • Wharton [Robert S.] Brazilian Correspondence, 1868. One lengthy letter, with sketches, from a former Civil War Union officer and traveler, describing life among Confederate expatriates who have settled in remote sections of the Brazilian countryside. (Wyles SC 964).
  • Wilson [W. G.] South America Cruise Photograph Album, 1930. (Bernath Mss 128).
  • Winslow [Charles F.] Photograph Collection, 1860s-1870s. 29 cartes de visite, with inscriptions, of Dr. Charles F. Winslow and others, many from Lima, Peru. (Wyles SC 985).

Other Printed Materials

Books, Book Arts, and Printing in Latin America. Works on printing and papermaking, as well as fine and small press items. Also, limited editions by Latin American book artists. Mainly from the Skofield Printers Collection.

  • Grases, Pedro. Historia de la imprenta en Venezuela has el fin de la Primera Republica, 1812 (1967). [Main and Spec, Printers Z213.V45 G7].
  • Iguíniz, Juan Bautista. La imprenta en la Nueva España (1938). [Spec, Printers Z210 .I5].
  • Johnson, Julie Greer. The Book in the Americas: The Role of Books and Printing in the Development of Culture and Society in Colonial Latin America (1988). [Spec, Printers Z8.L29 J64 1988].
  • McMurtrie, Douglas C. A Preliminary Check List of Published Materials relating to the History of Printing in Latin America (1942). [Spec, Printers Z212 .M3].
  • Mexico. Congreso. Biblioteca. Documentos para la historia de la tipografia Americana (1936). [Spec, Printers Z210 .M54].
  • Rocket Four. Making Artist Books Today … (includes section on Arte Dos Grafico, Bogota, Colombia) (1999). [Arts, Art Exhibition Catalogs AEC-88142 and Spec, Printers Z5956.A69 R63 1999].
  • Szewczyk, David M. 39 Books and Broadsides Printed in America before the Bay Psalm Book (1989). [Spec, Printers Z1426 .S94 1989].
  • Thompson, Lawrence Sidney. Printing in Colonial Spanish America (1962). [CTN Z212 .T5 and Spec, Printers Z212 .T48].
  • Von Hagen. The Aztec and Maya Papermakers (1944). [Main and CTN F1219 .V6 and Spec, Printers Z239.G39 V65 1944].Wagner, Henry Raup. Sixteenth-century Mexican Imprints (1925). [Spec, Printers Z210 .W34 1925].Woodbridge, Hensley Charles. Printing in Colonial Spanish America (1976). [Spec, Printers Z212 .W66].
  • Wroth, Lawrence C. Some Reflections on the Book Arts in Early Mexico (1945). [Spec, Printers Z210 .W7].

Historical and Ethnographic Material. Diaries, essays, government reports, histories, journals, speeches, travelers’ accounts, and other materials, including contemporaneous accounts, as well as later works.

California (early period under Spanish and Mexican control, to 1846; mainly later examinations of the era).

  • Atherton, Faxon Dean. The California Diary … 1836-1839 (1964). [Main, Spec and Spec, Wyles F864 .A7].
  • Bandini, José. A Description of California in 1828 (1951).[Spec and Spec, Wyles F864 .B3].
  • Chapman, Charles Edward. A History of California: The Spanish Period (1939). [Main and Spec F864 .C45].
  • Cowan, Robert Ernest. The Spanish Press of California, 1833-1845 (1931). [Spec, Printers Z209.C25 C72 1931].
  • Documentary Evidence for the Spanish Missions of Alta California (1991). [CTN E78.C15 D64 1991].
  • Figueroa, José. The Manifesto[to Mexican Republic] (1855). [Main and CTN F864 .F5 1952, and Special Collections F864 .F463 1855].
  • Hutchinson, Cecil Alan. Frontier Settlement in Mexican California … (1969). [Main, CTN, and Spec, Wyles F864 .H94]
  • Jackson, Robert H. Indians, Franciscans, and Spanish Colonization … (1995). [Native American Studies and Spec E78.C15 J318 1995].
  • Philips, George Harwood. Indians and Intruders in Central California, 1769-1849 (1993). [Spec, Wyles E78.C15 P47 1993].
  • Portillo, Alvaro del. Descubrimientos y exploraciones en las costas de California (1947). [Spec F864 .P6].
  • Rowland, Leon. Los Fundadores … the First Families of California … (1951). [Spec F864 .R68].
  • Santos, Robert L. A Bibliography of Early California and Neighboring Territory through 1846 … (1992, 2002). [Spec F864 .S32].
  • Wagner, Henry Raup. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, Discoverer of the Coast of California (1941). [Spec E125.C12 W3 and Spec, Printers Z239.K38 W33].
  • Whytock, Emily. Franciscan Missions of California (1969). [Spec, Printers Z239.P5812 W59 1969].
  • Colonial Spanish/Portuguese America (16th-early 19thcenturies)
  • Acosta, José de. Historia natural y moral de las Indias … (1792). [Spec E141 .A284 1792].
  • Breckenridge, H. M. Voyage to Buenos Ayres … (1820). [Main and Spec, Wyles F3001 .B87].
  • Brito, João Rodrigues de. Cartas economico-politicas sobre a agricultura, e commercio da Bahia … (1821). [Spec HC188.B3 R6].
  • Charlevoix, Pierre-François-Xavier de. The History of Paraguay … (1769). [Microfiche E12 .S4 and Spec F2684 .C48].
  • Cortés, Hernán. Historia de Nueva-España … (1770). [Spec F1230 .C82].
  • Frézier, Amédée François. A Voyage to the South-Sea, and along the Coasts of Chili and Peru (1717). [Spec F2221 .F74].
  • Gage, Thomas. A Survey of the Spanish-West-Indies (1702). [Spec E143 .G3].
  • Hall, Basil. Extracts from a Journal Written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico … (1824). [Spec F2213 .H16 1824].
  • Koster, Henry. Travels in Brazil (1817). [Main F2511 .K61 and Spec F2511 .K862].
  • Señor. Don Tomas de Ochagavia, agente de negocios en esta Corte y poderaviente de D. Diego Gutierrez de los Rios … [Cartagena, Colombia history] (1700). [Spec F2272 .S45 1700].
  • Skinner, Joseph. The Present State of Peru … (1805). [Spec F3411 .S62].
  • Solís, Antonio de. Historia de la conquista de Mexico (1691). [Main F1230 .S6 and Spec F1230 .S65 1783].
  • Southey, Robert. History of Brazil (1810). [Main F2524 .S6 and Spec F2524 .S72 1810]/
  • Stevenson, William Bennet. Historical and Descriptive Narrative of Twenty Years Residence in South America (1829). [Spec F2213 .S845].
  • Tamayo de Vargas, Tomás. Restauracion de la ciudad del Salvador … Brasil (1628). [Spec F2521 .T15].
  • Ulloa, Antonio. A Voyage to South-America: Describing at Large the Spanish Cities, Towns, Provinces … (1806). [Main F2221 .U5 1806 and Spec F2221 .U4513 1760].
  • Vega, Garcilaso de la. The Royal Commentaries of Peru … (1688). [Microfilm AC1 .U6 and Spec F3442 .G25].
  • Wafer, Lionel. A New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America …(1704). [Spec F1564 .W14 1704].
  • Wilcocke, Samuel Hull. History of the Viceroyalty of Buenos Ayres (1807). [Spec F2808 .W69].
  • Mesoamerican Indigenous Cultures.Ethnographic, historical, linguistic, and other material, some contemporaneous and other more recent examinations. Early histories and travelers’ accounts also oftentimes include relevant information.
  • Codices – Facsimile editions of pre-Columbian manuscript volumes held in repositories around the work, including the multi-volume Codices Mexicanos.
  • Coe, Michael D. The Maya Scribe and His World (1973). [Spec F1435.3.P6 C55].
  • Histoire naturelle et morale des Iles Antilles de l’Amerique … avec un vocabulaire Caraibe (1665). [Spec F2001 .R6].

Nineteenth-Twentieth Century Latin America (contemporaneous and more recent first-hand accounts and examination of historical, economic, political, and social developments in Latin American countries, and U.S. foreign policy; most from Bernath and Wyles collections).

  • Dosal, Paul J. Doing Business with the Dictators: A Political History of United Fruit in Guatemala, 1899-1944 (1993). [Main HD9259.B3 G834 1993].
  • Dunn, Ballard S. Brazil, the Home for Southerners (1866). [Microfiche E12 .S4 and Spec, Wyles F2513 .D92].
  • Immerman, Richard H. The CIA in Guatemala: The Foreign Policy of Intervention (1982).
  • Jamison, James Carson. With Walker in Nicaragua (1909). [Spec, Wyles F1526 .J32].
  • Mexico. Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores. Correspondencia diplomatica relativa a las invasions del territorio mexicano (1878). [Spec, Wyles F786 .M63].
  • Page, Thomas Jefferson. La Plata, the Argentine Confederation, and Paraguay … (1859). [Spec and Spec, Wyles F2815 .P13].
  • Prescott, William Hickling. History of the Conquest of Peru: with a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas (1847). [Main F3442 .P7 and Spec F3442 .P91].
  • Restrepo, José Manuel. Historia de la revolución de la República de Colombia (1827). [Spec F2274 .R42].
  • Ryckman, Lucile Damon. Paid in Full: The Story of Harold Ryckman, Missionary Pioneer to Paraguay and Brazil (1979). [Spec, ARC BV2853.P3 R927].
  • Sarmiento, Domingo Faustino. Life in the Argentine Republic in the Days of the Tyrants … (1868). [Main and Spec F2846 .S2472].
  • Smyth, William. Narrative of a Journey from Lima to Para, across the Andes and down the Amazon … (1836). [Spec F3423 .S66 1836].
  • Wall, Bernhardt. Following Franklin D. Roosevelt to Argentina in 1936 (1937). [Spec, Printers Z257 .W345 1937].
  • Wise, Henry Augustus. Los Gringos: An Inside View of Mexico and California with Wanderings in Peru, Chili, and Polynesia (1850). [Special and Spec, Wyles F1213 .W792].

Panama Canal (including early accounts of the Isthmus and ways of crossing it; most from the Wyles Collection).

  • Fabens, Joseph W. A Story of Life on the Isthmus (1853).
  • Griswold, C. D. The Isthmus of Panama, and What I Saw There (1852). [Microfiche E12 .S4 and Spec, Wyles F1563 .G87].
  • Hand Sketches of the Panama-Canal (1910?). [Spec, Wyles F1569.C2 H35 1910].
  • Hastead, Murat. Pictorial History of America’s New Possessions: The Isthmian Canals …(1899). [Spec, Wyles F970 .H3].
  • Kimball, William Wirt. Special Intelligence Report on the Progress of the Work on the Panama Canal during the Year 1885 (1886). [Spec, Bernath TC774 .K49].
  • Letts, John M. A Pictorial View of California: Including a Description of the Panama and Nicaragua Routes (1853). [Spec F865 .L66].
  • Otis, F. N. Illustrated History of the Panama Railroad (1862). [Spec HE2830.P2 O6 and Spec, Wyles F1563 .O87].
  • The Panama Canal: The World’s Greatest Engineering Feat (19??). [Spec , Wyles TC774 .P197 1900z].
  • Pim, Bedford. The Gate of the Pacific (1863). [Spec, Wyles F1563 .P64].
  • Tomes, Robert. Panama in 1855: an Account of the Panama Rail-road … (1855). [Spec, Wyles F1564 .T6].

Spanish-American War (mainly from the U.S. perspective; most from the Wyles Collection).

  • California Club. War Poems … (1898) [Spec E735 .C15 1898].
  • Cartoons of the War of 1898 with Spain (1898) [Main E735 .C32].
  • Davis, Richard Harding. Cuba in War Time [illustrated by Frederic Remington], (1897) [Main F1786 .D27 2000 and Spec F1786 .D3].
  • Johnson, Edward Augustus. History of Negro Soldiers in the Spanish-American War (1899) [Spec, Wyles E725.5.N3 J6].
  • Keeler, Frank. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 1898: The Journal of Frank Keeler (1967?) [Spec, Wyles E729 .K44].
  • Mendoza y Vizcaino, Enrique. Historia de la Guerra Hispano-Americana (1898) [Spec, Bernath E715 .M54 1898].
  • Photographic History of the Spanish-American War (1898) [Spec, Wyles E735 .P56 and Spec, Bernath E715 .P486 1899].
  • Russell, Henry B. An Illustrated History of Our War with Spain (1898) [SRLF E715 .R96 1898].
  • Stratemeyer, Edward. A Young Volunteer in Cuba … (1898) [Spec, Wyles PZ5.S8974 Y68 1898].
  • Watterson, Henry. History of the Spanish-American War, Embracing a Complete Review of Our Relations with Spain (1898) [Main E715 .W3 1898].
  • White, Trumbull. Our War with Spain for Cuba’s Freedom … (1898) [Spec, Wyles E715 .W58 1898].
  • Witherbee, Sidney A. Spanish-American War Songs: A Complete Collection of Newspaper Verse … (1898) [Spec, Wyles E735 .W5].

U.S.-Mexican War (mainly items from the U.S. perspective; most from the Wyles Collection).

  • Frost, John. Pictorial History of Mexico and the Mexican War … (1849) [Spec, Wyles E404 .F933].
  • Parker, Theodore. A Sermon of War … (1846) [Spec, Wyles E415 .P3].
  • Porter, Charles T. Review of the Mexican War, Embracing the Causes of the War, the Responsibility of its Commencement, the Purposes of the American Government in Its Prosecution, Its Benefits and Its Evils (1849) [Spec, Wyles E404 .P84].
  • Scribner, Benjamin Franklin. Camp Life of a Volunteer (1847) [Main and Spec, Wyles E411 .S43].
  • Thorpe, Thomas Bangs. Our Army on the Rio Grande … (1846) [Spec, Wyles E405.1 .T58].
  • United States. Navy Dept. Reports and Despatches Exhibiting the Operations of the United States Naval Forces, during the War with Mexico (1848?) [Spec, Wyles E410 .U58 1848].
  • United States. President (Polk). Messages of the President of the United States, with the Correspondence, therewith Communicated, between the Secretary of War and Other Officers of the Government, on the Subject of the Mexican War (1848) [Spec E404 .U5855 1847].
  • United States. War Dept. Report of the Secretary of War: Showing the Number of Troops in the Service of the United States in Mexico since the Commencement of the War … (1848) [Spec, Wyles E405 .U55].
  • Willard, Emma. Last Leaves of American History: Comprising Histories of the Mexican War and California (1849). [Spec and Spec, Wyles E404 .W69].


First, signed, limited, and other rare editions of Latin American novelists, poets, and essayists such as Isabel Allende, Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Fuentes, Garbriel García Márquez, Pablo Neruda, and José Maria Vargas Vila. Also, journals and newspapers, as well as collections of 19th century Mexican almanacs and Colombian novels.

Maps and Atlases.

Early examples, some loose or disbound and cataloged individually, but many others contained within histories, travelers’ accounts, and other printed works. Also, works about cartography and cartographers. Examples include:

  • Battles of Mexico [map] (1848) [Spec, Wyles G4144.M6S44 1848 .M3].
  • Blaeu, Willem Janszoon. [Ten maps from v.2 of the author’s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum – incl. Peru, Paraguay, Chile], 1648 [Spec G1015 .B493 1648].
  • Central America II: Including Texas, California, and the Northern States of Mexico (1842) [Spec, Wyles G4295 1842 .W3].
  • Johnson’s Central America [map] (1867?) [Spec, Wyles G4800 1867 .J6].
  • Lemaire, Jacques. Freti Magellanici [Tierra del Fuego] (1622?) [Spec, Antique Maps Le Maire 1622?].
  • Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the West Indies, with Central America; Showing All the Routes to California … (1854) [Spec, Wyles G3300 1854 .T43].
  • [United States and Northern Mexico Map showing Finished, Unfinished, and Proposed Railways] (1830?) [Spec, Wyles G3701 P3 1830? .T4].


Mainly mid to latter 20th century books, serials, pamphlets, and some organization files, largely from Mexico, Peru, and the Caribbean, with items relating to subjects such as Maachu Pichu, Virgin of Guadelupe, and Voodoo. Most of the material is from the American Religions Collection, which documents non-mainstream religious groups and movements.

Sound Recordings

Hundreds of 78 rpm recordings of early-mid 20th century Latin American music, much of it Mexican, with some Cuban and other, including works by Miguel Aceves Mejia, Manuel S. Acuña, Ramón Armengod, Manuelita Arriola, Jacinto Capella, Xavier Cugat, Noe Fajardo, Galantes, Carlos Gardel, Adelina Garcia, Eva Garza, Lalo Guerrero, Tito Guizar, Hotel Nacional (Havana) Orquesta, José Alfredo Jiménez, José Mardones, Ramon Márquez, Noro Morales, Jorge Negrete, Panchos, Perez Prado, Lucha Reyes, Elvira Rios, Tito Rodgriguez, Fernando Rosas, Tecolines, Tres Ases, Trio Calaveras, and Pedro Vargas. Also works such as: Indian Music of Mexico (principally instrumentalists of the Zapotec, Otomi, Yaqui, Tlaxcalan, and Maya, 1940s).