Catalog of Vocalion Race RecordsThe catalogs are arranged alphabetically by record company, and chronologically for each company. The country of issue for catalogs for overseas branches of a company are noted in parentheses after the catalog title. For example, Italian Gramophone Co. catalogs are under Gramophone Co. as “La Voce del Padrone: Catalogo Dischi (Italy), 1948.” In cases where catalogs are for more than one label or where a label is a subsidiary of another, the catalog is listed under the first label represented or under the parent company. Cross references are provided where multiple labels are represented or where there may be confusion. Additional Sound Recording Catalogs are included in the Romaine Trade Catalog Collection.

For a description of the collection, consult the finding guide in the Online Archive of California (OAC). A paper copy of the finding guide is also available in the Special Collections Reading Room.