Below are photographs of moving the Williams collection from Philadelphia to Santa Barbara. In a whirlwind weekend of packing, the collection was packed and loaded onto an air-ride van for transport to California. The trailer is mostly used for transporting satelite components, high tech and medical equipment, so you can set a cup of coffee in the back and it won't spill--hence no broken records. It also makes packing quicker, cheaper, and easier as it eliminates the time and cost of bubble wrap or other protective measures.

Upon its arrive in Santa Barbara, the collection was unpacked at our storage facility in Goleta where it will be sorted, resleeved and then cataloged and made accessible to the public.

IMG_0169 by you.

Van arrives in Philadelphia

IMG_0164 by you.

Packing the collection.

IMG_0174 by you.

Movers and Fred's grandchildren with the loaded collection.

IMG_0241 by you.

Van arrives in Santa Barbara

IMG_0231 by you.

Unloading the collection

IMG_0560 by you.

Wheeling in a pallet of discs.

Aisle 'o records by you.

Unpacking the boxes and loading the discs onto the shelves.

IMG_0565 by you.

10" discs, part I

10" discs by you.

10" discs, part II

IMG_0568 by you.

Sorting of discs by label. These are boxes of Zonophones and Black and Silver label Columbias.

10" SS Columbias by you.

A crate of Black and Silver label Columbias, ready to be transported back to the library for cataloging.

IMG_0564 by you.

12" discs (on the left)

preliminary sort 12" by you.

Sorting the 12" discs.

IMG_0562 by you.

Old acidic sleeves and tattered albums get sent to be recycled.